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Stuff to Share

Stuff to Share. You know, odds and ends, a little of this and a little of that…

Stuff to Share

The Truth About Cast Iron Pans: 7 Myths That Need To Go Away

Rosetta Stoned: Touchdown. After a ten year journey and a seven-hour fall, the Philae lander lived up to its name and anchored itself to the surface of a large rock 317 million miles from Earth. From The Verge: Humanity just landed a spacecraft on a comet. It’s funny that when there’s a big success, all of “humanity” gets credit even though most of us couldn’t safely land a bottle-rocket on our driveway.  NYT’s photo piece on landing a on a cometWaPo: The Rosetta comet landing has made history.  Vox: The best photos from the landing.

More Good News: 

Stuff to Share

The world’s tallest man and the world’s shortest man met.

A shopper tried to steal a chainsaw by slipping it into his pants. In other words, Florida.

A responsive yoga mat with built-in sensor technology designed to improve your yoga practice. (We’ve lost our minds…)

Did you see the pictures of the Poppies in London? Stunning.

The Disease of Being Busy

From poaching eggs to shucking oysters – 53 New York Times Videos teach essential cooking techniques

 A to X Writing Advice, Courtesy of Copy Chief Benjamin Dreyer

How do I become a…

A food art series that imagines how famous artists would plate a Thanksgiving meal.

Say what?


I’d like to know the rest of the story…

stuff to share

Driving into the city my teen and I spotted this Holy Roller. Guess, it wouldn’t be very Christian of me to hope lightning strikes this vehicle. Not the person in it….just the truck.

Stuff to Share

Stuff to Share

Or perhaps we could introduce this angry ram to this Christian truck….Isn’t there something about rams in the Bible?



It’s snowing. Beautiful snow! I love snow. Salt trucks are music to my ears despite the fact that my neighborhood (and most of Chicago) is still under gas line renovation (Guess the mayor didn’t get the winter memo since the papers were signed to start this city wide work mid September). I refuse to complain about the the snow or cold this early in the season. I will pace myself. In November and December snow is beautiful. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

If you have odds and ends to share, please do so!

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  1. Bet that van gets keyed a lot. And that would be wrong. Introducing the ram to the van would be funnier.
    I’ll read backwards. I heading out to breakfast and will read more later. Gotta catch up with El Morno

  2. I did see the poppies, and they’re spectacular! I also bookmarked the writing advice (never can have enough of that).

    Interesting article about being busy. We’re probably ALL a bit at fault for that; still, wouldn’t it be grand to unplug for an entire day (if not a full day, then maybe a couple of hours!)

    What was that man thinking — stealing a chainsaw??

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