Hot Fudge Sundae Day, Threading the Needle

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July 25, 2014


★~  Today’s Quote: ‘Let’s begin by taking a smallish nap or two.’ ~Winnie the Pooh

★~ Hot Fudge Sundae Day:

Hot FUdge Sundae Day, Threading the Needle

Today we honor an ice cream dessert combing hot and cold and loved by most the hot fudge sundae. Hot fudge was first introduced in 1906. 

A variation to the classic sundae, the hot fudge sundae is a creation of vanilla ice cream, hot fudge sauce, whipped cream, nuts (optional) and a single, bright-red maraschino cherry on top.

Pair your favorite ice cream with a generous amount of chocolate topping, whipped cream, and nuts (optional, of-course) and top it with a bright-red maraschino cherry. 

★~ Threading the Needle Day: 

Hot FUdge Sundae Day, Threading the Needle

Threading the needle has multiple meanings, from the practical meaning of taking thread and guiding it through the eye of a sewing needle, to a metaphorical one, referring to walking a fine line in an awkward social situation. Maybe you’re stuck between an argument of two friends or family members, at the dinner table, or even, on Facebook. Practice your diplomatic skills by carefully navigating yourself out of the middle of an argument or disagreement that does not directly involve you. In the Odyssey Homer refers to the challenge of sailing between to perils, Scylla and Charybdis, or to use the modern phrase, “between a rock and a hard place.”

★~ Today in History:

Hot FUdge Sundae Day, Threading the Needle

♥~ 1871- William Schneider of Davenport, Iowa patented the modern carousel .

♥~ 1946 – “Layyyyyy-deeee!” The comedy team of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis performed together for the first time on July 24th and 25th in 1946 at a club in Atlantic City. Martin and Lewis also officially broke up on July 25th, 1956.

♥~ 1965 – Bob Dylan appeared on stage at the Newport Folk Festival with an electric guitar. He was not well received, even with the classic folk song, Blowin’ in the Wind. The electrified “poet laureate of a generation” was booed and hissed by the audience for being amplified. He was, in fact, booed right off the stage.

♥~ 1978 – The first test-tube baby was born — in England. Louise, a daughter born to Lesley and Gilbert Brown, was the first baby conceived outside the mother’s body.

★~ Born Today:

Rosalind Franklin, Hot FUdge Sundae Day, Threading the Needle

♥~ 1920 – Rosalind Franklin took an x-ray diffraction image of DNA in 1952, and captured more than a second of humanity. The scientist created an image of the building block of humans. This photo of DNA was referred to as Photo 51. In her lifetime, Ms. Franklin received only token recognition of her contributions to the study of DNA, while James Watson and Francis Crick were widely hailed as the scientists that discovered the molecule.

♥~ 1935 – Barbara Harris actress: Who is Harry Kellerman and Why is He Saying Those Terrible Things about Me, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Peggy Sue Got Married, Plaza Suite, A Thousand Clowns

♥~ 1951 – Verdine White musician: bass, singer: group: Earth, Wind & Fire: Shining Star, Sing a Song, Got to Get You into My Life, After the Love Has Gone, Boogie Wonderland, Let’s Groove, Best of My Love

♥~ 1954 – Walter Payton Pro Football Hall of FamerChicago Bears RB: Super Bowl XX; NFL individual record-holder: rushing yards gained in one game [275], in career [16,726]; career [1975-87] touchdowns scored [110] scored; died Nov 1, 1999 ♥~ 1965 – Illeana Douglas actress: The Perfect Woman, To Die for, Grace of My Heart, Chasing Amy, Picture Perfect, Weapons of Mass Distraction, Bella Mafia, Message in a Bottle, The Next Best Thing

♥~ 1969 – D.B. Woodside actor: 24, Murder One, The Division, My Place in the Horror, First, Something More, Romeo Must Die, Scar City

★~ Elephant Gallimaufry :  It takes a village to raise a child and a herd of elephants to raise a calf.

Hot FUdge Sundae Day, Threading the Needle



My birthday was wonderful. I will post more details about Ninja Blender Disquaires, Whirley Pop, and birthday greetings soon, but right now if I don’t get a move on we will be late for our Cupcake tour! Wishing you a FUN Friday!

Odd Loves Company,

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  1. Cupcake tour? Sounds interesting. Cute video. I’m up for ending the week and starting the weekend. A Chocolate Sundae sounds like a good place to start.
    Have a good one.

    • It was fun. I loved my Key Lime cupcake. Especially the Merriange on top. Pictures and stories this week

  2. Nothing beats a hot fudge sundae! Though those baby elephant videos come close!!

    A cupcake tour? Now you’ve piqued my interest — don’t forget to post pictures and let us tag along!

  3. I want to hear all about the cupcake tour. I just love elephants! They are just so smart.

  4. It’s too late for a hot fudge sundae. I’ll take a rain check tomorrow though!
    Earth, Wind & Fire still does it for me.
    Cupcake tour, huh? Lots of samples I hope!
    Aww…..that baby elephant is so cute!
    Bring us up to date on your jaunts.

    • I hope you enjoyed a hot fudge Sundae.
      Lot’s of samples on the cupcake tour. I’ll post some pictures this week.

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