ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS ice bucket challenge did not come to my attention until after Bill Gates dumped a bucket of ice water on his head. It was a fun video, and of course Bill did it with a lot more aplomb than did his challenger, Mark Zuckerberg. There is some controversy over a charity raising money this way, but I’d say it is more jealousy than substance. It’s fun, it’s inclusive and it’s working. Somewhere I read ALS had raised over $6 million so far thanks to this campaign.

The husband of Cole’s kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Donkel, had ALS. Cole enjoyed Mr. Kane’s classroom visits so much that we invited his teacher and her family for dinner, during his kindergarten year, and a wonderful time was had by all. That night, before going to bed, Cole told me, “Mr. Kane is a good guy.” Mr. Kane died much too young, leaving behind a wife, a daughter and a son who touched my heart when I dropped off some lasagna after the funeral. He was forlornly tossing a baseball up and down in front of the house. I walked away so sad that a great kid had lost the best dad much too soon. Years later, Mrs. Donkel was my go-to person when dearly departed Joe died and I had questions about kids and grief. She’s kept in close contact with Cole, showed up during important moments during his senior year, and has been a gem in our lives.

Cole was tagged in the ALS Ice bucket challenge. Which he accepted, immediately drew up a plan and told me he needed to make a Home Depot run.  Of-course he did.

I helped by offering words of wisdom and praying that the 17 gallon gallon galvanized bucket filled with ice and water did not crash down on top of my kid along with the ice water. And I shouted WOO HOO really loud.

Today we remembered Mr. Kane, a good guy.

NOTE: We are not challenging anyone. You need to be challenged directly by a friend or foe :-D. However if you do want to participate by all means send me a link to the video—I think they are all great! 

Odd Loves Company,

15 thoughts on “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

    • I’m told it was very refreshing. The structure stayed up until it looked like we were going to have a lightening storm. Large trees hanging out with a metal rod didn’t seem wise to me.

  1. So THAT’S what the materials were for. You can host ALS Challenges now! Great idea for a good cause. A nice tribute to Mr. Kane/Mrs. Donkel. Did the metal bucket skim Cole?
    A great idea for a good cause. I heard on the radio this morning about some people grumbling with the ice water idea & how, with all the publicity, ALS contributions are taking monies away from charities these people normally support!!! At least they are giving! Sorry to say many people do not given a single cent to any charity. Done!

    • I love watching people take the challenge. Sour grapes are everywhere. And your right about the giving.
      Nope, the bucket cleared the kid but it was a little too close for my comfort. He’s such a nut.

  2. I’m shouting Woo Hoo, too! Way to go, Cole — talk about taking up the challenge in a BIG WAY!

    And no, I haven’t done this — I’m with ^Marcie^ in hating cold water on my body!

    • I’ll pass the Woo Hoo on.
      It’s been fun to see how people have come up with ways to meet the challenge. One of the girls Cole challenged took a small glass of ice water and poured it on herself while another person tossed two ice cubes at her. So cute.

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