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Halloween pictures. I would have posted earlier but other things got in the way. . .you know…THINGS…I’ll explain later. I have pictures to show off!

Fine weather for a DUCK!

Halloween, Lab, Duck

Boudreau wants to be a duck for Halloween and has been practicing his quack and waddle at camp for the last month. Isn’t he the cutest duck ever? Yes, it is a bit unusual for a Labrador to choose to be a duck, but we will only become concerned if he requests his own pronoun. Quack.

Trivia question: What is a male duck called?

Little Red Riding Hood!

Little Red RIding Hood. Dog Costume

Grandma. . .my what big ears you have…

Big bad wolf dog costume

Tucker (Grandma) and Seamus (Red Riding Hood)—two brothers who are very supportive of each other! When Seamus chose to be Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween, Tucker immediately said he would dress up as Little Red Riding Hood’s Grandma. So sweet! It brought tears to our eyes. Kind of. Both pups wear their costumes very well indeed.

Trivia question: Why is Little Red Riding Hood called Little Red Riding Hood?

Pet Halloween costume

Lulu and Porter: We tried to remember how it came to be that Lulu the Border Collie ended up dressed like a cow and her brother Porter transformed into a cowboy. We have no idea. But dadgummit, aren’t these two ridiculously cute together?

Trivia question: What is a cow called before giving birth?

Viking Pet Costume

Riley wants to be a badass Viking for Halloween. We did our best and would really, really appreciate it if you did not call him adorable. For god’s sake, do NOT awww at him. And now, a Viking toast…Odin owns Ye all!

Trivia question: Name one of the three countries from which the Vikings came. Hint—Minnesota is a state.

Aviation pet costume

Stewie looks like an aviation pilot. Vickie even thinks he looks a bit like Tom Cruise in Top Gun and swears she hears him humming the Top Gun anthem under his breath as he flies around the yard chasing and swerving around other campers. Isn’t Stewie a natural in his Halloween costume?

Trivia question: What was Tom Cruise’s nickname in Top Gun?

More Halloween pictures tomorrow! Thanks for clicking over!

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  1. I am just catching up. These are great. I’ve shown them to my sister and kids. So clever. But I’d like to suggest a golfer for next year.

  2. Oh My that duck is just too cute. And I love little Red and Grandma. Who am I kidding, I love them all. Please keep posting. Mother and son are so talented!

  3. Pawsome photos, y’all!! And yes, I think the little Viking is just as cute as he can be (shh, don’t tell him!) I also love Little Red Riding Hood. You amaze me with your talents, Kb! Yes, I know you give them treats, but seriously, I’d like to see you wrap Dallas into a Halloween costume!!

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