Shoe Review 8: What Do Your Shoes Say About You?

Welcome to Shoe Review Number 8! Click here if you missed Shoe Review #1Shoe Review #2, Shoe Review #3Shoe Review #4Shoe Review #5  Review #6 Review 7, Some reviews have been updated, and new comments have been added, so it never hurts to click back for a quick shoe review

It would be irresponsible not to talk about shoe addition during the course of a week long shoe review. It’s an age-old problem that seemingly remains unaffected by economic meltdown or climate change.

If you think you might be suffering from from a shoe addiction, here are a few tips to help you regain your sense of balance.

Acknowledge the purpose: Does buying shoes numb you to the reality of your dull, meaningless life? Admitting the true cause of your obsession is the first step to recovery

Think rational thoughts instead of denial: On an intellectual level you know that spending $300.00 on a pair of pointed, cripplingly uncomfortable heels is unhealthy – and yet you continue. Try putting pictures of Victoria Beckham’s bunions or Sarah Brown’s toes around your house.

Use alternative coping skills: Alcohol and chocolate works well.

Make lifestyle changes: Go barefoot instead. It’s good for you.

Be accountable and have a support system: You may need check into a rehabilitative program. So far I haven’t actually managed to find one, but let’s face it, if you can check into rehabiliation programs to cure yourself of racism, shoe addiction should be a be somewhere on the list.

Reward yourself: Overcoming an addiction can be very difficult, but it can be done. Reward yourself. Hell, why not go shopping for a nice pair of … oh.

And now lets kick off our next shoe review . . .

Kristy Shoe’s: 


Cozy, warm, and soft,
keeping my feet toasty hot,
giving my comfort.

On a snowy day,
I stay warm in the snow,
because of my boots.

Reviewed By: Princess Glass Slipper

These slipper boots remind me of chicken noodle soup. (Stay with me here.) I imagine they feel as good on your feet on a cold winter day as a bowl of chicken noodle soup feels in your tummy on that same cold day. Slipper boots like these simply refuse to let you catch a cold from the drafty floor. (Does anyone really believe you don’t catch colds from walking around without your slippers or from going to bed with wet hair? Of course not.) As my great-granny would say, when it comes to these slippers, you just couldn’t want much more. (Well, yes, a trip to Bali would be nice, but for the time being let’s just give my granny her due.)

One thing does bother me a bit: These are your everyday, after-the-day-is-done shoes, right? You aren’t wearing slippers out, are you? Because if so, we might also assume you are also wearing those slippers with pajama bottoms with bright pink flamingoes on them when you go out, and then we’ll start looking for you on the People Of Walmart videos! For the time being, I will give you the benefit of the doubt and hope for the best.

Reviewed By: Slider

What can be said about the fuzzy slipper shoe?  I provide comfort. I protect you from sharp objects and harm. I keep you warm and snuggled. I will be there for you when no one else is. I am home.

I imagine the wearer of these shoes is all of these things too.

 Good To Know: Slippers were in use before Shakespeare’s time, and were originally made “rights” and “lefts.”

Diane’s Shoes: 


Short and stout, I am not tall
Little and black, I’m not a cat

Wear me with socks,
it’s much better like that

Maybe wear me out
With a matching black hat

Reviewed By: Temptress of Contention:

I enlarged the picture on my phone because I couldn’t believe my eyes. The boots on the left are Tom’s.  Will this man give me no peace?  No one is safe, even boot wearers. Kudos to this lady for caring enough about our global community to buy Tom’s boots. They look like a good sturdy pair of work boots but with a bit of flair. The wearer probably demonstrates that flair in many ways. She’s a sparkling conversationalist. She’s a fashion forward trendsetter. She’s a free thinking individual.

Reviewed By: Brow Beater 

Kb tells me you own a Brow Boutique…Okay, first of all, what the hell is a brow boutique? Are you telling me that there are places in the world in which people can not only have haircuts, but brow cuts too?

Top jokes that come to mind

1. If someone comes in to look around, are they browsing?

2. Are monobrows half price or double price?

3. Is this a whole boutique based on the concept “thin and separate, there should be two”

Now, on to the shoes.  Hellooooooo, bootsie!  This seems like a shoe choice of a person who wants to look cowboy-ish but wouldn’t want to be within 200 feet of a cow.  Like wearing galoshes and living in the Sahara desert.  Or me wearing a condom.  ( I just went too far, didn’t I?  I’m a line jumper, not a line crosser.)  Well, cool shoes, I hope you never step in cow crap.

Good To Know:  Christina Aguilera has 750 pairs of shoes in her walk-in wardrobe 

Jill’s Shoes: 

Jill copy

My 70’s clogs are awesome, I know
I wear them around each place that I go,
I wear them to work, to lunch and to play,
Serriously I wear them every day.
So if you want to have fun, search for a pair.
Notice how people look at them and stare.

Reviewed By: Lady Bróga

I was reminiscing about the 70s the other day, and specifically how, on a boring summer’s day, we would go to the So-Fro and buy appliques in the shape of flowers and iron them onto our jean shorts, when all of a sudden it hit me! My plain old ordinary black mules (are they mules? Are they clogs? Shoe-sy minds want to know!) could really be spiffed majorly up with some applique flowers from the 70s. When I found my old sewing kit it turned out that the ancient flowers were no longer usable so I headed to the contemporary craft emporium called JoAnne’s Fabrics and acquired some very 70s flowers and…voila!! My black shoes were transformed! –Ok, I’m not exactly sure that’s what happened with these fun and funky casual black shoes, but that’s my best guess. The owner clearly does not take herself too seriously (and if the owner is a guy, he does not take himself nearly seriously enough) and possibly enjoys gardening, crafts, and 70s kitch. She (please say she’s a she) is not afraid to look 10 years old or like she decorated her shoes with birthday cake frosting. Her whimsy most certainly delights those around her as she spreads good cheer with every step.

Reviewed By: Shoemley

Nothing says “Stepping into Spring” like these cheery shoes!  I can imagine the wearer slipping into these comfy clogs (or at least they look to be cloglike from the photo) and going for a quick jaunt to the mailbox or beyond.  What sticks with me most is the happy feeling that the footware brings to my mind.  How could you not be cheerful with flowers on your tootsies???  Whether they were decorated by the wearer to cover up scuff marks of well loved shoes or placed there by an adoring child matters not. What matters is the feeling that they evoke when I view them.  That’s my opinion and I am sticking with it—-through thick and thin—come rain or shine.  Sign me up for a pair—they just simply make me happy!

* Want to know more about Shoemley.  Click over and say HI on her blog,  It’s Just Life

Good To Know:  Danielle Steel, owns 6,000 pairs of Louboutins.

Shoes Chrissy:


If old stones had shoes,
who could keep them from skipping
down the mountainside?

Reviewed By: Princess Oeshay Overlay 

These shoes belong to someone fully committed to comfort but, perhaps, only half committed to warmth. Someone who shuns the calf warming effects of boots and thinks shoes belong only on the feet.

These are not running shoes. Their owner is someone who goes through life at an unhurried pace that allows for the appreciation of small details like the shoes’ decorative band.

The rug in the background looks as warm and worn as the shoes, signaling this is someone with a sense of history who appreciates the familiar and values the classics.

Reviewed By: Lady Loneshoe

These are the shoes of a Shaman, an Indian goddess, a spirit wrangler. The owner of these shoes may be physically present on planet earth however they are ethereal beings. This citizen of the cosmos is a lover of burning sage and patchouli, a listener of the pan flute and perhaps a bit of a fruitcake in the best possible way.

Good To Know: The first shoe manufactured in the U. S. was by Thomas Beard, a Mayflower Pilgrim in 1628.


Disclaimer: Please remember that the opinion of the reviewers do not necessarily reflect the opinions of your shoe review hostess, nor do the shoes in all fairness necessarily reflect her taste.

This concludes our eighth Shoe Review. Thank you for submitting your shoes for review, and a big shout out to our super shoe reviewers. Don’t forget to leave your comments for a chance to be included in our drawing for a Zappos gift card.

So what’s your review?


19 thoughts on “Shoe Review 8: What Do Your Shoes Say About You?

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  2. Such great reviews and shoes. I love a comfy pair of slippers! And the boots are really sharp. The flower power shoes are happy, and I would wear the last pair of shoes in a heart beat. I am not a shoe addict, which is a relief to my budget.
    I’ve really enjoyed all of the shoes. Next year, maybe you’ll do dress up shoes. 😀

  3. Just for the record I do not wear the slippers outside. I was between jobs when Kb put out the shoe review request……it was just the time of the season!

  4. Sometimes I’m shocked myself that I make a living by doing eyebrows… Well hey, at least I can buy nice shoes! Ha!

  5. Love love love them all. I would find it hard to shoose a favorite out of this batch but I am partial to the flowery ones. They would put a spring in my step. So many shoes……I can not believe how many there are to review!

    • The flower shoes are very HAPPY. 😀 One more group of 4 tomorrow, tomorrow….you can bet your bottom dollar….hopefully I won’t have any more nightmares! 😀

  6. I think Chrissy’s slippers are my favorite of this batch. So comfy-looking and practical!
    Kb, you’ve done a great job coordinating this week’s shoe reviews. I’m so eager to learn what your next “project” will be!

    • Wait. Wait. Don’t go away yet, we have one more set of reviews! Tomorrow and then the drawing. Thanks! Next projects…mmmm. Thanks for being such an attentive review reader!

  7. i do not have a shoe addiction. i have the bare minimum of shoes really. to me, shoes serve a purpose.
    slippers! makes sense to me why they would be a person’s favorite. we have high top & low top versions today.
    another nice selection of boots for separate occasions.
    clogs, i think, gone flower power!

    • I don’t have a shoe addiction either. In fact, one of mission while in ABQ is to go over to Shoes on String and buy a pair of flats. I do love my Uggs. They make perfect sense in our weather.
      Slippers..isn’t to great when we can find them–mine are always MIA.

  8. Wowie!!! Princess and Lady read my slippers like a book! What vision! But I accept constant change and now my favorite shoes are those flower clogs. Good stuff!

    • Well a little paint, and you too can have a pair of flowered clogs. Glad the reviewers stepped up and did a good job on your shoes. Thanks for stopping by odd! ♥

  9. Hello, my name is Antoinette and I am a shoe addict. My last purchase was 3 weeks, 2 days , 11 hours and 56 minutes ago. (pause for applause and words of encouragement)

    ps. What Geri said…Can we please have a shoe review of dressy shoes. I have a pair of gold sequinned shoes that are buried somewhere in the pile just screaming to be let out.

    • Thunderous Applause, and standing ovation. We might have to so you can show us those shoes…they sound like shoe porn— : -D

      Stay Strong!

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