Panic Day, Crabmeat Day, Spring Ahead

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March 9, 2014


★~ Today’s Quote:  “If you never did you should. These things are fun and fun is good.”  ― Dr. Seuss

★~ Panic Day:


You’ll have to celebrate Panic Day without me. I’ve  enjoyed more than enough of Pan’s antics over the past week.  Pan is the  mischievous god of the woods and fields who is the source of strange sounds and caused a contagious fear in herds and crowds, or in people in lonely places (dense forrest, cave, late at  night) Pan loves to frequent those places.

The best way to handle Pan is to greet him. Most often he just wants to be included in your experience because once he is acknowledged he often disappears.

★~Crabmeat Day:


Crab meat is a favorite across many cultures’ cuisines because it is slightly sweet, soft and has a delicate texture and taste. The most common crabs used for cooking are brown, blue, blue swimming and red swimming crabs.

Like other meat, crab is available in different grades, dependent on where and what kind of crab it comes from. Some terms you might hear bandied about are colossal, jumbo lump, lump, special and backfin. Colossal and the various lumps are the largest pieces from the muscles connected to the back swimming legs, while special and backfin are from the body cavity.

You can also serve up claws or claw fingers, which are best used in soups because of their strong flavor. But one of the best things to make with fresh crab meat are crab cakes!

Paula Deen: Crab Cakes 

★~ Today in History:


♥~1832 – Abraham Lincoln of New Salem, IL announced that he would run for political office for the first time. He sought a seat in the Illinois state legislature. ‘Honest Abe’ was not successful. Less than thirty years later, however, he become President of the United States.

♥~ 1942 – Construction of the Alaska Highway began. It was completed eight months, 1523 miles, 133 major bridges, five mountain ranges, and $115,000,000 later by 18,000 workers.

♥~1954 – This was the day that critics called “TV’s coming of age.”Edward R. Murrow presented his report on the controversial Wisconsin Senator, Joseph R. McCarthy.

♥~ 1954 – WNBT-TV (now WNBC-TV), New York, broadcast the first local color television commercials — for Castro Decorators of New York City. Castro were the folks who made the Castro convertible sofa beds. The TV commercial featured a little girl (a member of the Castro family) opening a big couch into a bed.

♥~ 1959 – Barbie made her debut into the world. For a good read on the subject of Barbie: “Let’s Finally Lift The Weight Off Barbie’s Shoulders By Mary Schmich

♥~ 1985 – The most requested movie in history, Gone with the Wind, went on sale in video stores across the U.S. for the first time. The tape cost buyers $89.95.

♥~ 1964 – The first Ford Mustang was produced on this day.

♥~ 1971 –  Chart Topper–Me and Bobby McGee--Janis Joplin~

★~ Born Today:

Joe Franklin

♥~ 1926 – Joe Franklin: host of The Joe Franklin Show, began his career as a radio personality when he was just seventeen years old. He made his television debut in 1950 and invented an entirely new programming format—the talk show.

♥~1934 – Joyce Van Patten actress: Monkey Shines, The Goodbye Guys, Bad News Bears, Breathing Lessons; sister of actor Dick Van Patten

♥~1936 – Mickey Gilley country singer: Academy of Country Music Top New Male Vocalist [1974]

♥~1948 – Jimmie Fadden singer, musician: harmonica, guitar: group: Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

♥~1960 – Linda Fiorentino (Clorinda Fiorentino) actress: Unforgettable, Bodily Harm, The Last Seduction, Vision Quest, Men in Black

♥~ 1964 – Juliette Binoche Actress:  Binoche was selected as the heroine of France’s most expensive ($35 million) movie ever: The Horseman on the Roof (1995).  The English Patient (1996), for which she won an Oscar for ‘Best supporting actress’ and Chocolat(2000)

♥~ 1986 – Brittany Snow actress: Hairspray, John Tucker Must Die, On the Doll, The Pacifier, Murphy’s Dozen, From the Earth to the Moon

★~ Good to Know: 

Spring forward

I’m sure you Sprung forward. I completely forgot until a few minutes ago. My phone and computer change automatically and I just accepted the new time. Now, of-course, I feel like I lost an hour of sleep.

1. Which two states currently don’t participate in daylight saving time?

a. Oregon and Washington
b. North Dakota and South Dakota
c. Hawaii and Arizona
d. Alaska and Hawaii

2. What part of Arizona does participate in daylight saving time?

a. A 15-mile stretch along the U.S.-Mexico border
b. The Navajo Nation reservation
c. Phoenix
d. The Hopi Indian Reservation

3. An official petition was sent to the White House this year to get rid of daylight saving time.

a. True
b. False

4. When was daylight saving time formally started in the U.S.?

a. 1783
b. 1877
c. 1918
d. 1945

5. Which California lawmaker supported moving the clock forward two hours in the spring, a move dubbed “double daylight saving”?

a. Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Sherman Oaks)
b. Gov. Jerry Brown
c. Sen. Barbara Boxer
d. Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-Garden Grove)

6. Which president signed an energy bill into law that extended daylight saving time by four weeks?

a. Bill Clinton
b. George W. Bush
c. Ronald Reagan
d George H.W. Bush

7. Who is largely credited with creating the concept of daylight saving time?

a. James Buchanan
b. Albert Einstein
c. Benjamin Franklin
d. Orville and Wilbur Wright

8. For many years, most of Indiana didn’t participate in daylight saving time. When did the entire state sign on?

a. 2000
b. This year will be their first.
c. 2006
d. 2010

9. Guam, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands observe daylight saving time.

a. True
b. False

10. In fall 2007 in North Carolina, a boy was born before DST took effect, and his twin sister born a bit later — after the clocks fell back. Although she entered the world after her brother, the time shift meant that her birth was recorded as taking place as an hour earlier, meaning she was officially “older” than her brother.

a. True
b. False


I’m back.

The last few days have been wonderful. I have lots to share and so does Cole. We need to coordinate our efforts. The cake story is mine.

I offered to bring a birthday cake to our class dinner, since the dinner was on Cole’s birthday.  I picked up the cake Friday Morno but did not realize it had a slight error until Friday night. Not that I would have changed a thing…


All the Seniors did a wonderful job presenting their topics. My kid did a great job and from the moment he took the stage he had FUN. And of-course, I will tell you all about it,  in a blog post coming to Odd very soon.

How did you do on the quiz? Answers below…

Odd Loves Company!

Answers to quiz.

1. c.
2. b.
3. a.
4. c.
5. a.
6. b.
7. c.
8. c
9. a
10 a.

12 thoughts on “Panic Day, Crabmeat Day, Spring Ahead

  1. Morno,
    Good to have you back. Looking forward to hearing all about this past week when you deserted El Morno.
    Sunday dinner is on me. I was going to suggest seafood so it’s possible crab cakes are on the menu.
    Not a fan of time change. 70% on the quiz. I missed 6 and 9.
    Have a good one.

    • Thanks. I’m glad to be back. I miss writing Odd and keeping up with you. Seafood sounds like a great choice for Sunday dinner.

  2. Whew–glad you are back. You were missed. We should have coordinated our schedules so that you were AWOL when I was AWOL. Next time, okay?

    So happy about Cole’s project going so well but then I am not surprised. So glad he had fun with it because after all—that is what we all need to have bit more of.

    The cake is hilarious and very appropriate.

    I need more education–I only got half of the answers correct. Boo me.

    • We should!! Next time. I am catching up with you as soon as I finish writing replies. Well,just take the test again and say you got 100% the second time! 😀

  3. Crab is good eating. Don’t have it enough though.
    Not so good with the quiz. I wish they’d settle on a time & just leave it alone. I won’t be happy tomorrow morning.
    The world is right now that you are back! Anticipating great stories. Cake was funny & undoubtedly tasty.
    Good afternoon/evening!

    • Crab is eating is good. Hope you were not too worn out yesterday. Losing that hour isn’t easy. We do have stories to tell. As always, more than a few.
      The cake was funny and very good. All Chocolate including the roses. Cole’s favorite. It was suggested that the cake could be “fixed” but I wouldn’t have dreamed of it 😀

  4. Good that you are were missed , for sure..
    I knew Cole’s presentation for his Senior Project would be great..hope to hear all about it.
    I drove a Mustang the first year it came out and then got a another new one the second year..wish I still had them. 😀

    • The old Mustangs are great. I think my Mom had a red one. Cole wishes she still had it! Funny story, Cole’s uncle (Joe’s oldest brother) told him after his presentation while we were eating cake that he owned a Shelby Cobra. One of Cole’s favorite cars. He went on to mention, in an off handed way, that he still owns the car—it is in their garage. I thought Cole would choke on his cake. Family is Odd.

  5. I’ll bet you and Cole both feel a lot lighter now that the presentation is over and he did so good. Cindy told me how cute he was up there and that he just plain had fun. You have every reason to be proud of him. Carry on, Cole. You are a winner.

    • We do feel lighter. Thank you for all the encouragement. It was great to have Cynthia sitting with us.

  6. Katybeth.. CH, the Husband, makes the best crab cakes. They are from Robert Duvall’s Mother. He was on Oprah I think a long time ago and cooked them up and we wrote down the recipe.
    Glad you are back.
    I didn’t do too good on the quiz. I wish they would leave it at Daylight Saving Time.
    Oops on the cake. Glad Cole did well on his presentation, knew that he would!

    • A recipe would be nice :-D. Thanks it feels good to be back! I agree about DLS. Nobody seems to like the change either way.

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