Trail Mix Day, Eat Outside Day

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August 31, 2014

yard art, Trail Mix Day, Eat Outside Day

Please enjoy some  Trail Mix and Eat Outside today to celebrate the last day of the August. If you are so inclined you can read more about today by clicking  August 31, 2013. El Morno friend BethAnn suggests this savory trail mix like recipe. 

El Morno will return in its entirety at its regularly scheduled time, sometime on Tuesday morno (maybe, Wednesday). The El Morno research team has insisted on the weekend off; me, myself and I can be stubborn, sometimes.

In other Odd news: Now that Odd is 2,000 blog posts strong, I’ll be going through and cleaning up some of my older posts. I’m sure the process will include a fair amount of teeth gnashing, cringing and laughter. What I’m not sure of is whether my cleanup will trigger my subscription (RSS) feed to repopulate all the old stuff. Just assume that if you receive a blog post from me dated 2008, it escaped during the cleanup. Who knows, I might even repost a few oldies but goodies. I wouldn’t want anyone to miss my review about dog poop freeze, and fly art has proven to be popular time and time again.

It’s a tail-wagging weekend as my campers’ families head out to enjoy the three-day Labor Day weekend before they come back to hearth and school for their human pups. While some of the suburbs and Catholic schools rang the school bell last Monday, Chicago public schools start on Tuesday and Waldorf kids return on Wednesday. Does it feel Odd that Cole isn’t joining them? That subject is worthy of a blog post all its own. But he did talk me into the usual art supply trip—after all, it was the least I could do since he was saving me so much money by not buying stuff for his dorm room. Yep. I feel rich.

Due to rain, our tree delivery was delayed until the week after next. We were a little disappointed, but according to the tree experts you can’t dig an optimal hole for tree planting if the ground is too soggy. (Who knew?) They did tell us that our little maple was growing bigger and stronger by the day. In the meantime, I added some more yard art, as noted in the picture above. I’m not sure when “yard art” crosses over to “junkyard,” but after I find my wagon wheel I’m done—at least for this year.

One important reminder! Rabbit! Rabbit! It’s the end of the month and you know what that means… It’s time to prepare for the first of the month and all that can be yours by simple saying “rabbit, rabbit!”The first words out of your mouth on the first day of September must be “rabbit, rabbit”. This is doubly important if your birthday occurs this month. “Rabbit, rabbit” will ensure good luck.

I’m off to sit on my patio, sip my coffee, throw a few tennis balls and try to move past the fact that I can’t breathe in this humidity. How is your weekend?

Odd Loves Company,


11 thoughts on “Trail Mix Day, Eat Outside Day

  1. That’s an interesting piece of yard art. If you lean toward the macabre you could get the other ski, preferably broken in parts, and scatter it along other trees or even the fence. Then you can get various body parts, fake of course, along with broken remnants of a ski tow rope and scatter those liberally through the yard. I’m even thinking you could dig a shallow channel through your yard with just the back end of a ski boat at the end of it. Now I know you don’t live right by lake Michigan, but it will look like a ski boat ran amok and made it all the way from the lake, finally crashing through your yard.

    Just so you know, that is what crossed my mind when I first looked at your picture, before I even read your post. Where’s the skier, is he/she up a tree too, torn in half, or what? I even double checked to see if the skier crashed going up the tree or fell from the sky heading down the tree? And i wondered, did the boater make it through?

    If part of the purpose of art is to provoke thought and wonder, well done, my friend, well done.

    • Oh wow. I am so flattered that you took the time to truly understand our yard art ski and even make a few suggestions. The body part suggestion is especially appealing. I probably should have posted a picture of the other ski in the adjoining tree. Oh well, I’ll post it another time and look forward to a continuation of your story…My god what you will be able to do with fly art–boggles my mind.

  2. I empathize with the humidity — we’ve got it, too. Where are the beautiful days of late summer/early fall??

    Good for you, taking a couple of days off! You’ll see, you’ll be rejuvenated. I highly recommend a hiatus now than then.

    Ah, no more Waldorf. Sad, isn’t it? Kind of like the feeling I get when I realize I’m not making monthly trips to and from So. Bend. Sigh.

    • I think it’s still a little early for those days. Overall, I have to give this summer a 9 in the way of weather. Others would complain about the low temps but not me. This won’t stop me from whining about this week ends humidity, tho!
      It does feel good to mix things up a bit. A laid back feeling.
      It is sad! For me, for Cole this was the absolute worse weekend with school looming on Wednesday. He hated to go back. I miss the community which I hope to stay close to.

  3. Please refer to yesterday’s entry for today’s weather forecast. Day late…….
    I love trail mix. Almost bought a few items to mix together this morning, but decided against it. Too bad I didn’t read this earlier. Maybe tomorrow.
    Enjoy your holiday weekend!

  4. A well deserved rest from your labors! Made it through the festivities of the weekend very well. All went according to plan and the lovebirds are hitched. Life is good. Napping and relaxing today. Back at it soon and looking forward to the next adventure which will hopefully include YOU!!!!

    • Someday when you can come and take care of my pups again. 😀 Or I’ll come see you and have drinks with little umbrellas.

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