Random Review 5: Cooking Pot and Nuwave

Cooking Pot and Nuwave

Do you like to cook? And by “cooking,” I mean deciding what to eat, buying it at the grocery store, preparing it, dining on it and cleaning up? Do you make menus and plan ahead? When I was growing up, my sweet mother made a week’s worth of menus and shopped on Monday for the entire week. I never, ever remember her running out to the grocery store in a panic at 4:30 p.m., wondering what we would eat for dinner. No surprise—when it comes to cooking, I am not like my sweet mother…although as I type, I do have a pot roast in the crock pot. So there.

The next two reviews are all about cooking. Yes, I know that I said I wasn’t going to group items together, but for this review I am exercising my option to be a little OCD from time to time.

The top comfort foods consumed by Americans (according to food critics) are: ice cream, pizza, hamburger, chips, biscuits, French fries, spaghetti, chicken soup, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, grilled cheese, peanut butter and yogurt. Did your comfort food make the list?

Submission number one is for a pot. But not just any kind of pot—A BLUE POT. Submission number two is a cooking gadget I had no idea existed until its owner submitted it to ODD REVIEWS as an item that is near and dear to her heart. Now, of course, I am wondering if I can go on without one.

If your curiosity is suitably stimulated, we can move forward.

Submitted by: Anne

Cooking Pot and Nuwave

Reviewed By: Everett Possum

A pot.  Hmmm.  There are several ways I can take this.  This pot can represent several things.  One reference is that you like to get high.  Smokin’ the weed?  Burning some pot?   No judgment here, dear reader.  Burn on, Bob Marley.  The most obvious reference is that you like cooking.  This does not exclude the prior reference, in fact usually one follows the next.  Regardless, cooking is enjoyed by many and eating is enjoyed by most everyone (except those suffering from bulimia).  The more obscure is usually the more true though.  For me this person likes life.  They take a bit of this and a bit of that and throw it into the pot of life and simmer.  Out comes a wonderful stew – some bitter, yes, but mostly rich and hearty.  Those who cook usually take good things and make them better and sometimes better for you.  I’d like to think that this person does the same in the lives that they touch.

Reviewed By:  Barbara Ganush

LeCruset!  It looks like a five quart Dutch oven, cast iron, good for making a hearty stew or a delicious pot roast.  An adventurist cook would definitely create a mouth watering coq-au-vin in this.  Only a true cook (dare I say chef?) would put a piece of cookware as the thing that makes them happy and represents the real them.  I’m betting that this person is a nurturer, a caretaker, and a damn fine cook.  However they are also a lover of nice things and willing to pay for quality.  They are not going to take a chance on sub-standard or off brands.  They like things that are tried and true, just like they are.

Submitted By Joann

Cooking Pot and Nuwave

Reviewed By: Al Dente

Now we’re cooking!  With infrared radiation . . .

I love technology as much as the next person.  I think it’s pretty neat that phones can be used as encyclopedias and jukeboxes and that laser surgery isn’t just on Star Trek any more.  Some things however, we’re okay on.  As I have written before, though maybe not to you, I will use the example of soap.  We used to buy cakes of the stuff.  Then, moving the bar become “a hassle” so we developed a liquid soap.  “Do we really need this”, I asked at the time.  Now we have soap that comes out as foam.  FOAM!  Are we so lazy that we can’t develop lather from liquid soap?

This brings me to this oven.  Conventional ovens brought on convection ovens.  These led to microwave ovens, toaster ovens, and even more absurd special things just to cook bread.  Now yet another way to cook food.  Never mind curing cancer, lets keeping working on ovens.  Maybe we could find a new way to cook, but do we need it?

Dear readers, I do not doubt that this is a wonderful item.  I prefer to think it represents a person who is constantly looking at things and saying maybe I can do better.  That is a noble sentiment and worthy of our admiration.  After all, Ben Franklin was famous for keeping a weekly score to see which virtues he was excelling at and which ones he was falling short on.  Apparently random sex with many anonymous partners was considered a virtue at the time, and he consistently score high in that field, but overall he noticed that when he focused on one virtue, another virtue suffered.  The lesson was, we cannot do everything.  With that thought in mind I urge you all to focus less on the ovens of the world, an area I consider well covered, and to focus more on hunger on a larger scale, or world peace, or the elimination of ATM fees.  You know, the big world problems.

Reviewed By: Chef Boyar Ubusy

This picture answers so many of life’s burning questions.  For a long time I’ve wondered who watches infomercials.  Who actually buys this stuff?  Does the advertised product really work like they say it does?  Now I have my answers.  Truthfully, I am an avid infomercial watcher.  I find them to be like an episode of Jerry Springer.  I couldn’t be more uninterested yet I can’t turn it off.  I have seen the Nuwave.  It promises to cook food in a fraction of the time of a conventional oven while retaining all of the flavor and juiciness.  If I’m not mistaken it will even cook food that is still frozen.

Seeing as this person sent this item as the representation of who they really are, I’m going to guess this is a busy person.  One who does not have time to think about an plan menus for the week.  One who often leaves the house in the morning without even thinking about dinner until they arrive home late in the evening. (So its probably also a skinny person, since I think about food all day long!)  They get home after a long day, haul out the Nuwave and prepare an excellent meal for the family.  They can bring home the bacon AND fry it up in the Nuwave!


My pot roast smells really good, in case you were wondering – check this out, the recipe is amazing. Thank you for all the terrific, real me submissions, and to our clever and witty reviewers. Stay tune for more reviews! Coming soon to an Odd Blog in your neighborhood.

Odd Loves Company,

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13 thoughts on “Random Review 5: Cooking Pot and Nuwave

  1. To answer your questions–no I am NOT one of those people. I wish I were, but I’m not. Now my Sara is. She loves to cook. And I love to bake. Maybe I’m just lazy. Hope your roast turns out wonderfully. The cartoon cracked me up. Since I’m sure I can’t buy either of these items here, I suppose I won’t be trying them any time soon. But thanks for the reviews.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • Your so brave living without a Target! You and Sara are a good team one of you likes to cook and one of your likes to appreciate that one of you likes to cook!

      Hugs back!

  2. What a pretty blue Dutch oven! I’m thinking its owner must have an artistic side along with her practicality. I mean, how many BLUE pieces of cookware do you have?

    And a Nuwave oven — well, that’s just too cool, isn’t it? I obviously don’t have one of those things, but I can see the value of it.
    Well done, reviewers!

    • Two. A bowl and a dutch oven. I thought you would never ask. Anne is very artistic, tho!
      I think the Nuwave is cool too! I might have to try it but first I need to check if anyone has ever been killed using one…because well,things happen to me in the kitchen. Frequently.

  3. I LOVE to cook. Going to the grocery store is to me like buying paints for a blank canvas! Sounds weird right? The grocery store or a farmer’s market is just full of endless possibilities. The La Crueset pot is one of the best investments ever! Like a good pen to a writer or a good paintbrush to a painter. Now you know how crazy I am!

    • Well, I’ve always suspected it but now that I know you like to grocery shop….I’m convinced. I do have a blue La Crueset pot! And I do love it. So much, I’m mostly afraid to use it.
      Hope the pups are doing well and are laying off the weed!

  4. Love the cartoon. As for my “toy” while thumbing through channels, I came across this infomercial for the NuWave oven. The more they showed, the more I was interested. I never buy things I see on TV because they usually are more fluff than substance. I happen to be in Bed, Bath and Return store when there it was and, here I was with a 20% coupon in my possession. Call it faith. I thought why not, take it home, play with this new toy and if I don’t like it, they are great on returns. Open the box and my husband was like “why did you buy this cheap crap?” Clearly this plastic piece of junk will soon return to the store. Following their directions I cooked my first turkey breast in it. It came out crisp on the outside and extremely juicy on the inside. We were hooked and amazed how evenly it cooked. I’ve made tasty buffalo wings, pizza which comes out with a crispy crust and soft cheesy top. Using it has free up my oven so I can bake away while my main dish is cooking in the NuWave. So yes, this piece of crap is not going back. I’m having too much fun with it.

  5. Attractive blue pot! I can see where this sturdy pot has been host to many recipes that have stood the test of time.
    Glad the Nuwave contraption is a keeper. You never know if something works unless you try. Helps when the return policy is liberal!

    • I want to try the Nuwave. But first I want to google if anyone has ever blown one up and the possibility of that happening…just to be on the safe side.

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