Turkeys, Bouncing cranberries, Freezing beer

I admit it; I feel a little bad. I hope you will forgive me. I know you count on Cole and me to amaze and entertain you. We try never to let you down. Cole, of course, is not at fault; he was full of reasons why blowing up a turkey in a deep fryer could be fun. I had to say no. I just could not get past the hot, sizzling grease; turkey breasts; and drumsticks flying into our overly sensitive neighbors’ gutters and trees. What came to mind was WKRP in Cincinnati’s Turkey Drop episode (1978). “As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!!!”—Arthur Carlson, WKRP in Cincinnati. This quote is from the famous episode in which Station Manager Arthur Carlson (played by Gordon Jump) arranged to have live turkeys dropped from a helicopter as an advertising stunt. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a serious miscalculation. The poor birds plunged to earth, never even having a chance.

Nixing turkey explosions, I did agree to the MythBusters’ beer-freezing experiment. Yes, of course I considered broken beer bottles and a freezer that smelled like a brewery, but could this experiment really be messier than attempting to blow up a Twinkie in the microwave?

According to the “all-you-ever-wanted-to-know-about-cranberries” website, “A fresh cranberry will bounce four inches.” Cole asked if I would buy cranberries to see if they really bounced. Sure. Why not? Stepping on cranberries beats explaining to a neighbor why a raw turkey drumstick is hanging from his gutter.

Are you ready to be amazed? Have you been waiting your entire life to finally find out if beer can be frozen instantly and if cranberries bounce four inches? I knew it!

Odd presents two fascinating videos that will share the answers and satisfy your burning desire to know the truth.

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12 thoughts on “Turkeys, Bouncing cranberries, Freezing beer

  1. Katybeth and Cole-I am so glad you did not blow up a frozen turkey or test to see if Turkey’s can really fly. The Cranberry and Beer experiment were very interesting!

    SOunds like you lived your break to its fullest!

  2. You just caught up on all the promised Odd videos in one post. I thought I may have missed the beer test. Was glad I didnt. Thanks Cole for entertaining us with your talents. You go where we dare not . Katybeth, I anxiously await the next test. ❓ 🙂

  3. I’m with you…those cranberries had bounce! I do remember this episode of WKRP–it was funny then and it is funny now.

    Thanks for sharing the fun!

  4. Beer freezing…who knew? Cranberries don’t bounce…who knew? Of-course we are still not sure if a turkey explodes when you deep fry it.

    What do you know about mistletoe? 😀

    • Nope…and in our house exploding turkeys will remain a mystery. You gotta stand for something or you fall for anything.

      Mistletoe? Nothing…..yet.

      Thanks for dropping by Seth!

    • The freezing beer took more tries than I care to mention but it does freeze. On Monday, I knocked two of the bottles on to my tile floor as I was scrambling to put up pups and get Cole to school on time…so in the end…the house not the freezer smelled like a brewery. Suffering for science and a distraction from video’s and television.

      Thanks for dropping by Diane!

  5. Fun experiments, Katybeth…glad you vetoed the exploding turkey one, though!

    Fresh cranberries are infinitely better than canned ones…I think they bounced (once anyway).

    Glad you had a good holiday!


    • I am glad you saw it bounce too! I do have to admit liking the canned cranberries, tho….maybe because I grew up with them.

      No exploding Turkeys…I mean really something a mom just has to say NO. Although, it would have made a good story 😀

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