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Well, Well, Well…

Well, late Saturday afternoon my teen and I were at loose ends. It’s rare these days that we’re both at loose ends at the same time. So with time to spare and a bag of semi-nuevo apples in the fridge, we decided to spend some quality time together and head over to where the deer roam. (Ok, fine, you got me. Once in a great while I take apples to the deer. Bad, I know.) Chicago deer live in our forest preserves and the pasture spot we like to visit is home to a lot of late afternoon grazers. It’s cool to watch.

Well, when we arrived the deer hadn’t yet, so we sat in the small parking lot playing on our phones. I play ‘2048’ and Cole is into some game called ‘Godus,’ where you get to rule the universe. All I know is his people eat well.

Well, after a while, a steady stream of people getting out of their cars with empty water jugs and heading over to the water pump to fill them caught our attention. There were old people, young people, cops, families with little kids, all carrying water jugs of all sizes. It was odd, you know?

After watching for a while, our inquiring minds wanted to know why the pump was so popular, so Cole ventured out to question the friendly stranger who was at the pump happily filling a plethora of water jugs. Cole reported back that the friendly stranger said he wanted chemical-free water. I assumed he was anti-fluoride. Well, call me a profiler, but I had my doubts that all the people flocking to the well were against fluoride. So when we returned home I did a little research.

The pump is considered by some to tap into a fountain of youth; others believe it is holy water. The city of Chicago says it’s well water. The city doesn’t do anything to make the Schiller Woods water pump special and no one quite understands why people will stand in line to pump water from it when another, mostly ignored, pump is directly across the street. Most people find the pump by just falling into it, metaphorically speaking of course; or they learn about it from a er… ‘well-intended’ friend. Some claim it pumps the best well water in Illinois. I tasted it… I’ll stick with city water. If you like well water, I hope we can still toast one another. (Carol, please stop shaking your head and scowling at me.)

Well, eventually two deer showed up and graced us with their presence, but so what! Who needs deer when we were well watching? We put together a short video so you could well watch with us. My teen says it’s a lot like watching golf. . .



Well, deep subject, I know.

Odd Loves Company,


Oh well  Deer

Well Deer Deer

Deer Chewing with mouth open

17 thoughts on “Well Watchers Deep Subject

  1. “Like watching golf…” I read that and would suggest watching golf is far more reveiting and exciting by a long shot.
    You and your teen sure have interesting ways of entertaining yourselves. Nice deer.
    See you on El Morno.

  2. I know long time no see. New job and lots of travel have kept me from being a regular visitor but I couldn’t stay forever. I missed you and all the El Morno folks. Except Mike 😛
    We have well water and it tastes ok but I do notice difference in water when I travel. There can be huge difference even in towns 50 miles apart. And telling a resident that you don’t like their water is a lot like telling a Mom her baby is ugly. People are hypersensitive. Good thing I’m not water picky.
    Funny video. Glad to see that you and Cole are up to your usual adventures.
    Have a good day. I’ll try to catch up with El Morno more often.

    • GERI! So glad to see you. Mike and I have both missed you and I know you missed him. At least a little.
      Water is a touchy subject. My grandfather and I used to have a running battle about who had the better water when I was a kid.
      Yep. We like to keep busy!

  3. Well, now, isn’t that interesting. I don’t know about well water despite the fact that I’m Southern. Although my grandparents had a well. I prefer my water like you, but, well, what do I know? If it’s a fountain of youth, well, U might try it. The deer are pretty. I do know about them as I have them in my yard all the time. Not as pets, mind you.

    • I would love to have deer in my yard. We had them once in the front yard, from God knows where, and a kid on the way to school asked if they were real.
      Tap water. Cheers.

    • Did you like it? The spring water at ojo caliente wasn’t too bad but some spring water has that awful good for you taste.

  4. As soon as I read your comment comparing watching these water pumpers & golf, I did smirk knowing Mike ^ would soon have a comment of his own! He took the high road. Interesting dynamics of the people. I really like the deer though! Did you & Cole at least go out to eat somewhere?
    Have been a day late these past few days….. Good day!

    • Mike did take the high road. We had Salmon for diner last night. The kind from Cosco that I like best.
      The light is always on whenever you arrive at Odd.

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  6. Quite a report about the well water..We had well water at one of our homes once, YUK…then some wells taste better than others…
    Love the deer..we have tons of deer roaming around our house in Ruidoso…love the babies… 8) 8) 8)

    • I haven’t tasted much well water but this was pretty awful. Ruidoso is so pretty add in the deer and I would never want to leave.

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