Sharing Halloween Costume Ideas!

Halloween Costume Ideas!!

Lets share some of the FUN Halloween costumes that we have worn or our friends have worn over the years.

I don’t remember all of my Halloween costumes but I do remember my mother talking me into being a Virginia Slims cigarette for several years. I wore white long underwear and a red stocking cap. It was my mother’s idea. This costume might have put me in therapy as an adult, but I have to admit, looking back, I loved being a cigarette. It was a unique costume, it was easy to move in and I was warm without a coat.  I may have been the butt of a few jokes, but since it’s rude to laugh at little kids, I’m sure I was given more than a few extra pieces of guilt candy.

When Cole was born, I had three motherhood absolutes:

  • My kid was going to sit in Santa’s lap and have his picture taken. The first two years, he screamed, clawed, and kicked, but I have my picture and by the third year, he loved Santa. Of course, by then Marshall Field’s had banned me from the Santa line. No joke!  My two-year-old was on the 5pm news, screaming in Santa’s lap. The headline?  “Is Santa too stressful for small children?” Oh, please.

Its not long until Christmas and I just want to reassure you--Fourteen years later Cole does not seem to have suffered any lasting side effects from his Santa Trauma

  • My kid would not be allergic to nuts and he would love them. No problem there.  He loves nuts in everything.  If he hadn’t, I would have returned him.
  • My kid would love Halloween costumes, which are as sacred to me as balloons at a birthday party. It would simply be unacceptable if he did not want to wear his Halloween costume. Fortunately, Cole loved dressing up and wearing costumes year round from the time he was a tot.  In fact, for the first five years of his life, he never left home without a cape, often insisting Joe wear a matching cape … which, of course, he did.  Much to Cole’s disappointment, he did refuse the tights. Geez, Joe, I bet you wish you had worn those tights, now!

Since we are such fans of Halloween, I have collected a few ideas for Halloween costumes over the years and will share them with you.  These costumes can be made quickly and easily. Cole has never worn/been any of them, preferring instead to be a rain cloud, a mighty oak, the whole world, a “real” cheetah, or a bird holding a snake.

Cole as Zazu ( I think) holding a snake

Don’t worry. If the following halloween costume ideas don’t excite you, I will be back with more.

My friend, Rachel, once dressed her daughter as an Aquarium when she was little. It was brilliant.

  1. Buy blue sweats
  2. Cut out felt fish and sew them on the blue sweats. (I would glue or staple them on because I don’t sew.  Ever.)
  3. Give the kid some bubbles to blow (Rachel did not do this and I have always felt she blew it. Bubbles would make this costume super brilliant.)

Ta-dah! A fish aquarium.

Now let’s talk about your favorite subject:  You.  I’m sure many of you will have your Lady Gaga or Mad Hatter costume all ready to go, but for those of you who need a little simple inspiration, I am here to help.  These costumes are not my original ideas.  I either borrowed them, stole them or someone sent them to me.  Plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery! Cole illustrated the costumes for us. Thank you, Cole.  Without you, we would be illustration-less.

Phone Bumper: Anyone can be an iPhone. But you will be a Halloween hit as an iPhone bumper.  The Bumper made its début in June as a solution to the iPhone’s infuriating tendency to drop calls when held the wrong way.Wear something comfortable.

  1. Outline your body in black electrical tape.
  2. Invite people to hold you.

Deal or No Deal Model:

  1. Slip on a dress.
  2. Fill a silver briefcase with fake money. Use silver duck tape to outline a briefcase if you have already loaned out your silver briefcase.
  3. You are now a model on the game show Deal or No Deal.

Global Warming:

  1. Tape a world map to a t-shirt.
  2. Wrap yourself up in an old blanket.
  3. Watch out world here comes a walking world crisis.

Modern Day Vampire:

  1. Dress like you always do
  2. Add fangs.

Today’s vampires, made popular by the Twilight series, (I hated those books. Please! Who wants to be with anyone for eternity?  Even a 15-year-old should know better!) and HBO’s True Blood, have updated their look.  They look just like you and me. Well, like you anyway. . .

Fe Chef:

  1. White t-shirt
  2. Chef’s Hat
  3. Using a black marker or electrical tape, write the letters “Fe” (the symbol for iron) on the t-shirt.
  4. Lost your chef’s hat (again)? Don’t worry – without it, you are Iron Man.

If you have a great costume idea, share NOW in the comment section. Don’t make me come out looking for you.  I will be dressed like a cigarette and smoking!  Scary stuff.

Glad you were in my Odd neighborhood. Feel free to drop by any time. Odd Loves Company and odd loves you and you and you!! I would love to hear from you in the comment section of this blog, or on Facebook or Twitter!


18 thoughts on “Sharing Halloween Costume Ideas!

  1. These are so clever!! I am going to be Global Warming.

    You are funny, and clever, and like the comment above mine says…Crazy!! 😀

  2. I went as the Pananma Canal and won the grand prize.
    1) Blue sheet from kmart
    2)Panama straw hat
    3)Cuban cigar
    4) White copier paper cut out sailboats, stapled on the sheet
    (I don’t sew either)
    That’s it. People ask…”what ARE you?”
    Simple…The Panama Canal HA!

  3. You could get some of those little cereal boxes. Use a knife to stab the boxes. 👿 Glue them all around a tee shirt. Get some fake blood. Borrow someones bloody heap big fake knife. And guess what you are.

  4. These are oh-so-clever! I’m not nearly this creative – I just go to Target and find the first costume that fits. You put me to shame, woman!

  5. I got all the old albums out, yes, I was the mother who did albums, and looked and looked, not one picture of Katybeth as a cigarette. Although the rest of her life is well documented! The problem with hauling out old albums is, you forget what your looking for, and soon are lost in past times, old friends and many memories. So, you’ll all just have to take my word for it, Katybeth made a darling cigarette!

  6. As you know I am not a fan of Halloween, so of course my daughter loves to dress up. Since I banned trick-or-treating after 6th grade and she is now a senior in high school, she just made her 18th birthday party a costume party. Both my kids had some outrageous halloween costume demands, so I thank God I had a friend who could sew (not sewing must run in our family!). I love your ideas for quick, easy, clever, simple costumes.

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