Navy Day, American Beer Day

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October 27, 2014 

Navy Day, American Beer Day

★~ Today’s Quote:  Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. Theodore Roosevelt

 ★~ Navy Day: 

Navy Day
Navy Day was established on October 27, 1922 by the Navy League of the United States. Although it was not a national holiday, Navy Day received special attention from President Warren Harding. Harding wrote to the Secretary of the Navy Edwin Denby:

“Thank you for your note which brings assurance of the notable success which seems certain to attend the celebration of Navy Day on Friday, October 27, in commemoration of past and present services of the Navy. From our earliest national beginnings the Navy has always been, and deserved to be, an object of special pride to the American people. Its record is indeed one to inspire such sentiments, and I am very sure that such a commemoration as is planned will be a timely reminder.”

“It is well for us to have in mind that under a program of lessening naval armaments there is a greater reason for maintaining the highest efficiency, fitness and morale in this branch of the national defensive service. I know how earnestly the Navy personnel are devoted to this idea and want you to be assured of my hearty concurrence.”

October 27 was suggested by the Navy League to recognize Theodore Roosevelt’s birthday. Roosevelt had been an Assistant Secretary of the Navy and supported a strong Navy as well as the idea of Navy Day. In addition, October 27 was the anniversary of a 1775 report issued by a special committee of the Continental Congress favoring the purchase of merchant ships as the foundation of an American Navy.

★~ American Beer Day: 

Navy Day, American Beer Day

“Of all my favorite things to do,
The utmost is to have a brew.
My love grows for my foamy friend,
With each thirst-quenching elbow bend.
Beer’s so frothy, smooth and cold–
It’s paradise–pure liquid gold.
Yes, beer means many things to me…
That’s all for now, I gotta pee!” (anonymous)

Beer is the most popular alcoholic drink in the United States, where over 1,400 breweries produce more than 6 billion gallons annually. Breweries across America include large, well-known brands, regional beers and increasingly popular craft breweries.

Celebrate American Beer Day with a nice, cold pint of your favorite American beer.

★~ Today in History:

Navy Day, American Beer Day

♥~ 1873 – Farmer Joseph F. Glidden applies for a patent on barbed wire and is generally considered the inventor of barbed wire.

♥~ 1922 –  The Navy League of the United States organized the first Navy Day. because it was the birthday of the navy-fan President Theodore Roosevelt. The Navy’s official birthday is  October 13, 1775.

♥~ 1963 – Peter, Paul and Mary were  #1 and #2 on the U.S. album chart with Peter, Paul and Mary and In the Wind.

♥~ 1982  – China announced its population had reached one billion people plus. By July 2004, China’s population had increased to 1,298,847,624.

♥~ 1975  – Bruce Springsteen appeared on the cover of both TIME and Newsweek.

★~ Famous Birthday’s 

Navy Day, American Beer Day

♥~  1728 –Captain James Cook, British explorer.

♥~ 1811 – Isaac Singer, inventor of the sewing machine.

♥~ 1858 –Theodore Roosevelt, 26th president of the United States (1901-1909). married to A. Lee, E. Carow [four sons, two daughters]; nickname: TR, Trust Buster; first president to ride in a car, submerge in a submarine and fly in a plane; initiated the National Monument System; died Jan 6, 1919

♥~ 1872 – Emily Post (Price) etiquette authority: author: Etiquette: The Blue Book of Social Usage; syndicated newspaper columnist. Emily Post has been dead nearly half a century and many believe good manners died right along with the woman who gave us the ultimate book on etiquette in 1922. But would she be shocked by the boorish behavior — from rampant cellphone abuse to undie-less celebrities — we see around us today? “No,” says Peggy Post, her great-granddaughter-in-law. “She’d be fascinated.”   “Etiquette is such a funny topic,” Peggy Post ( says. “Even in Emily’s day, everyone thought everyone was rude. It just seems more in the spotlight today.”

♥~ 1923 –Dylan Thomas, Welsh poet.

♥~ 1939 – Sylvia Plath, poet and novelist.

♥~ 1940 –John Cleese, actor-writer best known for comedy productions (Monty Python, Fawlty Towers).

♥~ 1950 –  Fran Leibowitz, writer (Metropolitan Life, Social Studies).

★~ Beer Gallimaufry:

pouring beer, Navy Day, American Beer Day

The process for pouring beer into a pint glass is the same whether you’re doing it from a bottle, a can, or a tap. It’s also the same no matter the style of glass. Keep in mind that the process may vary slightly depending on the carbonation of the beer. India Pale Ales and Belgians will be a bit foamier than stouts or porters, so adjust accordingly to always get that perfect “head” (the foam on top).

♥~ Hold the Glass at 45 Degrees

♥~ Pour Beer at Midpoint of the Glass

♥~ Begin to pour your beer, and aim for about halfway down the glass. Don’t be shy; if you’re too slow, you’ll end up with no head, and none of those wonderful aromas that enhance the flavor.

♥~ Tilt Glass Upright as You Reach the Halfway Point

♥~ When you tilt the glass upright, you’ll notice the head start to form.

♥~ Finish Pouring with 1/2-inch to 1 1/2-inch Head beer5

♥~  If there’s too much head, you’ve poured too quickly, or not at your correct angle. If there’s no head atop the beer, you’ve poured too slowly or at too steep an angle without tilting it upright.


Hope this starts your Monday off with a giggle.

Soldier Returning From Afghanistan Surprises Total Stranger (it’s not what you think, and it may not be pc but . . .)

Looking on the bright side, water issues gives you the opportunity to  reorganized so this weekend my organization project was leashes and collars. Cole hung a new metal peg board for me and I got busy.  I always tell people DO NOT LEAVE YOUR LEASH at camp – they don’t always listen….I keep extra collars for campers who arrive without play collars. I have no idea how we ended up with such an impressive collection of training collars…I seem to remember that I bought a bunch of them on Ebay years ago.  Odd, I know, but having all my leashes and collars organized makes me very happy. One day, they will be hung by color and length and then I’ll be ecstatic. It’s the little things, don’t cha know.


Merry Monday or Ba Humbug Monday – Have it your way!

Odd Loves Company,

4 thoughts on “Navy Day, American Beer Day

  1. Morno,
    Good life skill learning how to properly pour a beer. My son is into craft beers and encouraging me to branch out from the usual Bud in a bottle. I don’t mind trying new things but I’m still not sure about beers called Surly Furious or Three Floyds Zombie Dust.
    Go Navy. Snappy uniforms too.
    Harry doesn’t have a leash. Since he doesn’t go outside he doesn’t wear a collar either. He’s low maintenance.
    Have a good one.

    • Your a good sport to give those beers a taste. Of-course, it must be hard to resist Three Floyds Zombie Dust.
      Your cat runs around bare? Poor Harry .

  2. Happy to honor the service man & women & Navy Day.
    Mike ^ is thrilled with Beer Day! I used to pour a mean glass/mug of beer.
    Quite the impressive collection of tidy leads & collars there! Looks like you’re ready for business.
    Tired this evening. Time to clean up & call it a day. Good night!

    • Men in uniform…..
      Yep, Mike keeps on top of beer day. I believe you were an excellent pourer of a good mug of stout. Hope you’ve caught up on your rest and you’re being treated to some cool temperatures.

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