King Spa Groupon – Tempted Again

Groupon King Spa - Tempted Again

King Spa Groupon! Only $19.00

Facebook friends are flocking to buy this King Spa groupon. “Is that the nakeds spa?” Why, yes it is. If you go plan to get naked. However, since my last visit I’ve learned most activities at the spa require you to be clothed. King Spa is modeled after a traditional Korean jjim-jil bang, or public bath, and while it’s true that the steam rooms and hot and cold pools require baring all, I’m told they constitute a fraction of what the spa has to offer.

On my first visit, I did not stay long enough to check out the other options. For now, I’ll live vicariously through my friends. Maybe on my 80th birthday, I’ll pay the spa another visit. . .Never say never.

A post from the past….

This week I had a whole morning free and decided to visit King Spa as a friend had recently mentioned enjoying her visit to this spa. The King Spa website assured me that I would be relaxing in whirlpools and baking in saunas that would cleanse my body of toxins and purify me while refreshing my skin. Aromatic herbs would calm and relax my nerves. It sounded exactly like what I needed.

When I arrived at King Spa, I was greeted by the front desk clerk, who spoke in a very calm spa-like voice, and while I did not understand a word of what he said past “Welcome to King Spa,” I got the gist of what I was supposed to do. I paid my $25, was given a key for my locker, and went through the double doors into the spa area. At the end of the first long rug is a set of lockers where you leave your shoes. Knowing that I would lose my key before I returned to the locker, I just stuffed my shoes into my bag. Click to read more . . .

What about you? Would you bare all for a day of rest and relaxation?

Odd Loves Company,

6 thoughts on “King Spa Groupon – Tempted Again

  1. I feel the same way I did 2 years ago but maybe on 80th birthday, I’d give it a whirl! I love the idea of R&R but while being comfortably clothed. I’m glad there are places where clothes are required. Now instead of the food court, I’d hang out in those areas.

    • Keep it in mind for the big 80. I wish I had known about the bathing suit area when I went last time. I would have considered using the sauna or salt rooms when I chicken out of the nakey butt areas.

  2. I’m afraid two years hasn’t changed my point of view — no naked spas/bath houses for me. When you’re raised as modestly as I was, it’s pretty hard to throw caution to the wind (and clothes off the body!)

    • Prancing around in your birthday suit wasn’t encouraged in my house either, I did streak my grandfather when I was a teen but that was a one time thing and it was so worth it. Maybe when we are 80, tho?

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