Fortune Telling. I’m Back.

Fortune telling

Over the last month, I have taken a bit of break from fortune telling. I mostly wanted to see if the interest would continue, and whether I was providing value to your life or was just a novelty. Either way, it was FUN for me—and really, that is all that counts, right? Well, sort of. However, reading cards is time consuming, and I wanted to see what would happen if I just kind of faded off like a shadow on a cloudy day. (Ok, that visual doesn’t exactly work, but I’m a fortuneteller, not a poet.) Anyway, I was delighted and a little surprised at the number of people who continued to request readings on Odd. The feedback was grand. Thank you.

If you like having your fortune told, who am I to deny you? If you show up, I will fire up my crystal ball and do my best to guide you and foresee what good things will come your way.

This week is Christmas week, and we are heading into a New Year. A perfect way to toast the New Year is by having your fortune told…don’t you agree? I will tell fortunes through January 2, 2013.

Many of you have offered to cross my palm with coins for your readings. I don’t accept payment to tell fortunes on Odd; I simply love that you drop by to visit. Consider it a gift.

Others of you have asked about more in-depth readings, such as whether you can have my undivided attention for a longer reading, and a few of you have asked about fortunetelling parties. Sure—let’s work the details out together. I am open to most offers; however, I already have turned down a baby goat and a rooster—actually, this was some time ago and Joe turned them down for me, saying we were pushing the fence with our neighbors already—but now that Joe has departed, it can’t hurt to ask me.

Fortunetelling starts now! Be patient with me, though. Unfortunately, twitching my nose does not wrap my gifts or bake my banana bread, so give me a little time to get back to you. And remember: Asking one specific question will help me tell your fortune with more accuracy. You can always come back for seconds.

Odd Loves Company!



Update: December 29, 2012 : I guess I’m not really back…but I will be soon. I stole more chain than I can swim with…sorry for the delay. Your fortune teller is a flake. However, I will have everyone fortune told by Sunday, I promise!!

Update December 30, 2012: Promise kept. All fortunes told. I did not spend a lot of time proofing, or adding commas so take a breath as needed and ask me to clarify if I have been unclear. ♥

19 thoughts on “Fortune Telling. I’m Back.

  1. Longtime lurker here, but I hope you’ll pick me!
    My daughter has applied to very desirable two area schools for fall 2013, and we will not find out anything until late spring. Our whole family is going crazy with anticipation as to which one she will attend. 😯 Any clues? (If you see a particular animal, that may be a mascot.)

    • Hi Loremi…

      The cards are very favorable for her first choice (she does have a first choice, right) but I wonder if there is something left undone? Not on an application but there seems to be an issue somewhere. It appears that the issue can be resolved but your daughter will need to first recognize the issue and then face it head-on. Could the issue be around a scholarship or money? I don’t see a mascot or an animal but I do see fierceness…if that means anything.
      Hope this helps and best of luck to your daughter! The cards I pulled all show her to be a strong achiever. My only suggestion is that she takes a few deep breaths and focuses on—a hobby she has let go…maybe with animals? She seems to be wound pretty tightly right now…but of-course most college bound seniors are so I am sure this is not exactly “hold the presses” information :-D.

      • Thank you! The two mascots are an eagle and a bulldog, and so both are fierce–but the eagle is her first choice. We’ll have to look at making sure all our ducks are in a row and remember to breathe. Money isn’t the issue, but I agree that she could be more focused. She’s a pretty tough cookie and was tightly wound from birth, so….
        Happy New Year!

  2. As one of your biggest fans, I’m thrilled you’re firing up your ball. What do the cards see as far as real estate sale/rental? I’m patient, take your time. Wrap your presents, have some hot chocolate.

    • Sipping hot chocolate as I type. Thank you for your patience. Obviously I needed it…
      1. It’s hard right now. Suspect it has been hard for awhile. You need to get rid what you don’t need. It is weighing you down. Keeping you stuck. Since your asked about real estate it looks like heavy duty remolding. Either completed or started. if it is just started, I strongly encourage you to ask for lots of help.
      2. Separate the emotion from the facts. Your decisions now must come from the head not the heart. Time will show you made the kindest decision. It’s important to let go of the emotional ties in order to move forward. Buyers/renters will be negatively impacted by them.
      3. Every card has pointed to the need to go forward with a plan and to keep your risk factor very low. I would investigate any potential renters very carefully and then let your gut decide. A sale contract should be looked at harder than usual. Having said all of looks like this property is ready to be sold. There is however an obstacle (not the known one) that seems to be in the way. The timeframe I see is midsummer. With something happening the middle of March. While this quest may happen in fits and starts it is moving towards a resolution. Rushing and pushing is not going to make it happen any faster.

      How does this sound?

  3. Glad you’re back with your crystal ball. Ben will be graduating college in spring and is anxious about being able to find a job. What do you see in his future regarding his job search – long or short? Successful or otherwise?

    • WOW. Do I have a lot of wonderful to tell you about… Ben is going to find very meaningful work , be offered lots of opportunities, and achieve financial success very quickly. Now for a few details…..

      My crystal ball indicates Ben has a need to seek a creative outlet in his work activities. One that will allow him to draw on his creative talents or ability to design or develop new ideas. He may be able to handle routine or administrative tasks but to much of those types of tasks will sap his energy. I see a mentor either now or one that is on the way into his life who takes the time to get to know Ben and offers career and emotional support. More than likely a women.

      As far as I can see job prospects are not going to be a problem there will be lots to chose from…The problem may be having too many choices! Interesting the best opportunity may not be a traditionally creative field but one that is open to new and innovative ways of doing things.

      The only caveat I offer is the need for grounded effort. Steps still have to be taken to make all these wonderful opportunities a reality. Areas to work on might be leadership skills, and team work.

      This is an exceptionally wonderful reading for a soon to be college graduate!

  4. Merry christmas! My husband just took a job in san antonio tx. Do you see anything regarding our lives down there? Is it temporary or are we settling in for a bit? Antthing stand out to you for what im supposed to do downthere?

    • Hi Sandi,
      Happy New Year! The first card I pulled for you shows a lot of fertility. Naturally this could mean children 😀 but it also means the bringing forth of new positive opportunities. However, this move seems to have come with a far amount of challenges. It appears your spirit may need a little time to recover from some injury or injustice. Are you interested in books? I see a library or book store around you. I also see stationary or some sort of design. You will make some new friends in San. Antonio that will be both fun and helpful. A new job opportunity is going to present itself without a whole lot of effort. The cards indicate you may be struggling a bit with your new city…I suggest you open your heart to it because it appears you may be there for awhile :-D. Go have some FUN! The New Year will be a good one.

      Best of Luck!

  5. Sandi,
    I don’t read cards but I predict your going to have a very long hot summer. However, San Antonio can be a lot of fun and the river walk is so neat.

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