I might be a Kleptomaniac.

I might be a Kleptomaniac.

Wait. Let’s review. I want to be clear.  A kleptomaniac is someone who has an irresistible urge to steal items of trivial value. A nymphomaniac is a woman who has an irresistible urge to have sex with as many different men as possible.

Ok. I might be a K-l-e-p-t-o-m-a-n-i-a-c.

On Thursday night, Cole and I fondued. Our waiter used a small flashlight to help us rescue Cole’s potato. The potato had fallen into the fondue pot and was at risk of being overcooked.  The day after our fondue adventure, I reached into my pocket and pulled out the small flashlight.

The following day, Cole and I went to lunch at a fun restaurant called The Revolution Brewery. When our meal arrived, I noticed that I did not have the customary silverware-wrapped-in-napkin setup. I requested a napkin and silverware from our server. She expressed surprise, apologized, and promptly supplied them.

Later the same day, I reach into my purse for my wallet to pay for my Grande White Chocolate Mocha with whole milk, whipped cream, and an extra pump of syrup and pulled out a rolled up black napkin.

Oops! I just found my napkin and silverware from my earlier lunch.

Walking out of Starbucks with my drink, a young woman came running after me saying, “Ma’am, I think you have my keys.” I opened up my hand, and sure enough the keys were not mine. I gave them back.

Driving home, I was concerned that my kleptomania was progressing from flashlights to cars so quickly; but then I thought, “If it gets really bad, I’ll just take something for it!”

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12 thoughts on “I might be a Kleptomaniac.

  1. I’ve been known to “accidentally” take things that don’t belong to me, especially one specific item…pens. Funny thing is, a have a ton of them, but can never seem to find one when I need it.

  2. I can’t TELL you how many times I have walked out of Target without paying for items that have fallen under the seat section of the cart and I just don’t see them. I papered all of my shelves in the kitchen for free. I mean, I could go back and pay for them, but the way I see it is they should have noticed, right? I get to my car, see the item at the back of the cart, check my receipt and then call my husband – “I stole from Target again.”

    Good times.

    • Today when we ate breakfast out…Cole looked at me and said In front of my brother and sister-in-law) Mom please don’t steal the silverware….If I stole from Target, I bet he would call security…I’m a flower child raising Alex P Keaton. . .

      Thanks for dropping by Odd.

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