Presidents Day, My Way Day, Cafe Au Lait Day

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February 17, 2014


★~ Today’s Quote:  Recently, I was asked if I was going to fire an employee who made a mistake that cost the company $600,000. No, I replied, I just spent $600,000 training him. Why would I want somebody to hire his experience? ~ Thomas J. Watson

★~ President’s Day:


Most federal holidays are clear-cut. On the Fourth of July, for example, Americans celebrate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. On the other hand, Presidents’ Day there is no universal agreement on the actual name of the holiday, or which presidents are being honored.

Some states honor both Washington, who was born Feb. 22, and Abraham Lincoln, who was born Feb. 12. But other states honor Washington and Thomas Jefferson, but not Lincoln, and other states honor all the presidents. Then there are a handful of states, including Illinois, that have declared Lincoln’s birthday a state holiday — whatever day of the week Feb. 12 happens to fall — while also marking the federal holiday. In Virginia, Washington’s home state, the holiday is called George Washington’s Day. In Alabama, it is called “Washington and Jefferson Day” (although Jefferson was born on April 13).

Holy Three Day weekend, which is really what this holiday may be really be all about. . .Washington’s actual birthday, Feb. 22, became a U.S. government holiday back in 1885. In the early 1950s, there was a movement led by a coalition of travel organizations to create three-day weekends by moving the celebration of some holidays to Mondays. One of the suggestions was to create a Presidents’ Day between Washington’s birthday and Lincoln’s birthday, which was already a holiday in some states. A few states tried the new arrangement, but it was not universally adopted across the country.

The National Holiday Act of 1971 passed by Congress created three-day weekends for federal employees by moving the celebration of some holidays to Mondays, however states did not have to honor them.

.Cole (age 7) ask his Grandmarcie if they were celebrating St. Bush’s day while he was visiting them over the the three day weekend. It worked for her. Whomever you are celebrating this Presidents Day, I hope you’re enjoying a three day weekend.

★~ My Way Day:

My Way

Today is the official day to do everything your way. Sleep in late, eat whatever you want, and take as long as you like in the shower. The world revolves around you for the next twenty-four hours!

★~ Cafe Au Lait Day:

Cafe Au Lait Day:

Cafe au lait  means coffee with milk in French. In The Netherlands they call it “koffie verkeerd” which means “wrong coffee”. In Poland they call it “kawa biała” which means “white coffee”. In Germany they call it “Milchkaffee” which means “milk coffee”

A Cafe Au Lait is made with strong, quality dark roast and whole milk. If it is made with half and half, it is not a Cafe Au Lait but a Cafe Creme and if you serve it to an Aussie she is not going to be happy—just saying.

 ★~ Today in History:


♥~ Thomas Jefferson was elected president by the U.S. House. The House had to break an electoral tie between Jefferson and Aaron Burr. As a result, Burr became vice president.

♥~ 1897 – The National Congress of Mothers was founded in Washington, D.C. Later, it became the National PTA.

♥~ 1933 –Blondie Boopadoop, the title role and flapper in the comic strip Blondie, married Dagwood Bumstead. The marriage took place three years after Chic Young’s popular strip first debuted in U.S. newspapers. Later, Blondie became a hit on radio, television and in films, as well.

♥~ 1933 –Newsweek magazine was first published.

♥~ 1958 – On February 17th, 1958, Pope Pius XII declared St. Clare of Assisi the patron saint of television.

♥~ 1974  A helicopter buzzed the White House, during the final months of Richard Nixon’s presidency. The chopper was stolen and flown by a disgruntled Army private named Robert Preston

♥~ 1976 –The Eagles album Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975) was released. It would eventually sell more than 25 million copies in the US, second only to Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

♥~ 2003 – A Tauranga, New Zealand, man was sentenced to 200 hours of community service for speeding semi-naked on a motorized barstool with his backside on fire — while intoxicated — without a license and registration. The flames involved a rolled up newspaper and a cigarette lighter.

♥~ 2007 –8,962 people flapped their arms and legs making snow angels on the state Capitol grounds in Bismarck, ND in a successful attempt at reclaiming the Guinness snow angel record.  Duluth, Mn challenge the record on Saturday, Feb. 9, 2013. Thousands of people made snow angles on the athletic fields at the University of Minnesota Duluth, trying to make enough snow angels at once to get into Guinness World Records. The record is waiting for confirmation.

♥~ 2008 –Police in Midland, Michigan arrested a 32-year-old man for stealing 217 cases of Pepperidge Farm stuffing: street value $8,749. Police said the suspect worked for a distributor and had access to a trailer where the stuffing was stored. Police recovered 157 cases of stuffing at the man’s home.

★~ Born Today:

Thomas J Watson

♥~ 1874 –  Thomas J Watson, Sr – American industrialist who built IBM

♥~ 1925 – Hal Holbrook (Harold Rowe Jr.) actor: Mark Twain, All the President’s Men, Sorry Wrong Number, Midway, Our Town, The Firm, Wall Street, Magnum Force

♥~ 1963 – Dan Whitney –  Actor,  “Larry the Cable Guy.”

♥~ 1963 –Michael Jordan , Chicago Bulls,  Basketball Hall of Famer.

♥~ 1972 – Billie Joe Armstrong Grammy Award-winning singer Dookie [1994]; group: Green Day; musician: guitar; songwriter

♥~ 1981 – Joseph Gordon-Levitt actor: 3rd Rock from the Sun, [500] Days of Summer, Inception, 50/50, 10 Things I Hate About You, Manic, Mysterious Skin, Brick, The Lookout,Killshot, Shadowboxer, Havoc, Latter Days, Forever Lulu, Picking Up the Pieces

♥~ 1981 – Paris Hilton actress: Pledge This!, House of Wax, Raising Helen, L.A. Knights, The Cat in the Hat, Wonderland, Nine Lives; Paris and her sister Nicky are heiresses to the Hilton Hotel fortune

★~ Good to Know:


You’ll rock at Presidential Trivia with John Greens 45 facts about US Presidents.



Wishing everyone a Merry Monday. Do you have the day off?

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    • No Presidents day in Ecuador?? Don’t you miss the presents, family dinner, and cherry pie. So sad! And the white sales!

      Hugs back to you!

  1. Morno,
    Hope at is well is the Land of El Morno. Our trip has been extended for a bit due to weather. One of the guys that lives in Florida headed home but a couple of us have decided to stay put for awhile long. Home is good, and I can take care of business from here.
    I called my sister to tell her I missed Sunday dinner, she asked if I missed her. Hard to understand, I’d just told her I missed Sunday dinner.
    Golf is still good although I had to take a break for a couple of days and rest a few muscles. Getting old is hard on my game.
    Happy Presidents day to you and all the Morners. Save my spot I’ll be back soon.

  2. If I truly had my way today, i’d be off from work.
    Look at those young Eagles! Great tune, too.
    Fascinating facts on our presidents.
    Gotta go. Looks like a nicer day in the Windy City.
    Good Morning!

  3. I don’t officially have the day off, but I’m lying low just the same. If work comes my way, I’ll do it; I’d rather take advantage of that “My Way Day” thing, though!
    Love Thomas Watson’s quote — wonder how many bosses would feel that way today??
    Interesting facts about the presidents. I’m still trying to wrap my head around that speeding New Zealand man on the motorized barstool, ha!

    • I like the quote too. Some employers glibly quote that kind of stuff but too few are willing to go the distance. Corporate America has lost so much.
      What about that guy! I think he should have just been sent home–seems like he had a rough enough night.

  4. Yessss for My Way Day….I like the sound of that…think I will make MY Way Day everyday from now on..why not ??
    I like snow but you guys have had way too much to enjoy…hope that is the end of it for the year.

    • WHY NOT! I like snow too but 62 inches is too much. I think we are thawing out some…the rain helped wash away some of the ugly snow.

  5. Finally the internet is working well enough for me to hop over and check out Odd. I like My Way Day!!! A lot. Every day should be My Way Day. Why not?
    Any more snow coming? Looks like Iowa is getting blitzed again on Thursday….enough already!

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