Musing about Chili Dogs, Milk Chocolate, Odd Families

Thursday: Chili Dog-Milk Chocolate Day.

My musing is a little behind. Let’s catch up…please help yourself to some chocolate.

Cousin Carla keep bouncing the pepper shaker up and down going, "please let me be in the picture, please, please please" what's a cousin to do?

After almost one month of celebrating the Food of the Day every day, I woke up this morning and thought it’s Cheesecake Day! A little odd, but it does give a little oom-pa-pa to the days of the week, don’t you agree?

On Thursday, Cousin Carla was excited about Chili Dog Day—one of her favorite foods—so it was disappointing when Superdawg, our go-to hot dog place, was a nothing-mucher when it came to making chili dogs. Chili, but not chili dogs, is on the Superdawg menu, so you have to order chili à la carte and add it to your own hot dog.

Now, my question is: If you make hot dogs and you make chili, why not make chili dogs? Is this thinking too far outside the hot dog box? I mean, it’s not like I am suggesting they add catsup to a Chicago hot dog or anything.

Superdawg is a drive-in restaurant, which means you park and order, and they bring your order to your car and hang the food tray on your window. Trying to manage your hot dog and drink and spread chili on your dogs from the passenger or driver’s side of the seat is a challenge. We celebrated Chili Dog Day, but not with style.

I’m sorry, Cousin Carla. On your next visit we’ll have a chili dog do-over. We aren’t quitters.

The milk chocolate part of Chili Dog Day was much easier to celebrate. We bought lots of milk chocolate the day before at Long Grove Confectionery—along with chocolate-covered strawberries—and indulged all day.

Emily my food -of- the- day- for- a- year partner indulged in her absolute favorite chocolate in the world (so far).Lindor Truffles. Creamy melt in you hand and your mouth rich decedent chocolate.

After lunch, Cole and Aunt Carla went to a movie.

Cole insists on calling Cousin Carla “Aunt Carla.” Every time he calls her Aunt Carla, she insists she is his cousin and not his aunt. It’s a running battle between them. Why Cousin Carla does not want to be Cole’s Aunt Carla probably has to do with the fact that Cousin Carla likes to be correct…not proper, but correct. Family relationships have an order to them, and that order should be adhered to. Cole, with a complete disregard for order, thinks Cousin Carla makes a much better aunt than a cousin (really his second cousin, to be exact) and adds Aunt to her name. My Odd Family amuses me.

I bought a deep fryer and he arrived while Cole and Carla were at the movie: Friar Hugo (named after the kitchen fryer at Redwall Abbey from the Redwall book series) arrived ready to fry up some chicken.

I texted Cole the good news and they stopped on the way home from the movie to buy the chicken.

Cousin Carla showed Cole how to bread fried chicken, and then while Friar Hugo and Cole fried the chicken,

she showed me how to chunk watermelon; she then cut up green beans, added some spices to my mashed potatoes, and made sure the chicken was done just right. When it was all done, we sat down to the perfect summer dinner.

Chili dogs, milk chocolate, and homemade fried chicken defined our Thursday. It was a very good day. Up next: Cheese Sacrifice Purchase Day and bidding Cousin Carla a fond farewell on Friday.

Odd loves company and always appreciates your comments! What is the most you would pay for a hand-dipped chocolate-covered strawberry?


9 thoughts on “Musing about Chili Dogs, Milk Chocolate, Odd Families

  1. Funny…I remember Friar Hugo! I read my son so many of Redwall books. What a great series of books.

    Cousin Carla or Aunt Carla sounds fun and all the food looks great. Good enough to eat!

  2. I would pay $2.50 but not a penny more for a Chocolate covered strawberry. There is labor involved in hand dipping but I can’t see paying more than $2.50 for one Strawberry.

    Your little hot dog sure is cute.


  3. 1.50 is all I would pay for a chocolate covered Strawberry. After all I can buyy my own strawberries and dip them, it’s no big deal.
    The fried chicken looks delish!

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