Does Mercury Influences Our Lives?


Strike up the band and break out the champagne because Mercury retrograde is officially over. The planet Mercury is now “direct.” Say hallelujah with me, as I take you on a random walk through our Mercury fraught October.

Our mysterious water issues are still ongoing. I have our inflatable sandbags on a rotation schedule. We are working on a solution, but first, the problem has to be diagnosed. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to the rain turning to snow and the ground freezing. Sure, snow melts, but fiddle-de-dee, I’ll worry about that when it happens.

Our gas was shut off. The gas company was as baffled as we were. One would think that this meant further research would ensue. Not so. If a shut-off is not in the system, it’s a non-problem—for the gas company. On the second day of living without a shower, I googled how the connect a propane gas tank to a hot water heater. My concern was the cautionary footnote included in the instructions, which suggested keeping a carbon monoxide monitor by your side at all times. Plan B. The gas company will always show up if you smell gas. Imaginary gas fumes overwhelmed me as I spoke to customer service. Despite the fact that I had spent the previous two days reporting that I did not have gas, no one questioned my claim. The gasman cometh quickly and surmised that I couldn’t possibly be smelling gas because my gas had been shut off. What a relief! After some research, it appeared that the gas crew working on our street had turned my gas off without reporting it to customer service and then forgot to turn it back on. He was surprised that I wasn’t notified. Me too. The gas was quickly turned back on, and soon, I was saying grace over a hot shower and plotting my revenge.

My teen? Cole used my hairbrush to pull the burrs out of a pup’s coat, explaining that he had used his hairbrush the week before. When I call a pond a lake or fail to notice the three clouds dotting a blue sky, I feel fortunate to have a teen that stays on top of such mistakes. My teen director of Day Camp let me drive twenty minutes in city traffic before he noticed that he had forgotten to put the camper we were taking home in the car.  Cole and I are spending a lot of time together.

Did I mention that I gave up Starbucks for the month of October? Not a sip has passed my lips. I’m not making that mistake again for November. I thought I would be rich, because, you know, Starbucks is (dare I say it) a leak in every drinkers pocketbook. However, the month is almost over, and my no-latte commitment has not made me rich. It was disappointing to be confronted with the realization that my lavish latte habit is almost entirely free due to the generous Starbucks cards that we are often gifted. Unfortunately, the Dunkin’ Donuts hot chocolate I replaced my latte with is not free. My teen wonders if I am the best person to help him hone his business skills.

I would be remiss if our random walk through October didn’t include counting our blessings. Mercury is not all bad, after all. Despite the media’s dire Ebola predictions, along with our family and friends, we are Ebola free. And we ensured our healthy streak by nabbing two flu shots; our Alderman is up for reelection in November, so his office offered free flu shots for everyone in his district. It’s just how they do things in Chicago. We won $325 in a football raffle, which almost covered the deductible on Cole’s car repairs (accident in September) that the other insurance company didn’t pay. Don’t ask. I am letting the insurance companies fight it out. GO GEiCO LIZARD! Chicago weather has been beautiful and treated us to a fabulous fall. My teen and I share the same sense of humor, which means that we laugh at life’s absurdities, along with our own, hard and often. Speaking of absurdities, Cole’s VW Bug is for sale, and we believe that soon the June Bug will be a happy memory, and  part of our past. It was fun, but all good things must come to an end. Really. They do.

Cole asked if I really believed that when Mercury is in retrograde, it influences our lives. I knew that if I answered yes, he would pull out the self-fulfilling prophecy card. It was a trick question. I told him I’d ask you.

FYI I’m reading tarot cards all week. 

Odd Loves Company,

12 thoughts on “Does Mercury Influences Our Lives?

  1. My daughter knows all about Mercury and I impress her with what I’ve learned on Odd. It’s hard for me to connect events in my life with other planets. I’m not saying it’s not possible I’m just not sure I get it.
    The Starbucks story is funny. If it makes you feel any better I never drink Starbucks and I’m not rich either.
    Hope the last week of the month is better than the first three.
    The June Bug. I enjoyed hearing about that car. Ask Cole to keep us posted on the sale.
    El Morno?

    • The last week was much better. Minor aggravations only and I’ll take those with a smile. Good to hear your Starbucks story matches mine. Sort of.
      The June Bug. It’s not over yet.

  2. I’m a believer. I don’t even need to look at a calendar to know when mercury is in retrograde. Communication issues come up and everything seems to go on the fritz at the same time. I don’t let it rule my life but I do pay attention.
    Sounds like Mercury really gave you a run for your money. We mostly had computer issues.
    Good to know about Starbucks. It would be hard for me to give up my daily fix.
    Will you be sad after the Bug is sold? You and Cole invested so much time in that car.

    • Yep. Just keep sipping. I think you hit the planet on the head – Mercury shouldn’t rule but paying attention is never a bad idea.
      A little sad but we have lots of good memories and pictures.

  3. You know my feelings about retrograding Mercury. Work’s been a bit crazy, but we’ve had very happy weddings, and good memories. We made it!

  4. I never go to Starbucks..too expensive and too crowded…plus I am limited to only de-caf now..I thought it would be the end of the world but I now like de-caf…and it has helped my fluttering heart..guess it’s what we get used to.
    It must be hard to sell the VW after all that hard work but you will always have the memories.. 8)

    • De-caf doesn’t seem fair. But you know what Nana always said – you can get use to hanging if you hang long enough. But still. Starbucks does make a good de-caf…if you are ever in a pinch.
      The bug was a fun ride. The memories will last both Cole and I a life time. However, I have a feeling if his kid ever suggests restoring a car Cole will be quick to suggest an alternative.

  5. I don’t know if Mercury influences our lives. The older I get, possibilities seem endless…
    Not a coffee or tea drinker so Starbucks does not rank high in my world. Have had hot chocolate there once, perhaps twice, before. I tend to receive quite a few gift cards which I give away. Only recently did my vet’s wife suggest I use the cards as veterinary payment! Needless to say, I have no cards in my possession now! Great deal!
    Good luck with the Bug sale.

    • What a useful way to use up those Starbucks cards. Duncan Donuts Hot Chocolate is better than Starbucks – FYI. The possiblitites do seem endless. So I suppose it’s good to keep an open mind.

  6. Well, I just know I feel better when Mercury ISN’T doing its Retrograde thing! It seems to muck up communications, which we Virgos kind of depend on, and I hate having my Internet go berserk, mail become lost, and all the rest of the aggravations.
    That said, it looks as if you’ve had a worse go of it this time than I have — thanks for reminding me that I’m not alone in muddling through sometimes!

    • Me too. Maybe it’s a self fulfilling prophecy but when my gadgets all turn on me and people show up on wrong days I can usually look at the calendar and finding Mercury isn’t direct. It was a tough month but better times are ahead. For all of us.

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