Magic Poop Collector

The Magic Poop Collector collects poop before it even hits the ground. Simply amazing if you don’t mind walking your pup with a plastic bag attached to his rear end. The Poop Trap-No Poops-No Opps.

I thought after Poop Freeze, I had seen everything but apparently not. Please allow me to introduce you to Magic Pop Collector. It even comes in 3 colors and 8 sizes!

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16 thoughts on “Magic Poop Collector

  1. Only Americans would come up with this! Does the dog continue on with the bag swinging or is there some eject button that flings the bag in the garbage?

  2. Oh Crap! I’m glad I wasn’t the person pitching this on Shark Tank. Or, I should say, my pups were happy I wasn’t.

  3. Actually, this is just like that thing on the horses butt at the carriage ride place downtown.

  4. After I was done laughing, I thought it would be convenient for all those dogs with the unfortunate habit of eating poop. It’s like delivery right to your door step


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