Fat Tuesday, Hug a GI Day, Grammar Day, Pound Cake Day

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March 4, 2014

purple winter

★~ Today’s Quote:  I’ve found that prayers work best when you have big players. Knute Rockne

★~ Fat Tuesday:  

mardi gras

Happy Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday, which always occurs on the day before Ash Wednesday. In New Orleans the parties and parades will continue until Lent begins at the stroke of midnight on Tuesday.

Mardi Gras occurs 46 days before Easter. Since the actual date Easter occurs on changes yearly, Mardi Gras can happen on any Tuesday between February 3 and March 9.

Irish Catholic friends, If you are fasting and practicing abstinence during Lent, I am sure you will receive an extra jewel in your crown on March 17th.

★~ Hug a GI Day:

Hug A GI Day

March fourth and show appreciation to a GI with a hug or a handshake.

★~ Grammar Day:

Oscar Tweet

Some people see a great picture (Me)…Others talk about Grammar….

Can you spot what’s wrong with that tweet? Besides the fact that millions of people retweeted a selfie, there’s a rather egregious grammatical error in the first sentence. “If only Bradley’s arm was longer” should really be “If only Bradley’s arm were longer.”

The subjunctive mood indicates a hypothetical situation, something that’s not actually real, but something we really, really wish were true. If Bradley’s arm were longer, more faces—and thus more implicit spokespeople for Samsung—could have appeared in that photo. Unfortunately, Bradley Cooper has wee little T-rex arms, so the selfie looks poorly cropped.

Let’s face it: The subjunctive mood is no you’re/your, its/it’s, or there/their/they’re. It’s a fairly complicated and antiquated voice we were never required to master during grade-school grammar lessons. If you tweet the word “was” when you really mean “were,” as DeGeneres did, no one is going to publicly shame you—as one would, without fail, if you tweeted the phrase “Your an idiot.”

★~ Pound Cake Day: 

pound cake

The original pound cakes contained one pound each of butter, sugar, eggs, and flour. This principle made it simple to remember the recipe and come up with a name to file it under in your recipe holder.

These days,  pound cake proportions are a little more in line with watching our pounds….these recipes sound pretty good. North Carolina Miscellany

★~ Today in History:


★~ March FOURTH—Today is the only day of the year we are commanded to March Fourth.

♥~ 1791 – Vermont, became the 14th state.  It is the Green Mountain State! Coincidentally, that’s what the French phrase ‘vert mont’ means. Montpelier is Vermont’s capital city. Hail Vermont is the state song which goes right along with the state motto: Vermont, Freedom and Unity. The hermit thrush stands alone as the state bird; and the red clover is the colorful state flower which attracts the state insect, the honeybee. The Morgan horse is the state animal, and the state tree … you guessed it … is the one that makes all that famous Vermont maple syrup, the sugar maple tree.

♥~ 1837 – Happy 177th Birthday Chicago! Today marks the day the city of  Chicago was incorporated.

♥~ 1942 – The Stage Door Canteen opened on West 44th Street in New York City. The canteen became widely known as a service club for men in the armed forces and a much welcomed place to spend what would otherwise have been lonely hours. The USO, the United Service Organization, grew out of the ‘canteen’ operation, to provide entertainment for American troops around the world.

♥~ 1950 – Walt Disney’s Cinderella was released.

♥ – 1974 – People Magazine:  officially launched with the Mar 4, 1974, issue featuring a cover photo of Mia Farrow.

★~ Born Today: 

 Knute Rockne

♥~ 1678 – Antonio Lucio Vivaldi musician: violin; composer: The Four Seasons, Nisi dominus, Summer Storm, Primavera, Concerto per liuto e mandolino, Griselda, Gloria,Symphony 4 in B Minor, Magnificat, Quattro stagione; died July 28, 1741

♥~ 1888 – Knute Rockne: College Football Hall of Famer: coach: Notre Dame [1918-1930]: 122 games: won 105, lost 12, tied 5; killed in plane crash Mar 31, 1931.

 ♥~ 1932 – Miriam Makeba: Grammy Award-winning South African singer and civil rights activist. In the 1960s she was the first artist from Africa to popularize African music in the U.S. and around the world. Nicknamed Mama Africa.

♥~  1954 – Catherine O’Hara actress: A Simple Twist of Fate, Wyatt Earp, Home Alone series, Dick Tracy, Beetlejuice; comedienne: The Steve Allen Comedy Hour, Second City TV, SCTV Network 90

♥~ 1969 – Chaz Bono (Chastity Sun Bono) transgender advocate, writer, musician; only child of entertainers Sonny & Cher.

♥~ 1990 – Andrea Bowen actress: Desperate Housewives, Eye of the Dolphin, Luckey Quarter, Red Riding Hood, Highball

★~ Good to Know:

Surprise ending. Not.

Baby songbird gets rescued and raised by hand (23 Photos). Do you rear a baby bird or raise a baby bird? Ok. But which way SOUNDS right?


My teen has been burning the midnight oil in the garage and I’ve been hanging out with him. So thankful for the loan of an outdoor heater.  The June Bug now sounds great (automatic starter-she should sound good) and her new carpeting is in place. Contact cement, now, tops my list of most obnoxious adhesives to work with and I have an impressive list.

I am Marching FOURTH to pick up my Paczik and run a few long over due errands. Toothpaste is in our future.

Bonne Journée’! (you didn’t know I spoke Cajun French, now did you?

Odd Loves Company,

12 thoughts on “Fat Tuesday, Hug a GI Day, Grammar Day, Pound Cake Day

  1. March Fourth! I like it. Looks like a good day all the way around. That one dog was a beast but I like his style.
    Glad the June Bug got herself turned around.
    Pound looks good for another day. I found Paczki for the office ant they were a hit. I may even swing by a drop off a couple at my sisters house.
    Have a good one.

  2. El Morno is setting trends. I bought Paczki for after school snacks and a few snacks. I know they will be a hit. What is not to like.
    Funny video. Reminds me of my oldest son and oldest daughter. To be perfectly clear my daughter would be the one to nail the cone.
    Tweeting grammar police. Interesting.


  3. Happy B-days to Vivaldi and Knute — two of my favorite old guys!
    Loved the video. Daisy is so dainty with her licking, while poor Cooper sits patiently(?) by, waiting his turn. No wonder he had that sad look on his face and kept licking his chops!
    Pound cake is good. Any time. But without strawberries.
    I remember learning subjunctive mood, but I was an English major. Funny how casual we’ve grown over the King’s English!
    Happy Mardi Gras — I’m looking forward to an extra jewel on St. Paddy’s Day!!

    • Well if it is any consolation I never write just K. You have to put your foot down somewhere. On a later post (they are all running together right now) I wrote something I didn’t know how to punctuate and had this strong desire to send it to you! Because I knew you could do it so beautifully.

  4. That dog and ice cream video had me howling when I saw it. I don’t know what I expected but not quite what happened, I guess. You can tell I am not a dog owner, right? All the rest of you guys knew exactly what would happen.
    Love the Let It Go, Chicago video. I had seen the Let It Snow weather one but not this one—-very cute and clever.
    Signing off and gonna make sure I edit my tweets—–

    • I could see it in the eyes of the other dog–some people saw lust or sad….I saw, I am going to kill that cone. It had me howling too!

  5. Thank heaven June is almost ready for her debut. What a greedy little bug she turned out to be.
    She’s looking good now tho.

  6. Happy Birthday Chicago!
    Long face on Cooper. He certainly got his due though! Good boy!
    Putting the finishing touches on the Bug. She’ll be ready for the big show in a few days!
    Stay warm!

    • Cooper reminded me a lot of a Doberman, I know. However, Daisy would never have gotten the first lick in. It was 50 on Friday and on Saturday it was snowing and freezing.

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