Apple Betty Day, Do Something Nice Day

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October 5, 2014

★~Today’s Quote: Summer ends, and Autumn comes, and he who would have it otherwise would have high tide always and a full moon every night; and thus he would never know the rhythms that are at the heart of life. ~Hal Borland

★~ Apple Betty Day:

Apple Betty Day, Do Something Nice Day

I hope you like apples because October is full of Apple Days! Apple Betty is a classic American dessert dating back to the colonial period and probably evolved from the traditional English bread pudding. The name “brown Betty” first appeared in print in 1864 when it was mentioned in a Yale Literary Magazine article. I’m betting on Betty Crocker for the perfect Apple Betty Recipe!

★~ Do Something Nice Day: 

Apple Betty Day, Do Something Nice Day

Self explanatory, but I thought the picture was cute.

★~ Today in History:


♥~ The city of Anaheim, California, was founded.  It would become the site of Disneyland, and the home of the Angels baseball team, which won the World Series in 2002.

♥~ 1958 – The Kingston Trio went to the top of the charts with Tom Dooley. The was the first time a folk song had dominated the charts.The story, told in song, is of an embittered Civil War veteran, Tom Dula. It seems that he had been forced to make a confession just before having to face the gallows, saying that he had killed his girlfriend out of jealousy. Some said he was innocent. The story became a folk song in the 1860s, and The Kingston Trio, a group of clean-cut, shorthaired, button-down shirted, young men, rode the folk revival to fame and fortune with their rendition of Tom Dooley.

♥~ 1962 –  The Beatles debut single ‘Love Me Do’ was released in the UK. It spent 26 week’s on the chart peaking at No.4.

♥~ 1974 –  American David Kunst became the first person to walk around the world. The stroll took four years and 21 pairs of shoes. He crossed four continents and walked 14,450 miles.

♥~ 2003 – The Chicago Cubs won their first postseason series since 1908 as they beat Atlanta 5-1 in Game 5 of the National League playoff series.

★: Famous Birthdays 

ray croc, Apple Betty Day, Do Something Nice Day

♥~1902 – Ray Kroc entrepreneur: founder of McDonald’s; baseball team owner: San Diego Padres.

♥~ 1950 – Jeff Conaway actor: Taxi, The Patriot, Sunset Strip, A Time to Die, Almost Pregnant, Bounty Hunter 2002, The Dirty Dozen: The Fatal Mission, Grease, Pete’s Dragon; died May 27, 2011

♥~ Interesting Fact:   October 5 is the date the most people (in the U.S., anyway) are born. Good to know right? Not a whole lot of notable birthdays, tho. Unless of-course, today is your birthday!

★: Gallimaufry Awesomes: 


A tiny dwarf horse named Acer, believed to be the smallest steed in Britain, acts more like a dog than a horse. Aside from the fact that his best friend is canine, Acer has full run of the house at the farm where he lives and goes for daily walks on a leash with his human Maureen O’Sullivan around his Corringham, England neighborhood.


Baby elephant takes a tumble and two adults rush in to help.


The adults thought these kids were CRAZY. Turns out they were creative dreamers with a plan.

This kid is going places.


I’m pretty sure El Morno friend Debbie is doing a Happy Touchdown Dance since her two football teams (Notre Dame and Old Miss) triumphed yesterday!

Chicago weather is chilly and wet. It looks like the sun will come out today but the temps will still be in the mid 50’s. We saw a few flakes of snow, yesterday.  It’s too early for snow so I ignored them. Completely.

The leak is still leaking.  I’m like the Dutch boy with his finger in the dyke. I keep moving pampers, depends, and sandbags from one location to another. If I can’t manage the leak then I’ll manage the water. I’m pretty good at it, too. But, I do look forward to a time when it’s not necessary.  On Monday, if I can’t get people out here with answers  the dam is going to break and it isn’t gonna be pretty. 

I’m off to make an Apple Betty and then Cole and I will head to the well for water. We are now more than just well watchers, we are water gathers.

Odd Loves Company,

3 thoughts on “Apple Betty Day, Do Something Nice Day

  1. Good Morno,
    I like Apple Betty. I wonder what my sis has planned for dessert. She makes a very tasty Apple Betty.
    Cute little horse and baby elephant. Those kids in both videos have great attitudes.
    No golf today. Lazy day, lots of football and Sunday night dinner.
    Say Strong.

  2. Loved your videos today…must try your Apple Betty recipe ..looks good..
    Every day should be a Do Something Nice day, right ?
    Hope your water problems will be repaired tomorrow..enough is enough ! 🙄

  3. Thanks for the shout out — yes, I’m STILL doing the Happy Touchdown Dance! These were hard-fought battles, and we triumphed — woo hoo!!

    Love the videos of the tiny horse and the baby elephant — lots of cuteness on Odd today.

    Sorry your leaking problem is still a problem — though it doesn’t really surprise me, as it’s so hard to get problems resolved on weekends. Hang in there — Monday is just a few hours away!

    Snow? Say it isn’t so! Too early for snow. Anywhere!!

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