Birthday Cards for Grandmother Fern

Will you send a 90th birthday card to Grandmother Fern? If you leave a Happy Birthday comment—I will send you her snail mail address. Or e-mail me directly for her address Katybeth at Our goal is at least one card from every state. THANK YOU! Read on for the whole the story…..

“Odd,” would like to introduce you to Grandmother Fern, the beloved grandmother of friends.

Grandmother Fern has been a go-getter for almost 90 years. She loves to play bingo and is lucky with the lotto, buying her scratch off tickets at the local convenience store. The seniors in her retirement community are often led astray by the trips she plans to Vegas. Although she is a gambler at heart, she responsibly has guided people through their tax preparations at H&R Block for years. Every Friday she enjoys having her nails and hair done, perhaps preparing for one of the romantic characters in the romance novels she loves reading to show up and sweep her off her feet. She does not watch much television but does enjoy Hallmark specials and the news. An odd balance of the best and the bad.

On November 24, Grandmother Fern will turn 90 years young and my friends are very sad they can’t celebrate her birthday with her in California. However, they do want to make sure her 90th birthday is extra special and this is where you are invited to help

Grandmother Fern just loves birthday cards. Funny birthday cards, silly birthday cards, beautiful birthday cards, and handmade birthday cards; her family knows she would love birthday cards from all of US. Really.

Celebrate Grandmother Fern’s 90th birthday by filling her mailbox with birthday card love from all over the United States—from all over the world!

Here is how to send a birthday card to Grandmother Fern!

  • Make or buy your birthday card. Send it starting today until her birthday on November 24th. Belated cards are also welcome.
  • Invite others to join the birthday card celebration by sharing Odd’s link with friends and family. Great project for a grade school/Sunday school class! Bundle up all the cards and send them together.
  • Write “Happy Birthday Grandmother Fern” in the comment section of Odd and I will reply to your comment by e-mailing you her mailing address.

Cole and I are making a birthday card for Grandmother Fern, and we are sealing the envelope with birthday love. We hope you will join us.

Glad you were in my Odd neighborhood. Feel free to drop by any time. Odd Loves Company and odd loves you and you and you!! I would love to hear from you in the comment section of this blog, or on Facebook or Twitter!


61 thoughts on “Birthday Cards for Grandmother Fern

  1. Happy Birthday….Grandmother Fern! I would love to help celebrate your 90 days by sending you a card!


    State: Montana

  2. Having the kids pull out paper and crayons, right now. Perfect for a rather long Sunday.
    Happy Birthday! Grandmother Fern…and May God Bless your 90 years and many more yet to come!


    State: Texas

  3. We want to help celebrate such a wonderful life. Happy Birthday Grandma Fern. Hope you have the best birthday ever. And KB I will send the Odd link so my friends and family can meet this wonderful lady and help make her day special.:0 I am going to tell everyone that I can.

    State: Alabama

  4. Happy birthday Grangmother Fern! May all that love you provide you with a FABULOUS day!


    State: Illinois

  5. me too.
    send me grandma fern’s address.
    what a lovely idea, kb, but of course, no surprise! you are full of lovely ideas.

    State: Illinois

  6. Happy Birthday Grandmother Fern. Have a wonderful birthday in honour of a wonderful life!

    Melbourne, Australia

  7. Grandma Fern I wish you the happiest Birthday yet and you just keep on getting gussied up every Friday like you always do. That is a real upper for any gal, and you are a very special one. I pray that the sun will be shinning on you on your special day. God Bless.


  8. How thoughtful and sweet! I would love to send Grandmother Fern a birthday card. Longevity runs in my family, so I know how much thoughts and wishes mean to them. My mom just turned 81, her sister just turned 96 and my dear grandmother “GaGa” lived to be 108 1/2!!

  9. Happy Birthday Grandmother Fern!! We would love to send her a card!! What a great idea!!

    New Mexico

  10. Happy Birthday Grandmother Fern! We already picked out a card for you! Looking forward to sending it, Nicole

  11. Happy Birthday Grandmother Fern!! My birthday is this month, but I’d rather send some Happy Day love to you!!

    Massachusetts 🙂

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