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Tarot Readings: October 26 – November 2

Leave your question in the comment section below. Questions can be asked using an anonymous name but please use a real e-mail address (visible only to me) or your comment will end up in Odd’s spam folder.

Please ask me one specific question per comment. The more specific the question,  the more specific the answer. I’ll answer second questions as time allows so go ahead and ask in a separate comment.

Feedback is welcome and I’ll try to leave follow up comments if you have questions.

It may take me a day or two to answer each comment. Comments may not be answered in the order they are received. Have no fear you have not been passed over.

Usually my tarot readings cover a 6 month to 1 year time frame. I love feedback when or if the things I’ve told you come to fruition.

And lastly your fate lies in your own hands.  If you get huffy with me about your tarot reading, I have friends that can turn you into a toad and handsome princes or princesses are hard to come by these days.

Odd Loves Company,

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23 thoughts on “Tarot Card Readings

    • Hi Abby!
      Have you faced some disappointment lately? Something that went sour in an unexpected sort of way? I know that you took the test today and graduate school looks well and fine, but something seems out of kilter in your life right now. Ok, I want you to read this in capital letters: IN NO WAY AM I SUGGESTING THAT YOU DID NOT DO WELL ON YOUR TESTS OR THAT YOU WON’T GET INTO GRADUATE SCHOOL! What the card seems to be indicating is that there may be another opportunity besides graduate school, one that bares considering. It also appears that you are more in a passive waiting position than in an active seeking position. There’s nothing wrong with waiting, unless of course, there is something you need to be pursuing. Ah, this is confusing for me too. I’ll work on it or perhaps you can help me achieve more clarity. Beware of mechanical breakdowns and gadget issues. Watch putting beverages by your computer, and take care of any car issues right away. Money! There’s an opportunity to make some extra cash or perhaps you will receive a cash gift—not a lot, but a pleasant surprise.

  1. Michael also wants to know if he will have to drop his anatomy/physiology class, so I said I would ask for him.

    • Yes, or at least that’s what the card indicates. Is Michael feeling a little lost and hopeless right now? It will pass, not tomorrow but soon. If he isn’t feeling this way right now, he might encounter a setback that feels worse than it actually is. Looks like a fun and perhaps unexpected invite is coming his way—could also be a visitor.

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    • Hi Rachel,
      Lily is going to have an unexpected opportunity, a very exciting unexpected opportunity. I don’t think she’ll hesitate before she takes it. Every card I pulled around Lily showed her in transition, so lots of movement is happening around her. This is not surprising since she is a senior, but I think it’s more than just moving out of high school. It looks like an energetic transition that might throw her for a loop for a couple of months. Trust becomes an issue in a way she has not experienced before. College? Of course, she will have the opportunity to make that choice, but I think she will end up putting it off for a while and perhaps shifting gears . . . I’m excited about the unexpected opportunity!

  3. Hello Katybeth,

    I have been told many times that I will come into money. Can you tell me a time frame when this will occur?

    • Hi Brenda,
      How fun! Expected money. I’m not sure about a large sum of money, but the card I pulled was “Temperance,” which usually means a good balance between what it coming in and what is going out. As far as a large sum of money is concerned, I don’t see anything within the next 6 to 12 months. I hope I’m wrong!

    • The cards do indicate the arrival of someone or something new. It could be a baby. A boy. I’m not sure which couple the baby belongs to, tho.
      Things appear to be very positive on the relationship front, especially for your kids. The cards continue to show me a very beautiful girl around your youngest. She looked a little friendlier this time. I suggest that your daughter pay close attention to relationships around the work place. It could be a man who represents a product. (I am very rarely this specific, so I’ll be interested in how this plays out.)
      Someone close to you is about to embark on a new creative project and has lots of inspiration and ideas to make a strong start.
      The cards suggest that you need to slow down and let your natural optimistic nature rise to the surface. No worries—it will bubble again in time. Stretching would be very good for you right now, perhaps yoga or Pilates? Not exercise, more loosening up. And more play!
      The niece with the glasses? (Katie, right?) Is someone at school being mean to her? Perhaps an adult with a harsh tongue? I don’t know why (maybe the name), but I always seem to key in on that child.
      You’ll have questions. Ask away.

  4. I clicked on the link you provided to remind myself of the question I asked you then. What’s fascinating is how spot on you were. I am definitely in an advisory role with a medium size business. The tall dark person is likely the CEO I’m currently working for.

    I also recall asking you about Ben’s post college job seeking efforts. Again, spot on.

    Kind of eerie, actually. You have a definite gift.

    I have no questions now – most times I prefer the future to stay in the future. I just wanted to post my delight and amazement with your earlier predictions. Also, if you have any influence with things spiritual, do put in a good word for my sister Margaret who is dealing with health concerns at this time.

    • Thanks Joanne. I always appreciate the feedback. I didn’t pull a card but would suggest Margaret needs an advocate right now and to ask for more help. I’m sending my very best intentions and hope her concerns lessen soon.

  5. Okay, I’ll play! Tell me, how can I squeeze more fun things in a 24-hour period, without completely ignoring all the duties and obligations I’m experiencing??

    • You excel at getting the most out of the 24-hour day, and your priorities line up beautifully, but sometimes you have to eat dessert first. Make your top priority starting the day in fun way—fun as defined by you. Next, you’ll have to step outside your comfort zone and let some things slide, and ask for help with other things. If you want more fun times, you’ll have to decide that you deserve them and not begrudge others their feelings of resentment of your changing the way things have always been. Most people don’t accept change with open arms, but they do learn to live with it, and in time, the new becomes the old. Most of all, you have to believe that your obligations and duties are built around the choices you make.And Learning to live with misguided guilt is sometime necessary to make our own dreams come true. Taking responsibility for those choices will put you at the helm of your 24-hour day and let you decide how and on what you spend your time. I vote for more fun.


      • Dessert first? Golly, I haven’t done that since I was a kid — and I hadn’t realized how much I miss it! Thanks for the nudge. More fun sounds like…well, MORE FUN!!

    • Sure, but it isn’t going to be easy. Finding a “terrific relationship” will be like taking on a second job. You need to define what you want, research where you can find it, and then clear the time to go to those places. Where would Mr. Terrific hang out? The cards suggest doing the things you love with the kinds of terrific people you would like to meet. And while you’re hunting down Mr. T., the cards suggest that you practice enjoying your own good company.

  6. Looking for a direction in carreer section! Work environmental have been unfriendly feeling lost with all these changes. Boss seems like keep on dangling carrot (promotion) in front of me but never happens. Should I stay or go – start looking for new thing.

    • Start looking for something new. An educated professional woman doesn’t need to follow a dangling carrot. I don’t think they want you to leave. Your place of employment values you, but not necessarily in a way that will further your career. You need to take charge and change this—quietly. You don’t need to announce your plans. The self-confidence that will come when you take charge of your situation will change your boss’s perception of you, or you’ll find a great new job. The cards indicate that it may be time to move on and start afresh.

      • Wow, you actually scared me. There are many things you said that’s on point. Looking quietly, self confidence. .. spot on. I’ve been kinda vocals about needing new job – not to my boss obviously, but few people know I’m not too happy and looking. But after 7 yrs doing the same thing, I really don’t have any self confidence. But I will start looking more actively. Wish me luck! ! Thanks Kb.

    • I don’t see it really slowing down much until after the first of the year. However, the cards indicate that help of some sort will be coming your way and will make things easier. It looks like an important decision will need to be made. Go with your gut. Pay especially close attention to your eldest boy right now. Perhaps some one-on-one would be helpful. If he’s not struggling now, he may be soon. It will pass. The first of the year will bring a new calm with it, and a springtime move is showing up. I’m not sure if it’s a physical move or an inner shift, but it’s very positive. For some reason, I feel compelled to tell you to clean your car and to clear any surfaces you can (counters and tables). Put things in order—not deep cleaning, surface organizing. The cards (and me) want to tell you that everything is going to be just fine.

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