Waldorf Senior Projects, 18th Birthday, Bug Day


March 7, 1996: Love at First Sight

Tonight at 8:15, Cole and his June Bug will take center stage at the Chicago Waldorf School and he will present his Senior Project:  Car Culture in America.  His 18th birthday will be celebrated late into the evening. I’m a little bit excited. 

I miss you all like crazy and you know how I miss crazy! I’ll be back this weekend to share all and catch up with you!

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11 thoughts on “Waldorf Senior Projects, 18th Birthday, Bug Day

    • I passed along the birthday wishes. Thank you. Cole plans to update his blog later today. Me too. However, we were both very smiley faced and had happy hearts….and uhm, relieved!

  1. Happy birthday, Cole! It’s hard to believe that 18 years can fly by so fast, isn’t it? When they are babies people tell you that “they grow up so fast” but you really have no clue what they are talking about. The suddenly they are adults and we ask ourselves where did the years go? Enjoy tonight and enjoy celebrating Cole’s birthday. 🙂

    • Thank you. It has been so much FUN. I thought I would be sadder when the project was presented but then I realized Cole plans to finish her up until graduation. He has some “ideas.” God help us all. I say with a huge smile.

    • Working on it. Have you ever been too overwhelmed to write in the moment? I needed to step back from it all. But now I am ready to write it out.

  2. Enjoy this special birthday, Cole! By now your presentation is over. I know it was a success! Eager for the great news.

  3. You must be so proud and happy. And I’m sure Joe was with both you and Cole every step of the way.

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