Coffee Maker and Nicho – A Few Of Our Favorite Things

Coffee Maker

Why, hello there! I’m back with more random reviews of a few of our favorite things. Name that musical! 

Do you remember the old percolator coffee pots? Of course, not firsthand (that would date us all), but maybe your mother or grandmother had one. They were fun to play with, and putting them together was like a 3D puzzle. Simpler times. Or maybe I was just a simple child. Never mind.

In Random Review Number 3, Diane shows off her coffee maker. Diane is from the South, and believe you me, she won’t butter a bun until she’s had her first cup of coffee. Bless her heart. Some of y’all will understand.

Our second item being reviewed is a nicho. Traditionally, nichos are made from mixed media (note the big screen in the room, although I’m not sure this is what is meant by mixed media)and combines elements from Roman Catholicism, mestizo spirituality, and popular culture. Characteristically, nicho objects have different names throughout Central and South America; they may be called retablo or other local names. In South America, it is common to see decorative boxes called nichos set up on tables and pedestals to display religious icons. These boxes may serve as a religious altar (to mark a significant religious event) or to honor a patron saint. Nichos placed in the home remind us that we are never alone and that our days are filled with joy, and they help us express that joy.

Submitted by: Diane

Coffee Maker

Coffee Maker

Reviewed By: Miss Pitty Pat

Wow! That is one pretty coffee maker and I can totally relate as to why this is an important item to you! I love my coffee too, but alas, my coffee maker is plain, not beautiful like yours. This means that not only do you really enjoy your morning coffee, but you also appreciate the beauty of that quiet morning time and you enjoy it just a bit more when you see your pretty, red coffee maker. Why take plain when you can have fancy, or pretty?  This shows me that you look for the beauty in life and where there is none, you add your own. Life is full of good things and bad, so why not take the good, pleasant things to a higher level and really enjoy them?  Yes, the owner of this pretty coffee maker likes to surround herself with the beauty in life no matter how big or how small it is.  This person is a positive person who seeks out and really enjoys the still, calm moments wherever she finds them. I’ll bet this person has a lovely home and lots of very nice coffee cups, some with special meaning and memories. I think this person is kind and gentle and wishes other people could also enjoy the peace and quiet of small moments instead of always being stressed out about everything. In fact, this person might also have a lot of stress in her life but refuses to let it take ALL the joy away and this coffee maker shows that she is determined to take the stress, shove it aside, and enjoy some nice moments when she can. This Corporate Coffee page will help you create great tasting moments.

Reviewed By: Coco Loco

It breaks my heart to see a junkie.  Strung out, needing a fix, looking to score some Columbian brown. You know what I mean, don’t you? It breaks my heart to see a junkie.  Strung out, needing a fix, looking to score some Columbian brown.  You know what I mean, don’t you?   You’re a coffee-holic.

Every day you try, you say today I will be free.  You shower with the best of intentions, but mid lather you think you smell it, roasting, perking, and you know you want it.  You know you need it!  You’ll do anything to have.

The next thing you know you’re tearing through the kitchen, but your friend had been over.  There’s no fix here, not a single bean in all of your hiding places.  You won’t be denied.  Off to Starbucks you go.  “What do you want?  $5?  $6?  I’ll pay it!  Just give me my fix!” And from there you went to a fancy store and bought this coffee maker along with 200 pounds of ground, rich, glorious joy.

Well, good luck to you friend.  You’ll need it down the road you’re going.  And here’s a tip – NEVER GO TO UTAH

Submitted by: Sue


Nicho and Coffee Maker

 Reviewed by: Wanda Nirvana

It isn’t hard to imagine that the person who owns this lovely Nicho is a kind hearted and compassionate person who keeps their faith close at all times. The Nicho is lovingly placed in a place of honor in the home and probably in a place that is the center of activity judging from the television that is in close proximity. The flowers lovingly placed on top indicate that the “shrine” is lovingly decorated perhaps for the seasons or occasions in a suitable manner.   I am happy that this devoted owner has chosen this design to place in the  home rather than the “bathtub Madonna” which seems more suitable outside.  The rich wood and design of this entire piece indicates that the owner has a sense of style and respect for fine things.  WHile I am not able to discern exactly what the figure is in the center of the Nicho I am sure that if it is a patron saint or a Madonna –it is a guiding force in the owner’s life and worthy of all the adoration and praise that is bestowed up on it.

Lovely item and a lovely person owns it without a doubt.  I get a sense of calm when I look at this picture and I am sure it brings much comfort to those who can see it in person.

Reviewed by: Zeke Ewell Find

While I am not familiar with all sorts of mysticism I am going to guess that the loved item, the alter type, flower crowed piece (and not the big screen TV as some of you have thought!) makes the owner happy because it helps focus energy and return them to their spiritual center.  This comes in handy, especially when they are watching TV and it is an extremely close sporting event or a beloved character is about to be killed off their favorite show.


These two reviews are not completely random: both Diane and Sue have a common interest. Any guesses?

Thank you to the reviewers and the submitters! Be sure to leave a comment for a chance to win a random gift card for a random amount. You could be a random winner.

Old Loves Company,


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14 thoughts on “Coffee Maker and Nicho – A Few Of Our Favorite Things

  1. Coffee pot would be at the top of my can’t live without list. We have a fancy one at the office but at home I have my trusty Mr.Coffee. It has to be replaced about every 8 years and only has one purpose to make coffee.This looks like a much nicer coffee pot.
    I’d never heard of a Nicho before but it’s pretty and I can see why it would be a favorite thing. Is the name of the musical, Julie Andreas on top of the mountain?
    Off to golf. I’ll catch El Morno later. Have a good one.

    • Julie Andreas on top of the mountain? Close but no cigar. The Sound of Music, of-course.
      Maybe you should consider a red coffee pot next time. Isn’t this one snazzy.
      Glad we could introduce you to Nicho. Consider yourself enlightened. Kind of. 😀

  2. Lovely reviews and now I am singing My Favorite Things …the Hills are Alive and all that jazz. I was Sister Sophia, you know. 🙂
    The coffee pot—perfection and the niche review by Wanda pretty much sums it up . 🙂
    Do these two share a Southern Belle connection? Not sure if that is what they have in common or not but it’s a guess. Happy Saturday!

    • I do remember. You might have mentioned it a time of two the night we trashed the televised production of a Sound of Music.
      Coffee the share a love for coffee but the other observation of appreciating peace and quiet also fits.
      Guesses are always welcome.

  3. Thanks for the nice reviews about my nicho..I think coffee pot lady and me, nicho lady, have this thing in common…we both ,(quote) “enjoy the peace and quiet of small moments and try not to be stressed out over everything”..I sure love my coffee, too..
    I remember when my children were all living at home, all five of them, the youngest and oldest being five years apart, they would ask me what gift do I want for Christmas, my Birthday, etc, and my first answer was always that I wanted PEACE and QUIET !! You can imagine ?? 😀

    • Diane believes that all problems could be solved if everyone would just have a cup of coffee. Funny someone dropping off her dogs today told me that she was one of seven and her Mom insisted on Mother’s Day that her husband take all of the kids away for the day – THE WHOLE DAY and then stop and bring KFC home. That is all her mother ever wanted was PEACE AND QUIET!
      The Nicho is lovely!

  4. Bless Diane’s little heart, that’s one LOVELY coffee pot! And to think it’s useful as well as attractive!
    I’d never heard of a nicho before, but having something like this inside — rather than the bathtub-thing outside — makes a great deal of sense.
    Wonderful job, reviewers — keep ’em comin’, Katybeth!

    • Isn’t it, tho? I love red.
      What bathtub-thing outside? Table toppers (see below–Irene) and bathtub things? I feel like I am being out radomed.
      I will!! I’m a bit behind–but will catch up this week. Prom and Mother’s day slowed everything to a crawl.

  5. I love my old percolator! I use it for camping and took it on all our Senior Girl Scout outings since the girls were old enough that they had begun to drink coffee. And I used it on our wood stove when Hurricane Sandy wiped out our power for over a week last year here on Long Island. If you use one over a camp fire, be sure to “grease” the bottom and about 3 inches up the sides generously with liquid dish soap, and wrap the bakelite handle well in aluminum foil to keep it from burning. The soap will make cleaning up the soot that collects on the bottom a snap. I will never part with my dear old coffee pot!

    • Good to know! You’ve been loyal to your percolator, as an every day coffee pot? You could have submitted it in our random reviews! Next time.

  6. Mr. Coffee sure has changed. He looks suave in red though!
    Never heard of a Nicho. Didn’t notice the nearby tv until after reading someone else’s comment. I thought the Nicho was a table topper. Was I ever surprised by its true size. When you believe in something, you go the distance with it.

    • What table topper? I didn’t know Mr. Coffee came in red either. Glad you are back and feeling better!

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