Real Men Use An Apple Peeler

Real Men use an Apple Peeler

Real Men.

The video below has been shared with us countless times, with the suggestion that Cole might like to try it and share his experience . . .


because, well, we are the kind of family people make these suggestions to. Mostly because I don’t mind the risk of my kitchen catching fire whilst trying to cut a bottle in half, risk having the police called when a dry ice bomb explodes, the mess of experiments that include exploding twinkies, or a swimming pool filled with Oobleck in my living room. And hey, this week, I became the proud owner of a 17 gallon galvanized bucket. Cool, right?

Often, other people performing the experiments lie about the results that ordinary families can expect to achieve. I can tell you right now that you will never be able to construct a t-shirt gun from PVC pipe that will launch t-shirts to an impressive height. But that shouldn’t stop you from giving your kid the go-ahead and trying it. Try it together because it’s all about the process, the fun, the bonding experience, the mess. And much, much later, you can show the videos to your grandchildren!

And now, let us show you what you can realistically expect to achieve when you peel apples using a drill.


Thank you, Sarah, for being the person who gave us the final energetic push to give this a try. Others encouraged us, but your Facebook tag was the inspiration behind this video. By the way, you owe us a peeler, and does your sixth grader have an e-mail address?

Odd Loves Company,

10 thoughts on “Real Men Use An Apple Peeler

  1. Very funny. Love it when you and Cole go back and forth and his lecture about apple peels. And I think he has a point about just using an apple peeler. Although the drill looks kind of fun.

    • The drill was fast!! I can see using it on potatoes. We need to try that next time. Mother and son repartee charming at best :-D.

  2. I am glad no apples were injured in the filming. Oh wait—there were several injuries, weren’t there? I don’t use peelers on anything so I think the mess of this method would definitely deter me but what fun. All in the name of research. And of course Mom gets blamed. 🙂

    • How do you peel carrots? Messy. Yes the photographer was covered in apple peel. It worked until the peeler cracked. My fault for directing the efforts. I think he needs more practice with the new TITAN peeler.

  3. Katybeth, I applaud your sense of adventure. Without trying stuff like this, how are we to know whether it really works or not?

    I think I’ll stick with a regular peeler, though. Lets me control the mess somewhat, and it’s not nearly as potentially dangerous!

    • It was very messy. Not dangerous really but messy. Perhaps with more practice the peel can be contained. But he’s right the peel makes your eyes sparkle. And the crust on bread makes you fast!
      We bought a new Titan, as seen on tv peeler. So excited to give it try.

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