How to Find Lost Stuff

by on February 11, 2018

(First Post in this series: Keeping You in Suspense) It’s not lost until Mom can’t find it. I read this in a book once, but I was saying it long before I read the book, so quote me. Finding things is one of my superpowers—a superpower cultivated through lots of practice and experience over the […]


Keeping You in Suspense

by on February 6, 2018

Buckle up. We’re going to *Ohio! Pack snacks and a cooler with some drinks. You might want to swing by Starbucks. The food of the day (Wednesday) is Chopsticks?? I guess that means eat Chinese food.  Thursdays are dog park day. Yes, it’s February, but we head out to the park in the rain, snow, […]


It’s That Time of Life

by on February 5, 2018

“Forget your perfect offering There is a crack, a crack in everything (there is a crack in everything) That’s how the light gets in~” ~Leonard Cohn Well, one of my students recently had his first child. To be clear, his wife did most of the work, but still he became a father—at least until a […]


Back To School Blues

August 16, 2017

Summer time! A time when both the kids and teachers are set free from the classroom. A time to celebrate warm weather, swimming pools, and family vacations. Rhythm and routine are relaxed in most families, and time slows way down, except, it seems for retailers, who gleefully start to promote back-to-school shopping before you can […]

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Why I Like Baseball

August 9, 2017

Baseball. It’s all about playing catch and throwing strikes. Baseball is revered by fans and trashed as slow and stupid by non-fans. I know you’re wondering where Campo stands on this topic…so, without further delay…Batter Up. In these musings, I am writing about baseball and softball. The games are not the same, but I like […]

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One Size Fits All – Fashion Advice from Cousin Craig

June 21, 2017

“There are moments, Jeeves, when one asks oneself, ‘Do trousers matter?’” “The mood will pass, sir.” ― P.G. Wodehouse, The Code of the Woosters My dearest cousin asked me to write a post for “Odd,” and I asked her to give me a topic. She said, “fashion”. Now, most of you don’t know me, but […]

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Aim High and You Won’t Shoot Your Foot Off

June 18, 2017

  Please welcome Cousin Craig back to Odd! He knows you’ve missed him like craigz! No worries, he plans to stick around for the summer! # Loved one’s are flocking to the university I work for to proudly watch their college investments walk across a stage, collect their diplomas, and mature into a college graduate. […]

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Why Have Kids If You Don’t Torture Them

June 8, 2017

A while back, I wrote about a well in Chicago. Families come from all over the city to pump well water into various containers and lug it home. While the Adult (aka my son) and I used to frequent the well a lot to people-watch, we hadn’t been in some time. This past Sunday, I […]

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Why’d it have to be Rats?

April 8, 2017

Oh Rats! Rats terrify me. This fear was triggered by an experience I had shortly after moving to Chicago. I’m not going to relive that experience in the telling; suffice to say, I’m more than a little afraid of these four-lettered rodents. Do your fears stalk you too? Do you know what I mean? Snakes […]

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Kids These Days or How Did I Survive Childhood

February 25, 2017

Kids these days have it so easy. I’m sure you’ve heard this lament. It could be because I work on a college campus, but I hear it a lot. And between you and me, Odd reader, I don’t agree. Growing up now is so much harder than when I was young. Let’s discuss! I’ll build […]

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