Mother Daughter Selfie

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February 4, 2015



Good Morn from Albuquerque,

It’s so quiet here! I can’t sleep!

Ok, I lied I did sleep under a Ralph Lauren comforter covered with fluffy pillows.  My bed pillows at home are always flattened by dog paws before I rest my head on them. I miss my pups. Well, eventually, I’ll miss them. I’m almost certain of it.

Spring is in my step! I flew away from 19 inches of snow with the promise of more to come. Albuquerque warmly greeted me with Blue Skies! and Sun!  My teen was stuck in snow with a van full of day campers for over an hour yesterday. To his credit he solved the problem and then shared the experience. I love him more than all the snowflakes in the whole world, and told him so. Without him this trip would not be possible.

My Mother and I took our first ever Mother-Daughter selfie!


Mmmm, I smell breakfast. Must run. Be back soon.

Odd Loves Company,

11 thoughts on “Mother Daughter Selfie

  1. El Morno to you! Your blog photo makes me a bit homesick. And oh how I long for flip flops! Please tell your parents hello for me, and have a wonderful visit.

  2. This just makes me so happy, both for you and your dear parents, Kb! I don’t care how old we get — we still need our folks to “baby” us now and then.

    And kudos to Cole for bravely hanging in there, helping run your business, and fighting the snows. Yes, I’m sure you got an ear-full, ha (sounds like my Domer!)

    Enjoy your vacay — and see if you can’t bring back some sunshine and warmth!

    • I think Cole wavers between wanting me not to worry and wanting me to know how much he is handling on his own. Fortunately, the weather in Chicago is cold but sunny. Hope it’s sunny in your part of the state too!

  3. What a wonderful, sunny trip you had! Don’t you just love it out there! It’s a city that’s on my short list of places to retire to. I love NM. Glad you got to go.

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