September 15: Felt Hat Day, Make a Hat Day, Linguine Day

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September 15,2011


★~ Todays Sunrise:  Early Morning Beauty taken by Hawk Durham

★~ Today’s Quote:  A politician should have three hats. One for throwing into the ring, one for talking through, and one for pulling rabbits out of if elected. Carl Sandberg

★~  Felt Hat Day:

Time to retire the straw hats with the summer whites and put on a felt hat. In the 19th century, felt was a common material for hats, and Felt Hat Day encourages us all to don a felt hat in tribute to this historically significant, but now somewhat neglected accessory. If you do not have a felt hat…do not despair….

★~ Make a Hat day:

A felt hat of-course would be an appropriate choice to make but feel free to make any type of hat. Paper plates, ribbon, glitter (for the brave), glue. and lots of bric-a- brac and doo-dad’s  makes this a fun project for kids…come to think of it…I may make my own hat! If you do make a hat…please share a picture. Homemade hats (link)

★~ Linguine Day: 

Linguine (often misspelled “Linguini”) is a long, flat, narrow type of pasta most common in seafood or pesto dishes such as linguine alle vongole (“linguine with clams”). Linguine, which means “little tongues” in Italian, originates from the Liguria region of Italy.  Have a favorite linguine dish? Serve it tonight in honor of National Linguine Day!

★~ Today in History:

♥~ 1857 – Timothy Alden of New York City earned a patent for the typesetting machine. Newspaper and magazine publishers were very happy, as the machine made the production of these publications much faster and easier to accomplish … making them more timely.

♥~ 1930 – Hoagy Carmichael recorded Georgia on My Mind on the Victor label. Carmichael composed the song (lyrics by Stuart Gorrell) that has has been recorded by Ray Charles and many other artists over the years. Georgia on My Mind became the official state song of Georgia in 1979.

♥~ 1949 – The Lone Ranger premiered on ABC-TV. Clayton Moore was the Lone Ranger and Jay Silverheels played Tonto. The series ran through Sep 12, 1957.

♥~ 1965 – It was a grand time in Hooterville. Oliver (Wendell) Douglas and his socialite wife Lisa; storekeeper Sam Drucker; Arnold the Pig and a whole bunch of funny neighbors showed up at Green Acres on CBS-TV. Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor headed a memorable cast in this, the first of six seasons on the network.

♥~ 1982 – USA Today , was published for the first time.  The paper was called “The Nation’s Newspaper.” Critics called the satellite-transmitted, colorful, splashy, somewhat glitzy publication, “News McNugggets,” “The Nation’s Comic Book” and the winner of the “Pulitzer Prize for Best Investigative Paragraph.” USA Today — now with editions throughout the world — has changed the shape of newspapers everywhere. Many have imitated the fast-reading format pioneered by USA Today in an attempt to revitalize the suffering newspaper industry.

♥~ 1986 – LA Law premiered on NBC-TV.

♥~ 1997 – Elton John’s Candle in the Wind 1997 sold more than 600,000 copies in its first day in British stores. At one Tower Records in London, 1,000 copies of the Princess Diana tribute were snatched up in less than 90 minutes. The single was released in the U.S. on Sep 23 and hit #1 Oct 11.

★~Born Today:

♥~ 1890 – Agatha (Marie Clarissa) Christie (Miller) writer: Murder on the Orient Express, 65 other mysteries; playwright: The Mousetrap [world’s longest running play]; died Jan 12, 1976

♥~ 1946 – Tommy Lee Jones Academy Award-winning actor: The Fugitive [1993]; House of Cards, The Client, Natural Born Killers, JFK, Coalminer’s Daughter, Batman Forever, Volcano, U.S. Marshals; Emmy Award-winner: The Executioner’s Song [1982-1983]

♥~ 1946 – Oliver Stone – Academy Award-winning director: Born on the Fourth of July [1989], Platoon [1986]; Wall Street, JFK, Natural Born Killers

♥~ 1971 – Josh Charles actor: The Good Wife, After.Life, Fast Track, Four Brothers, Seeing Other People, Our America, Muppets From Space, Noram Jean and Marilyn

♥~ 1984 – Prince Harry (Henry Charles Albert David) third in line to the British throne

★~ Did You Know: 

♥~  “Mad as a Hatter”: in order to bind felt fibres the millinery industry used mercury. Felt fluff would be inhaled by the milliners and over time the mercury would drive them mad.

♥~ The word “milliner” was first recorded in 1529 and referred to Milan, the premier source for straw hats. Chanel, Halston and Adolfo all started out as milliners.

♥~ You lose 20% of your body heat from your head…mainly from the forehead as it has no insulation.

♥~ Panama hats actually come from Equador. The workers on the Panama Canal wore the imported straw hats but the Americans thought they were wearing locally made hats.

♥~ Hat wearing declined after WWII due mainly to the popularity of the car. People moved from urban areas with mass transport to suburbs built for the car.

♥~ In the mid-80’s the baseball hat kicked off the current trend for hat wearing. Since 1985 hat wearing has increased by 15% a year.

♥~ The Audubon Society was founded in order to protect the bird population from Edwardian millinery trends, sometimes whole birds were put on the hats.

♥~ The oldest hat center in America is in Danbury Ct. It was founded by 8 families in 1684. Again because of the mercury poisoning people would refer to “The Danbury Shakes”.

♥~ John Jacob Astor made his fortune from beaver pelts for the European millinery trade. If you go to Astor Pl. subway station you will see Beaver mosaic tiles in tribute to him.

♥~ Rotten Row, London’s famous riding area, was the gathering place for Victorian courtesans. When Skittles one of the most famous courtesans appeared in a dashing riding bowler she set of a fashion frenzy.

♥~ Rose Bertin, Marie Antoinette’s milliner, helped her client lose her head by designing such extravagant creations. She yielded enormous style power at the court and can be considered the world’s first stylist


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  1. I had no idea it was the fluff that made you mad as a hatter. So interesting. I will have Linguine with white sauce for dinner. El Morno makes meal planning so much easier!

    Have a great day Kb! 😀 oh and you too Mike. 😮

  2. Great idea for a kid friendly project–maybe after we make them we can have a cupcake party.
    The hat “did you know” was very interesting.

    Hats off to you!

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