Dressing Up Our Pups – Howl-O-Ween FUN

Good Tuesday Morno! Let’s start your day off with a Buzzzzzzzzz and I hope a smile!

daisy bee, bee costume

Daisy could have been a daisy, but wouldn’t that have been rather obvious? Instead, she chose to be a bee in a field of daisies. Lovely choice, don’t you agree?

Trivia: How many legs does a bee have? ( I thought it would be fun to include Odd readers in the trivia game we are playing in our Facebook group)

leo-and-clover, eskimo dress up, polar bear dress up

Clover and Leo! Isn’t Clover the perfect Eskimo? And, yes, I know, there is a more politically correct word, but I deserve a break, so please don’t get offended, because, I can’t, in this typing moment, remember what it is. Leo chose a more minimalist costume, or perhaps it chose him after we tried to wrestle him into a sea lion suit. I can’t imagine whose idea that was, anyway. Obviously, Leo was born to be a polar bear for Halloween. Clover and Leo are the real things!

Trivia: And the product is?

Sam Lion, lion costume
Sam! roared to the occasion and boldly accepted his lion’s costume. And look at him! I bet at first and maybe even second glance that you thought a Lion had joined our happy campers! Majestic, isn’t he?

Trivia: What dog breed was bred to hunt lions in Africa?

squirrel costume

Wodehouse! “Be one with the squirrels, and they will come to you,” an old Zen master once said. Some people thought the Zen master was a bit of a nut, but if Wodehouse wants to be a squirrel for Halloween, who are we to argue. And, besides, his costume just cracks us up.

Trivia: What never stops growing on a squirrel? Bonus points if you can tell us who this camper is named after. 

Wooly Mammoth costume, Steve Quick Jewelers
Zander! wants to be a jeweler for Halloween! Go figure. So, we dressed him up like a wooly mammoth. And then he insisted on wearing a few gems. Then he asked for his own jewelry store! It seems that we’ve created a monster wooly mammoth! Confused? Didn’t you know that in ancient times, wooly mammoths were diamond, gold, ruby, emerald, and turquoise traders? Well, you learn something new every day, thanks to Zander. You’re welcome.

Trivia: What kind of gems are adorning Zander’s ears?


See you tomorrow with more Howl-O-Ween FUN! WIN CUBS! WIN!

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9 thoughts on “Dressing Up Our Pups – Howl-O-Ween FUN

    • Zander is a Brussel Griffon to reckon with! Small but mighty. Thanks for complimenting and viewing! An appreciative audience helps makes projects even more fun!

  1. These are just darling, particularly Sam the lion — he looks like he needs extra cookies, though!

    Aren’t bees insects? If so, they should have six legs. Google tells me the Rhodesian Ridgeback was bred to hunt lions. I’ll let somebody else try to answer your other trivia questions.

    You did a fabulous job on these cuties!!

    • You should have gone for more questions you were on a roll! Both answers are right as rain–and we do have rain today.
      Sam is a cutie and his family tells me he is king of their house. Remember the Tawny Scrawny Lion Golden Book? 😀

  2. So cute!
    Clover & Leo’s product is Coke
    Sam: Rhodesian Ridgebacks.
    Wodehouse: teeth never stop growing?- He’s named after P.G Wodehouse I assume?
    Looks like Zander is wearing opals.

    • Thanks for clicking over and visting Odd.
      The front teeth never stop growing on a squirrel. Kind of scary!
      P.G Wodehouse is correct!
      Zander earrings are turquoise!
      And of-course you are right about Clover, Leo and Coke!

    • Thank you!!! The key is to overwhelm them, take the picture quick, and offer a very tasty cooperation reward. And believe it or not we have a few pups that love to play the dress up game.

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