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In honor of Punctuation Day–Clever Cousin Craig has written an Odd To Punctuation. I must share it with you because I simply must.

Punctuation Disclaimer: I’m honoring punctuation because its fun and I find it amusing. However, I have NO intention of giving up Whimsical Capitalization (thank you Carla for coining this phrase for me  and gifting it to me), engaging in the over use of commas, or forsaking the semicolon when it would just look cool. I will continue to promote !!! and the overuse of quotation marks will always amuse me.  Apostrophes or perhaps Apostrophe’s are a pain in the teehineyhocus. My revenge? To thwart them by misplacing them often. I will honor In honor of Punctuation Day and Carla’s advice whenever they feel punctuation will keep Odd readers from wondering WTH. This disclaimer is not only limited to punctuation but all Odd grammar and spelling. Period.

Ode to Punctuation

I wish that I could ever read something as lovely as an apostrophe.

Although I find the colon dark when it appears it warms my heart.

A period is so abrupt a new beginning can erupt.

Quotations give the writer credit but sometimes are cut away in edit.

What about a question mark? A bendy query with an arc.

Let’s not forgot the handy dash – also a minus if used in math.

I exclaimed loudly and clear! Easy to read, easy to hear.

There are so many varied signs that I can’t mention them all, there’s just no time!

Oh where would we be without these squiggles?

How would our writing lead to giggles?

Like cooking a meal without the herbs,

It’s the best advance in writing since verbs!

Please honor your favorite punctuation mark in the comment section of Odd,

Glad you were in my Odd neighborhood. Please feel free to honor your favorite punctuation mark in the comment section of Odd…Odd Loves Company!


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12 thoughts on “Odd To Punctuation

  1. Putting things where they belong is not one of my personal strengths. This is includes but is not limited to Punctuation.

    I do like the period . tho because it means DONE.

  2. I will honor the dash, because I rarely use it and don’t want it to feel neglected. The tilde is still available for someone discreet and sophisticated, 2 reasons that I did not choose it.

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