Swap and Blog: $30.00 Starbucks Gift Card

Swap and Blog is a little late this week. I was supposed to announce the swapee and swaper on Wednesday, but life carried me away and I missed the deadline. Forgive me.

Last week’s swap was a camera offered by Casper, who chose to swap for Sendi’s four mugs and cheese cutter. He felt that it would make a perfect Secret Santa Christmas present if he added some coffee beans along with the mugs and a chunk of cheese with the cheese cutter.

Great swap, Sendi and Casper!

Moving along to this week’s Swap and Blog!

This week’s swap is being brought to us by Lizzy, a frequent visitor to Odd. Lizzy is offering a $30 Starbucks gift card for swap. She feels a little sad that she hasn’t been able to swap her Starbucks card for Lucky jeans or a camera, so she hopes someone will find it useful. I could feel the angst in her e-mail when she called herself a “big loser”! I reassured her that she wasn’t a loser—we just hadn’t found the right person for her card yet—and persuaded her to offer it as swap. Please restore Lizzy’s self esteem!

Make your best offer for Lizzy’s $30 Starbucks card!

 All Swap Offers Considered!

Liz says that she will consider all swap offers, except firearms. She lives in a household with four children between the ages of 2 and 13 and has a husband that currently travels three days a week, so she doesn’t think swapping for firearms would be a very good idea. She does, however, drink; I, however, must put a kibosh on liquor swaps since mailing liquor is illegal. Ok, truthfully, I don’t know if it’s illegal, but there are laws I don’t want to find out about. Call me lazy.

Ideas to offer for swap include the following: kids’ stuff (2 boys, 2 girls), costume jewelry, flatware (especially spoons), cloth napkins (Lizzy collects fun cloth napkins), candles and holiday stuff.

Please submit the item you would like to offer to swap for Lizzy’s Starbucks card in the comments section of Odd, and her decision will be announced next Wednesdayish.

This is Katybeth, thanking you for playing Swap and Blow and reminding you that . . .

Odd Loves Company!


9 thoughts on “Swap and Blog: $30.00 Starbucks Gift Card

  1. So excited to see my swap on Odd–after being rejected twice I was feeling a little down. It’s a great Starbucks card–and I look forward to swapping for it and trading it to a good home where it can be well loved and lovingly used!

  2. We don’t have a Starbuck’s in my town, and I’m not so fond of coffee et. al. that I’m willing to travel to get it. Still, I wish Lizzy the very best in placing her card in its new home!

    • No Starbucks?????? But they have such good peppermint hot chocolate and regular hot chocolate, hot cider, and….apple fritters. Ice tea, sweet tea, hot tea. Smoothies. I love our local coffee houses too but Starbucks has such a great selection. Oh well…I’m sure your town has it’s favorite local places for a treat!

  3. I have a really cute little salt and pepper shaker set. Brand new, still in the basket. They look like pears and are glazed. I’ve never used them because my husband uses way to much pepper! Man, I just took a place setting of 12 flatware to Goodwill a couple weeks ago!
    Are you interested lizzy?

    • Still wondering what ever possessed you to give that flatware away (to Goodwill–no less) without asking me. You always ask me…this is like the toast incident all over again. Sad Sigh.

  4. I think Liz might like two very high quality x-box video games for her kids. I have about 10 that she can choose from or I can offer my expertise and choose for her. Sorry Grandmarcie I’m sure your salt and peper shaker is very cute but we are talking Starbucks gift card.

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