Musing: Creme-FIlled Donuts, Emily was Robbed!


September 14:  Creme-Filled Donut Day (we did not celebrate the Hoagie part of the day)
Food of the Day: One-Year Goal
Day: #70

Emily was robbed.

Well, that may be exaggerating just a little bit….

Emily went to the bakery to buy creme donuts for an afternoon snack for her kids. She was the front-runner for the Terrific Mother of the Week Award. The donuts would give her an edge over the Hostess cupcake moms and push the Twinkie moms into last place.

The bakery was low on donuts, but it did have three creme-filled long johns.


After school she would treat her kids to a hot-tea-and-long-johns party—a perfect pairing on a chilly day.

Imagine the kid shivering in hoodies


The kids arrived home, the tea was made, and the long johns were sliced in half in front of their eager eyes.

No creme?

No creme!

Where was the creme?


Emily is not a fan of creme donuts, so she decided to try one. She took a big bite…

Yuck! Emily found the creme. The long johns had a quarter-size dollop of creme on the side.

Not enough creme to meet the kids’ expectations.

And just enough creme to ruin the long john for Emily.

Creme-Filled Donut Day fail—but not for a lack of trying on Emily’s part.

Curses on the bakery! May their cakes fall flat

and their cookies all crumble.

That will teach them to mess with the Food of the Day!

Cole and I stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts for a creme donut. I share Emily’s aversion to creme donuts; one bite was more than enough for me. Cole finished it.

I know not the usual exciting musings you have come to expect from Odd. If only Emily had gone back to the bakery, walked in, pointed the long john at the owner, and let her know in no uncertain terms that she was mad as hell about the dollop of long john creme…well, we would have more to talk about, wouldn’t we? Maybe next time.

Why don’t you muse for a while….Liven things up by being amusing and scintillating. Clearly this post needs your special touch. Leave a comment. Odd Loves Company.

13 thoughts on “Musing: Creme-FIlled Donuts, Emily was Robbed!

  1. Curses on the bakery!!! Shame on them!
    Speaking of creme filled donut, one of the weird one I ever tasted is Durian Creme Donut in Indonesia. Coming from Southeast Asia, I naturally love durian, but I think it’s kinda a stretch to put it into a donut. I have to ate 2 of them before deciding I wasn’t much of a fan. 🙂

  2. Every Friday is donut day for Noah. Has been since way back when, when I was married to the other guy and we had custody of his 6-year-old even before Noah was born.

    Donut day rules.

    P.S. I have only one donut hole that they throw in for free, but I want 12 others. I could handle it.

    • I think donuts are addictive. I once ate 6 on the way to a dog show…I would have eaten 6 more but the gal with me was shoving them into her mouth just as quick as I was….
      It’s fun to have a special food day…Cole and I usually go for a malt on Fridays.

  3. Stealing the creme from Emily’s tea party long johns is seriously mean. I hope that low down villain is caught! Those kids are adorable.

  4. I can just imagine those sad little faces all waiting with high hopes…and then the dastardly truth is learned…THE CREME IS GONE! Yep this makes for a fine melodrama. We have a villain, victim, sad children, all we need is someone to save the day and we can take this drama on the road!

    Fun post. Sorry about the donut disappointment.

  5. I would have hoped that Emily would have marched right back into that bakery and demanded a reduced price on those creamless donuts!!!! How dare they skimp on the most important part of the long johns. The very idea. In fact, she and her little muffins should have had signs stating that this is a creamless bakery. Go elsewhere.

  6. Ahh I can see the lynch mob forming now! WE DEMAND OUR FILLING!!
    Alas, I did not go back to right the wrong. We opened our bag of deliciousness after school, and the bakery, which does indeed keep bakery hours, was closed by then. Then we ate the evidence.. I will mention the disappointment IF I ever go back – big if, there are lots of competitors in the area whom have yet to disappoint!
    Lessons learned?
    1) Never trust the donut lady trying to clean out the shelves after the rush is over.
    2) Surprises can go either way – Surprise NO CREAM! YAY! I thought, now I can have one! Bite. Surprise! Cream! Psyche! 😯
    3) Kids, life is always sweet, even when it doesn’t live up to your fulfillment expectations. Eat the donut, cream or no cream, it’s still tasty!

  7. Lessons well learned so I guess all was not lost. My favorite is never trust the donut lady…what kind of world are we living in.
    You and your “muffins” (quoting Carol) made the best of things and did not let cream-less or creamy long johns ruin your party…Odd is proud of you!!

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