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Entrepreneurial Teen - Gracie's Cakes

Gracie Cakes

Kids with an entrepreneurial spirit are my weakness.

A bit of background. When I was teen, I owned a horse that I liked to show off at horse shows. My sweet mom rode too, and together with friends, we would travel to local horse shows and events. One year, we wanted to attend a bigger, better horse show 200 miles from home. The expense was considerable, and my dad was not all that keen on the idea. This did not stop my mother. She enlisted the help of a friend whose daughter also wanted to travel to the show; they set up a burrito stand at all the local horse shows and sold burritos to fund our trip. My mom and her friend brought a lot of class to the burrito cart biz, and their first class burritos sold out several weeks in a row. It wasn’t long before we had enough cash to hitch up the horse trailer and take our show on the road. The burrito stand was closed and sorely missed around the old horse show arena.

My sweet mom taught me that you are always just a burrito away from what you want and encouraged my entrepreneurial spirit. Share an idea, and I’ll come up with 10 ways you can make money with it. Most people won’t act on any of them though. They’ll have a million reasons why my suggestions won’t work. It never occurred to my mom and her friend that they might need a food handling license. It would have occurred to their husbands, but they had a line 20 deep waiting for burritos before their husbands heard the rumor about where to get the best burrito in town. I watched and learned.

Camp-Run-A-Pup was started when I decided that I wanted to leave the advertising biz and stay home with Cole. My mom suggested that I welcome a few pups into my home, and by our first Christmas, every crate, bedroom, and bed was booked. We had guinea pigs in one bathroom and a cat in the other. Joe didn’t have a chance to object until a cat blindsided him in the bathroom.

I digress … or perhaps I “Ohio.” * The subject of this post is entrepreneurial kids and how excited I become when I encounter one up close and personal.

Grace is a freshman at the Chicago Waldorf School and makes beautifully decorated cupcakes. Her mother posts pictures of them on Facebook. It’s hard to ignore beautifully decorated cupcakes. Soon people began to ask if they could buy the cupcakes, and Grace’s mother shared her daughter’s contact information. I was Gracie Cakes first paying customer. I bought 24 dog-themed cupcakes.

Full disclosure. I had no idea what I would do with two dozen dog-themed cupcakes when I placed my order with Gracie Cakes. After I picked them up, I decided that I would hand them out to client-friends when picking up their pups from camp. But I soon learned this was a bad idea when I handed a client-friend a cupcake in a small, open box. She oohed, aahed, and thanked me before setting the cupcake on the seat beside her. I handed off her excited pup, whom she put in the back seat. Well, you know the rest of the story. It all happened so quickly.

However, my lack of planning isn’t the point. The point is that Grace took my dog-themed cupcake order and turned it into 24 adogable (thank you Beth Ann) cupcakes, for a fair price and within the time frame we discussed. Checking in with me to make sure fondant and sprinkles were ok, her communication skills were par excellence. Sprinkles! Who doesn’t love sprinkles? The cupcakes were moist and yummy. I’m sure they are made from her grandmother’s secret cupcake recipe. Or perhaps she mixed them up from a box of Duncan Hines. Nothing wrong with Duncan Hines.

Grace is an entrepreneur. She took something she loved to do, practiced it, marketed it and sold it. Gracie Cakes is open for business. Her parents supported her efforts, and I was lucky enough to be her first paying cupcake customer. I am certain not to be her last. Investing in young entrepreneurs is something we all need to do, whether it be a lemonade stand, a garage sale, or the start of a cupcake empire.

Go Gracie! You have fondant your callingone of many I suspect!

Would anyone like a cupcake?

Entrepreneurial Teen - Gracie Cakes

Odd Loves Company,


If you are local and would like information about how to contact Gracie to discuss cupcakes for your party or event, please e-mail me or leave a message in the comments, and I will provide you with contact information.

* We love our friends from Ohio! And it has been my experience that people from Ohio love a long, involved story…that goes on and on and leaves you wondering what the original point might have been. It’s hard to explain, but if you know an Ohioan you get it.  By the way, Beth Ann (blogger and partner in puns) is from Ohio.

16 thoughts on “Gracie Cakes, Moms Burrito Business, Entrepreneuring

  1. Morno,
    I couldn’t agree more. Kids learn a lot from running their own business if the grown-ups stay to the side line. My daughter had a booming babysitting business and my son had a bike business. He would tune up bikes and make minor fixes. My sister started sewing and selling doll clothes when we were kids and always has more than a few orders to fill. My business was started by my Grandfather and handed down.
    Obviously your sweet Mom taught you well. I’m certain Grace Cakes business will thrive. If I was closer I would certainly order a dozen for the office.
    Have a good one and a Happy New Year if you aren’t back before we ring in 2015.

    • Sounds like you come from a family of entrepreneurs and have passed the spirit along. I’m sure you would be one of Grace’s best customers.
      Happy New Year. I’m back. Full time starting Monday.

  2. Funny about your Moms burrito stand. Where there is a will there is a way.
    I admire Grace’s parents. I’m sure that I would have a million reasons that selling cupcakes wouldn’t work. Heck, I struggle with lemonade stands. I do try to support other kids tho :-D. The cupcakes are so cute. And yes transporting cupcakes isn’t part of their charm. I think Amazon sells boxes. We bought them for one of our school bake sales.
    Cheers to a Happy New Year.

    • Yep, There is always a way. Sometimes it’s hard to set the adult mind and future forecasting off but so worth it when we can manage it.
      Good tip about Amazon. I might buy a few of those boxes before my next order. 😀

  3. Thank you so much for this Katybeth! Your support and encouragement mean even more to Grace than ours. We’re her parents, so she knows we’re her biggest fans…but you have shown her that others will value her efforts too! She is really excited and working on another order today. Thanks again for launching her…she’ll never forget it!

    • Of-course the orders are flowing in. Grace (and her sister) have been parented by the best. Happy to be a small part of her success and look forward to hearing about her future successes.

      Happy New Year.

  4. I believe God has special blessings for those “encouragers” among us, and it sounds as if you learned from one of the best! Well done, Kb’s mom!

    Gracie will go far. Find your passion, work hard, and everything will fall into place. I love young entrepreneurs for their energy, enthusiasm, and optimism.

    Happy New Year to you and Cole!
    P.S. Were you the one, by any chance, who sent me a package?? If so, THANK YOU! If not, never mind.

    • Thanks. My teacher sure wasn’t one that would ever say it “couldn’t be done.” The cupcake adventure was fun and was fueled by exactly the qualities you described.

      Happy New Year.

  5. Great encouraging words, Katybeth..I remember the Burrito stands, very tasty for sure..I also remember your first business, selling greeting cards in the neighborhood..maybe you were eight ?You were always a go-getter..never stop..
    Happy New Year ! 😀

    • Thanks! You were such an enthusiastic customer! From Cheerful house to Studio girl! I wonder if they still make that product?

  6. Those cupcakes are fantastic. What a talented gal Grace is.
    I remember the burritoes and the horse show. Those were fun years.
    Thank you Debbie and Mike, Katybeth as a child was quite a trip. Actually she still is!

  7. Gracie’s cupcakes look wonderful! Such attention to detail, too. It’s evident Gracie puts into her craft. Well done Gracie & her mom!
    Great burrito business story! You definitely get that can-do spirit & energy from your sweet mom.
    Happy New Year & be safe!

    • Isn’t she talented and an enthusiastic Mom can not be unrated.
      Sounds like you spent the night with good company but I do think you should have a drink to toast the New Year!

  8. *It’s evident Gracie puts heart into her craft.* Jeez……I’m staying home with Nik tonight & not even drinking.

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