Nutella Day, Weatherperson’s Day, Chocolate Fondue Day

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February 5, 2015

Albuquerque Sandia, Nutella Day, Weatherperson's Day, Chocolate Fondue Day

★~ Today’s Quote:  The trouble with weather forecasting is that it’s right too often for us to ignore it and wrong too often for us to rely on it. ~Patrick Young

★~ World Nutella Day:

Nutella Day, Weatherperson's Day, Chocolate Fondue Day

Click for Nutella Happy Recipes.

The official Nutella web site.

Read Gallimaufry for more riveting facts about the Nutella.

★~National Weatherperson’s Day:

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Nutella Day, Weatherperson's Day, Chocolate Fondue Day

Chicago, Il.

Nutella Day, Weatherperson's Day, Chocolate Fondue Day

Created for eighteenth century weather observer John Jeffries, Weathercasters’ Day honors “men and women who collectively provide Americans with the best weather, water, and climate forecasts and warning services of any nation.”

★~ Chocolate Fondue Day: 

Nutella Day, Weatherperson's Day, Chocolate Fondue Day

The word “fondue” is derived from the French word “fondre,” which means to melt. The dish originated in 19th century Switzerland as a way to use up hardened cheese. It became popular for dinner parties in the 1950s, but the chocolate dessert version did not emerge until the 1960s.

Traditional dippers include fresh fruits such as bananas, strawberries, and tangerines; small pieces of cookie or cake; and miscellaneous goodies like marshmallows and pretzels.

 You can also Fondue with Nutella! 

★~ Today in History:

Fairbanks, Pickford,Chaplin,Griffith, Nutella Day, Weatherperson's Day, Chocolate Fondue Day

♥~ 1861 – Samuel Goodale of Cincinnati, OH patented the moving picture peep show machine. One put in a coin and turned a crank on the side of the ornately decorated box and voila, a flickering movie appeared!

♥~1919 – Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks Sr. and director D.W. Griffith announced the founding of the United Artists movie studio. United Artists had big hits with the Beatles’ first two movies, “Gilligan’s Island” and the James Bond franchise.

♥~ 1952 – New York adopted the first Walk/Don’t Walk automatic traffic signs.

♥~ 1961 – The Shirelles were winding up their first week at #1 on the music charts with Will You Love Me Tomorrow. The song was at the top for two weeks. It was the group’s first #1 tune and the first #1 tune from the pen of a New York Brill Building songwriter who worked right down the hall from Neil Sedaka. She became a huge star in her own right with several #1 singles and albums in the 1970s. Her name: Carole King.

♥~ 1971 – Apollo 14, the third U.S. manned Moon expedition, landed near Fra Mauro. Alan Shepard & Edward Mitchell walked on the Moon for four hours while Stuart A. Roosa took care of biz in the command module.

♥~ 2010 – New Zealand explorers reported finding  five crates of whisky and brandy belonging to polar explorer Ernest Shackleton. The crates had been buried for more than 100 years under the Antarctic ice.

★~Born Today:

John_Jeffries, Nutella Day, Weatherperson's Day, Chocolate Fondue Day

♥~ 1744 – John Jeffries physician and one of America’s first weather forecasters: kept detailed records of weather conditions

♥~ 1944 – Al Kooper songwriter, singer, musician: guitar, keyboards: groups: The Royal Teens: Short Shorts; Blood, Sweat and Tears: You’ve Made Me So Very Happy, Spinning Wheel, And When I Die

♥~ 1948 – Barbara Hershey (Herzstein) actress: Hannah and Her Sisters, With Six You Get Eggroll, Beaches, The Right Stuff, The Natural, From Here to Eternity, The Monroes

♥~ 1961 – Tim Meadows actor: Saturday Night Live, The Cookout, Mean Girls, The Ladies Man, It’s Pat, Wayne’s World 2, Coneheads

♥~ 1967 – Chris Parnell, Actor-comedian (“Saturday Night Live”)

★~ Nutella Gallimaufry:

Nutella Day, Weatherperson's Day, Chocolate Fondue Day

♥~ Napoleon and Hitler’s role in the World’s Nutella Addiction: Back in 1806, Napoleon tried to freeze out British commerce as a means to win the Napoleonic wars (and take over the world). The result was a disastrous continental blockade that caused the cost of chocolate to skyrocket and left Piedmontese chocolatiers in the lurch. Ever resourceful, chocolatiers in Turin started adding chopped hazelnuts to chocolate to stretch the supply as much as possible. The ensuing deliciousness was a fateful paste dubbed “gianduia.” Over a century later, chocolate again became expensive and scarce due to rationing in Europe during World War II. An Italian pastry maker named Pietro Ferrero once again turned to the mighty hazelnut for salvation in 1946 and created Pasta Gianduja, renamed “Nutella” in 1964.

♥~ Guinness World Records, Nutella’s 40th Anniversary breakfast celebration in Germany in 2005 earned the title of “Largest Continental Breakfast.” A total of 27,854 people gathered in Gelsenkirchen to enjoy a meal that consisted of little more than Nutella.

♥~ One jar of Nutella is sold every 2.5 seconds throughout the world. According to the United States Census

♥~ Nutella is  available for purchase in 75 countries.  All of the Nutella sold in a year could be spread over more than 1000 soccer fields.

♥~ In 2013 the chocolate-hazelnut spread made headlines in Germany, where thieves pulled off a $20,000 heist, stealing 5.5 metric tons of the sweet stuff from a parked truck. Several weeks earlier, Columbia University found itself at the center of “Nutella-gate,” an expose smearing the school for spending $6000 per week on the spread for one of its dining facilities, where students were allegedly snarfing 100 pounds of it per day.

♥~ The chocolate and hazelnut substance gianduia is named after a character from Italian commedia dell’arte named Gianduja. He is depicted as a smiling Piedmontese peasant with a three-point hat who rides around town on a donkey clutching a duja—which in the Piedmontese dialect means “container.” The duja was said to hold wine … but could have just as easily held a few pounds of that chocolatey hazelnut goodness, no? Gianduja masks are sold all over the Piedmont region of Italy, and his face was plastered all over early Nutella advertisements.

♥~ Nutella became so popular in Italy that Italian markets began to offer free “smears” of Nutella to any kid who showed up with a piece of bread. The phenomenon was referred to as “The Smearing,” and while it could potentially double as the name of a horror flick, was a highly successful marketing strategy.


I’m telling you the service at the Jensen B & B just could not be better. Good Company, Good Food, and a delightful atmosphere that includes a mountain view, Coy and Roy two happy goldfish swimming in the water element nearby, and a beautiful black Doberman that will allow me to hold her deer antler for her whilst she chews on it.  I’m going to take some pictures today and post them later…  But right now I am off to get ready for lunch and a little shopping with my sweet Mom and lovely aunt.  Mmmm. A song comes to mind….


Wishing you a Sunshine filled day!

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  2. Still have not tasted Nutella….
    Looks like you’re having wonderful weather in NM. Perfect temps to do whatever in!
    Today is 3 years that Nik became a (large) part of my family. It’s also the last day I had any money…..
    Enjoy your day today!

  3. Well, judging by the weather alone, you were most wise to abandon Chicago for Albuquerque! Having your sweet mom and dad to dote on you for several days is just icing on the cake!!

    I’ve never had Nutella. I’m afraid the hazelnuts would do the same thing all nuts do and wreck my innards. Go ahead and tell me hazelnuts really aren’t nuts — doesn’t seem to matter, the effect’s the same. Domer, however, happens to LOVE it!

    • Tree nuts still cause allergies in kids with peanut allergies. And tree nuts are still nuts. So unless you have a burning desire to try it then I’d stay away from it.
      Its been a great week. I leave tomorrow and feel ready to face the frozen tundra again. I won the lottery when it comes to parents, that is for sure.

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