Homeless. The wetness of my pocket dollar. Tented shelter. It’s often said that “Chicago is a city of neighborhoods.” This may seem redundant—isn’t every city a city of neighborhoods? But Chicago really is a big, wonderful combination of unique enclaves. There is a neighborhood for everyone! And the housing ranges from modest to opulent to […]


~★~♥~♥~★~ El Morno! ♥~★~★~♥ ~ April 6, 2016 ★~ Today’s Quote: “Any self respecting Scot knows that a good tartan is the solution to everything: it tells you where you are, where you belong, who your friends and family are. Forget the Vikings: those guys just can’t hold a candle to a delicious battle-weary warrior whose […]


★~♥~♥~★~ Good Morno! ♥~★~★~♥ ~ April 5, 2016 ★~ Todays Quote: It’s a shallow life that doesn’t give a person a few scars.  ~Garrison Keillor ★~ Deep Dish Pizza Day:  Pizzeria Uno’s founder Ike Sewell,  is credited with creating the spectacular deep dish pizza in 1943 in Chicago. This yummy  pizza, also known as Chicago-style pizza, is […]


World Backup Day, Bunsen Burner Day, Clams Day

March 31, 2016

★~♥~♥~★~ El Morno! ♥~★~★~♥ ~ March 31, 2016 ★~ Today’s Quote: The secret to living the life of your dreams is to start living the life of your dreams today, in every little way you possible can.” ~ Mike Dooley ★~ World Backup Day: Don’t be an April Fool! Be Prepared!  Back up your computer on […]

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Pencil Day, Doctors Day, Take A Walk, Turkey Soup

March 30, 2016

~★~♥~♥~★~ Good Morno! ♥~★~★~♥ ~ March 30, 2016 Our Pup is bigger than your pup!  ★~  Today’s Quote:  A #2 pencil and a dream can take you anywhere. ~ Joyce Meyer ★~ Pencil Day: On  March 30, 1858,  Hymen Lipman received a patent for a pencil with an attached eraser. The  pencil was praised for its precision […]

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Poetically Knocked On My Ass

December 27, 2015

This is not a Newfoundland. It is my mother’s Doberman, Trinket, wearing her leopard coat with a fur trimmed collar. Albuquerque has BIG SNOW and Trinket is not amused even in all her finery. Trinket would not run me over, however, her sister Voodoo the mugger (puppy of older, indulgent parents) is a whole other […]

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Christmas is Coming

December 23, 2015

  Christmas is coming The geese are getting fat Please put a penny In the old man’s hat. If you haven’t got a penny, A ha’penny will do, If you haven’t got a ha’penny, Then God bless you. When I first moved to Chicago, each morning at my bus stop a man with a big […]

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Chaos Never Dies Day, Scrapple Day

November 9, 2015

~★~♥~♥~★~ El Morno! ♥~★~★~♥ ~ November 9, 2015 ★~ Today’s Quote:I accept chaos, I’m not sure whether it accepts me. ~ Bob Dylan ★~ National Chaos Never Dies Day: Chaos Never Dies Day takes the stance that the perfect, quiet moment we’re all striving for and anticipating doesn’t – and likely never will – exist, and […]

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Candy Day, Odd Stuff

November 4, 2015

★~♥~♥~★~ El Morno! ♥~★~★~♥ ~ November 4, 2015 ★~ Today’s Quote:  Why don’t they pass a constitutional amendment prohibiting anybody from learning anything? If it works as well as prohibition did, in five years Americans would be the smartest race of people on Earth. Will Rogers  ★~ Candy Day: I have no idea why this celebration […]

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Delve, Columbus, Gumbo Day

October 12, 2015

★~♥~♥~★~ El Morno! ♥~★~★~♥ ~ October 12, 2015 ★~ Today’s Quote: Blessed are the flexible for they will not be bent out of shape. ~ Gumby ★~ Delve – Word of the Day: verb 1 : to dig or labor with or as if with a spade 2 a : to make a careful or detailed search […]

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