Rascal’s Halloween Costumes

Rascal shows off a few of her Halloween Costume Ideas.

I’m a witchy pilgrim!! Candy and turkey are covered!

Poor dear me. All skin and bones! Starving! Send food! Immediately! Thank you!

This nose is worth a 1000 goals. Really.

Sports Illustrated really should feature me!

Rascal is still undecided about her Halloween costume but we will keep you posted! Does your pet dress up for Halloween?

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12 thoughts on “Rascal’s Halloween Costumes

  1. Oh dear, I am a little embarrassed. I have not given any thought to Fifi costume. 😯 With the amount of money she has been costing me lately tho, maybe she could go as a money pup!!

    Cute! Cute! Pictures. 😀

    • Adrianne–Fifi needs a costume!! What about a pole dancer? Sorry..that was on another thread…uh a sweet ballerina? Let me think about it!!

      Hope Fifi is feeling good and giving you checkbook a break.

  2. I like the first pic of Rascal as a soccer player. Her face says so much. What a profile. What a picture. 😆

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