Election Day USA| Saxophone Day| Marooned Without a Compass Day| Doughnut Appreciation Day

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November 6, 2012

Free Speech stops here.

★~ Today’s Quote:  If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. … We need not wait to see what others do.” Gandi

★~  Election Day USA: 

Have you ever wondered why Election Day always falls on a Tuesday? It is an antiquated tradition dating back to the 1800s. In those days, many people had to travel a great distance from their farms to the closest town in order to vote. Tuesday was the best day because people could begin their journey on Monday and avoid traveling on the Sunday sabbath. It also ensured they would be home in time for market day on Wednesday.

★~  Saxophone Day:

Saxophone Day is all about smooth jazz, soulful blues and good old rock’n’roll. Everybody’s wants to be able to play that bit from Baker Street (and it’s perfectly fine to ‘air sax’ along to it, right?), so take this day as an opportunity to go for it! Dust off, borrow, buy or rent a saxophone and go sax crazy!

★~  Marooned Without a Compass Day

The Scientific American (2010) reports we are all born with a sense of direction. Everyone but me. I get lost in my own neighborhood with a GPS. However, if this is true if you are ever marooned without a compass just flip on your inner GPS and you will be fine. If you have a boat, oars, rations and something to beat off the sharks with of-course.

Not sure how to celebrate this holiday unless you want to turn off the election returns and tune into the 2000 film “Cast Away” with Tom Hanks.

★~ Doughnut Appreciation Day:

Buy your favorite doughnut, look it straight in the hole and say….”Your the best doughnut ever…I like your powder sugar, your sprinkles, and your frosting is especially wonderful today. Doughnut you are the sweetness beneath my coffee. And then enjoy every bite of your favorite doughnut.

★~ Today in History:

 November 6th: Chicken Wing Day, Marooned Without a Compass, Saxophone Day

♥~ 1928 – The first Motogram machine, also known as the Zipper, was installed — on the New York Times Building in Times Square. Itshowed election returns via an electric flasher.

♥~ 1981 – A small population of black-footed ferrets was found near Meeteetse, Wyoming. The black-footed ferret was previously thought to be extinct.

♥~ 1986 – Edy’s Ice Cream Company took out a $250,000 policy to protect the taste buds of John Harrison, ice cream taste-tester.

♥~ 1993 – Pearl Jam’s album Vs. rose to #1 in the U.S. The tracks on the smash (number one for five weeks) album: Go, Animal, Daughter,Glorified G, Dissident, WMA, Blood, Rear view mirror, Rats, Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town, Leash and Indifference.

★~Born Today:

 November 6th: Chicken Wing Day, Marooned Without a Compass, Saxophone Day

♥~ 1814 – Adolphe (Antoine-Joseph) Sax musician: inventor: saxophone, saxotromba; died Feb 4, 1894

♥~ 1931 – Mike Nichols (Michael Igor Peschkowsky) Academy Award-winning director: The Graduate [1967]; Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Silkwood, Postcards from the Edge, The Day of the Dolphin; comedian: [w/Elaine May]

♥~ 1932 – Stonewall Jackson singer: Waterloo, Me and You and a Dog Named Boo, Help Stamp Out Loneliness, B.J. the D.J., Why I’m Walkin’

♥~ 1946 – Sally Field (Sally Mahoney) Academy Award-winningactress: Norma Rae [1979], Places in the Heart [1984]; Gidget series, Steel Magnolias, Mrs. Doubtfire, Smokey and the Bandit series, Hooper, Forrest Gump, Absence of Malice; Emmy Award-winner: The Big Event/NBC World Premiere Movie: Sybil [1977];The Flying Nun, Gidget, The Girl with Something Extra, Alias Smith and Jones

♥~ 1955 – Maria Shriver TV news correspondent: 1986, The American Parade, Today; news anchor: NBC News; married to actor and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

★~Did You Know:

I know (more than likely) you will vote today or you have already voted. However here are 10 famous people who won’t (or didn’t) cast a vote and their reason why.

♥~ Nate Silver:  When “Poblano” began publishing his 2008 presidential election predictions and analyses on Daily Kos in 2007, people paid attention. Then “Poblano” moved to his own blog, FiveThirtyEight.com, where he later revealed he was really Nate Silver, the guy behind PECOTA, a system that predicts Major League Baseball players’ performances. After Silver accurately predicted the results of 49 of 50 states’ 2008 election results (and all 35 Senate races), FiveThirtyEight moved to The New York Times. But none of the eyes on Silver this week will catch him at the polls: he has not voted since he moved to the Times and doesn’t intend to this year.

♥~ Jim LehrerWhen Lehrer moderated the first presidential debate this year (you may remember it as the “Big Bird” debate), Politico dubbed him “the most trusted moderator in America.” Lehrer had moderated debates 11 times before, and according to “MacNeil/Lehrer Report” cohost Robert MacNeil, “He stays so far out of the political swamps that he doesn’t even vote.”

♥~ Generals David Petraeus, George C. Marshall and William Tecumseh Sherman: Though he is registered as a Republican, General Petraeus stopped voting in 2002, when he became a two-star general “to avoid being pulled in one direction or another, to be in a sense used by one side or the other.” His voter abstinence follows a long military trend of non-voting generals, which includes both Marshall and Sherman. General Marshall famously disagreed with President Truman’s plan to recognize the state of Israel, saying, “If I were to vote in the election, I would vote against you.”

♥~ Leonard Downie, Jr.: Len Downie worked in the Washington Post newsroom for 44 years, first as an intern in 1964. By 1991, he was the paper’s Executive Editor, overseeing coverage for every election from 1984 through 2008. In 2004, Downie revealed that he’d stopped voting years ago, “when I became the ultimate gatekeeper for what is published in the newspaper. I wanted to keep a completely open mind about everything we covered and not make a decision, even in my own mind or the privacy of the voting booth, about who should be president.”

♥~ President Zachary Taylor: Before “Old Rough and Ready” was elected president in 1848, he had never voted. This can partly be explained by Taylor’s constant relocation as a soldier; he never established residency and never registered to vote. But our 12th president also reportedly claimed that he would never want to vote against a potential commander-in-chief—even when his name was on the ballot.

♥~Jake Tapper: ABC New White House correspondent Jake Tapper, like Nate Silver and Len Downie, doesn’t exercise his right to vote in order to maintain a sense of fairness in his coverage. On “This Week with Christiane Amanpour” this past September, Tapper said, “I don’t vote in races I cover. After I became a reporter, I found that, after I voted absentee ballot on a race I covered, it felt like I’d made an investment, and it was an uncomfortable feeling.”

♥~ Lew Rockwell: Unlike those who choose not to vote out of a sense of journalistic duty, libertarian commentator Lew Rockwell doesn’t vote for a number of reasons, including “The whole system is corrupt,” “It’s a pain in the neck,” and “Your vote doesn’t count,” which strongly echo the sentiments of many nonvoters. Rockwell’s site is home to a number of articles on why rocking the non-vote is a citizen’s best option.

♥~ Keith Olbermann: In a 2008 visit to The View, Keith Olbermann revealed that he doesn’t vote. Later, Olbermann explained to Portfolio that the reasoning behind his “very idiosyncratic” ballot-casting abstinence makes sense: “I don’t want anything, even that tiny bit of symbolic connection, to stand in between me and my responsibility to be analytical and critical.” Unlike Downie, who is widely respected for his impartial coverage, liberal Olbermann’s anti-vote stance wasn’t well received. (Funny he has no problem be partial with his money, just sayin’)


Sigh. Kinda sad that after today we won’t care what people outside a shopping mall in Ohio think about anymore  🙁 …..I have not voted so I’m on my way to the polls. I like to vote on Election Day.  And I really like all the voting day perks you get when you show off your, ‘I Voted’, tag.  Kind of like when you hit Cosco on a good sample day. I see a free doughnut in my future.

I’m looking forward to the election being over so we  can put aside our differences, get behind whoever wins and fix our nations problems!! Right?

Odd Loves Company!


10 thoughts on “Election Day USA| Saxophone Day| Marooned Without a Compass Day| Doughnut Appreciation Day

  1. Ok, I haven’t actually read this, I have to go vote…but it struck me odd….marooned without a compass and election day…that all seemed to fit. In an odd way. But of course look where I am…..and I know Odd loves company! 🙂

  2. Morno,
    And thank you for bringing us doughnuts on election day. Perfect. Interesting about the non voters,
    I have already voted but I will celebrate like the rest of the country once it over and we can move on.
    Off to buy doughnuts for the gang and start my day.
    Have a good one!

  3. MORNO!
    Living in a swing state is not a picnic. The kids have been told not to answer the door. I am friendly and most of the campaign “get out the vote” volunteers have been polite and friendly. But too much is too much. Yesterday we had 4 sets of volunteers march up to our door fulled by their enthusiasm. Very little seems to be done to organize these neighborhood canvases. The phone calls have been unreal mostly computer generated. Like that would change our mind. I will be glad when it over. I’m grateful, very grateful to vote and I will be very grateful when the election is over!

    Hope you find your doughnut!

    • Oh Liz..sounds awful. Your right they need to be better organized–I bet you felt like saying if you ask me one more time the answer is NO!
      Enjoy your evening.

  4. straight to the point homemade door sign! fulfilled my duty & early voted so now can watch others in longer lines. eager for this election (or any) to end. enough already. time to move forward.
    sweet sounds of a saxaphone. love music, but am not musically inclined. know good sounds when i hear it……..like billy joel.
    beautiful day here. enjoy!

    • No lines here. I have to vote on election day. Absolutely—time to move on. Hard to believe Cole will vote in the next election.
      Glad you have a pretty day! Rainy in Chicago.

  5. Glad to report I’ve already voted — early voting for me, since I hate waiting in long lines! I, too, will be happy to see the whole thing over (and maybe our state will once again be relevant, ha!)
    Wish I’d known today was doughnut day before I ate that crummy bowl of cereal for breakfast. Hmm, maybe I can eat a doughnut for dessert?!

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