Middle Child Day, Julienne Fries

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August 12, 2014

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★~ Today’s Quote : “You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.” Robin Williams

★~ Middle Child Day:

Middle Child Day, Julienne Fries

The Middle child  is normally placed in the middle of photographs and the fireplace mantle. Overlooked and neglected? More like front, center, and distinguished.

52% of presidents are middle-borns.

Famous Middle Children include: John f. Kennedy, Princess Diane, David Letterman, Glenn Close, Lisa Simpson, Bill Gates, Julia Roberts,

★~ Julienne Fries Day:


Julienne refers to the cut of most vegetables, but usually potatoes, into a fry-like shape.The term was brought to the forefront of American pop culture by Ron Popeil’s commercials for the Veg-O-Matic, “It slices! It dices! It makes Julienne fries!” Urban legend indicates the word is derived from Julia Child. 

~  French fries were introduced to the U.S. when Thomas Jefferson served them in the White House during his Presidency of 1801-1809.

~ Americans eat more than 16 pounds of french fries every year, which comes to over 2 million tons!

★~ Today in History:

identical quadruplets, Middle Child Day, Julienne Fries

♥~ 1851 – Isaac Singer of New York City patented the double-treadle sewing machine on this day. Although a sewing machine had already been patented, Singer’s sewing machine was revolutionary, having a double treadle.

♥~ 1865 – Joseph Lister became the first doctor to use disinfectant during surgery. Hmm. Joseph Lister. That name rings a bell. Yep. Same Joseph Lister as the one whose name is on those bottles of Listerine mouthwash.

♥~ 1877 – Thomas A. Edison finished figuring out his first phonograph. Edison handed the model of his invention to John Kreusi with instructions on how to build it. Kreusi, a confident man, bet the inventor $2 and said that there was no way that the machine would ever work. He lost the bet.

♥~ 1964 – For the 10th time in his major-league baseball career,Mickey Mantle hit home runs from both the left and ride sides of the plate in the same game — setting a new baseball record. Would this be called  ‘am-bat-extrous’?

♥~ 1966 – The last tour for The Beatles began at the International Amphitheater in Chicago; and John Lennon apologized for boasting that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus Christ. London’s Catholic Herald said Lennon’s comment was “arrogant … but probably true.”

♥~ 2007 – A 35-year-old Canadian woman gave birth to rare identical quadruplets. Karen Jepp of Calgary, Alberta, delivered Autumn, Brooke, Calissa and Dahlia by Caesarian section at Benefis Healthcare in Great Falls, Montana.

♥~ 2010 – 10,276 people in Inner Mongolia (China) set a new world record for the longest chain of human dominoes. The previous human domino record was set by 9,234 students in Singapore in 2000.

★~Born Today:

Middle Child Day, Julienne Fries

♥~ 1910 – Jane Wyatt Emmy Award-winning actress: Father Knows Best [1957, 1958-59, 1959-60]; Gentleman’s Agreement, Lost Horizon, Amityville 4; died Oct 20, 2006

♥~ 1939 – George Hamilton actor: Love at First Bite, Act One, The Survivors, Zorro, the Gay Blade, Where the Boys Are, Evel Knievel, The Dead Don’t Die, Doc Hollywood

♥~ 1949 – Mark Knopfler musician: guitar, songwriter, singer: group: Dire Straits: Money for Nothing

♥~ 1963 – Anthony Ray aka Sir Mix-a-Lot Grammy Award-winning rapper: Baby Got Back [1993]; Let’s G, I’m a Trip, Square Dance Rap, Rippin’, Posse on Broadway, Ironman, My Hooptie

★~ Moron Gallimaufry: 

Middle Child Day, Julienne Fries

A man from China’s Fujian Province recently gave his turtle a goodbye kiss when it latched on and gave him a fat lip.

According to news reports, the ‘Alligator snapping turtle’ was a pet about to be released back into the wild. The turtle needed expert handling, which obviously this idiot man was unable to provide. Just before letting the turtle go, his owner decided to give the tortuga a goodbye kiss who reciprocated by latching on to his lip. Score 1 for the turtle.


Nanu Nanu! Wishing you a terrific Tuesday

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7 thoughts on “Middle Child Day, Julienne Fries

  1. ha ha ha ..what an idiot..kissing a turtle ??
    I do not eat 16 pounds of french fries a year..no way..mainly because restaurants here serve underfried, soggy , yuky french fries so I usually pass on them..I like french fries when they are prepared right..but I don’t fry anything when I cook..

    • i know right? He clearly wasn’t thinking.
      Soggy french fries are the worse. I’ve had baked curly fries which aren’t bad but are passable.

  2. Turtle kisser got what he had coming to him. No brain.
    I like fries thin cut and crispy.
    Robin Williams. I’ve enjoyed many of his movies. Not a Mork and Mindy fan but I was a little too old for it during it’s heyday. Feel sorry for his family. What a mess.
    Have a good one.

    • The guy should have just snapped a selfie with his turtle. He’s lucky it’s still not hanging on. There is an old Indian saying that says that a snapping turtle won’t let go until it thunders.
      So sad about Robin Williams.

  3. I’m still reeling over the death of Robin Williams. Guess it’s true that the good ones die young, huh?
    Raising one child is hard enough; I can’t imagine having FOUR at once! Here’s a photo of the little quads when they turned five (two years ago) —
    Dumb, dumb, dumb. Who thinks of kissing a turtle?!

    • Thanks! Cute updated picture. I don’t know how the parents do it but somehow they do.
      I would never kiss a turtle. Especially a snapping turtle.
      Robin Williams. He’ll be missed.

  4. Kissing a snapping turtle??? It’s a wonder he has an upper lip left at all!
    French Fries are good once in a while, but not 16 lbs. good.

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