Kamehameha Day, Corn On The Cob Day, German Chocolate Cake Day

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June  11, 2013

Pink flowers

★~ Today’s Quote: If winning isn’t everything, why do they keep score? Vince Lombardi

★~ Kamehameha Day:


Aloha!  In Hawaii, today is a public holiday that celebrates Kamehameha the Great—the monarch who established the unified Kingdom of Hawaii in 1810. During this time period, Hawaii was the only nation that remained independent while the rest of the Polynesian islands were taken over by colonial powers. Kamehameha was nicknamed “the Napoleon of the Pacific” for this achievement.

To celebrate Kamehameha Day, Hawaiians attend carnivals, floral parades, and horse races. There is also a large hula competition that attracts hula companies from all over the world.

★~ Corn on The Cob Day:

Corn on the cob

It’s the All-American food, the very symbol of summer, those butter-dripping ears of sweet corn that define picnics, clambakes, barbecues and suppers as long as the season lasts.

If there is a complaint about corn, it is that the season is never long enough — about two months from mid- or late July to frost. Many Western Pennsylvania farmers, though, start their crops under plastic so they have corn ready to pick by the Fourth of July.

Fresh corn on the cob is a purely American — North, South and Central — passion. When corn was introduced to Europeans, they fed it to the animals, creating a strange prejudice that lasts to this day.. Monique Atkin, a native of France, confesses she lived in Pittsburgh 10 years before she was persuaded to taste fresh corn. “Now I can’t get enough of it,” she says, “but I still can’t talk my sister into tasting it when she comes to visit.” The Italians accepted cornmeal, which they call polenta, and the Hungarians also eat cornmeal as mamaglia. Otherwise, many Europeans still shun corn as animal fodder.

But for Americans, corn on the cob is an eagerly awaited summer treat, described by one writer as “Eating the summer sunlight.”

 Milk Boiled Corn on the Cob

Oaxacan- Style Grilled Corn on the Cob

Greek-Style Corn on the Cob a La Evelyn

Herbed Corn on the Cob

★~  German Chocolate Cake Day:

German Chocolate Cake

True or false: Did German chocolate cake originate in Germany? If you said false, you’re correct! This decadent cake is actually named after Sam German, who developed a baking chocolate in 1852 for Baker’s Chocolate Company and they named the chocolate “German’s Sweet Chocolate” in his honor.

According to baking lore, a chocolate cake recipe using German’s Sweet Chocolate was published in the Dallas Morning News in 1957 after being submitted by a Mrs. George Clay. Sales of German’s Sweet Chocolate rose dramatically after the company published the recipe across the nation, and the apostrophe was eventually dropped.

The cake is traditionally layered between a caramel-coconut-pecan filling.

German Chocolate Cake 

★~ Back In The Day:


♥~ 1895 – The first U.S. patent (#540648) for a gasoline-driven automobile by a U.S. inventor was issued to Charles E. Duryea. Other firsts for the Duryea Motor Wagon Co. of Springfield MA: First U.S. motor car corp. (Sept. 21, 1895) and first winner of an auto race (in Chicago Nov. 28, 1895).

♥~ 1961 – Roy Orbison was wrapping up a week at number one on the Billboard record chart with Running Scared, his first number one hit. Orbison recorded 23 hits for the pop charts, but only one other song made it to number one: Oh Pretty Woman in 1964. He came close with a number two effort, Crying, number four with Dream Baby and number five with Mean Woman Blues. Orbison was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987; but suffered a fatal heart attack just one year later.

♥~ 1972 – The controversial 62-minute XXX-rated film Deep Throat opened at the Mature World Theatre in New York City

♥~ 1982 – The movie E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial opened. Steven Spielberg directed this classic. It dazzled audiences with state-of-the-art special effects and a touching, humorous, story line, grossing over $100 million in its first 31 days of theatrical release.

♥~ 1996 – Garth Brooks signed autographs for 23 hours and 10 minutes at a Fan Fair in Nashville. Some fans waited in line for up to 15 hours.

♥~ 2003 – A record six Houston Astros pitchers combined on the first no-hitter against the New York Yankees in 45 years.

★~ Born Today:


1913 – Vince Lombardi – Pro Football Hall of Famer: coach: Green Bay Packers: Super Bowl I, II; “Winning isn’t everything. It’s the only thing.”; died Sep 3, 1970

1933 – Gene Wilder (Jerome Silberman) actor: Young Frankenstein, Blazing Saddles, Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, The Producers, The Woman in Red, Silver Streak, See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Murder in a Small Town, The Lady in Question

1956 – Joe Montana
Pro Football Hall of Famer: San Francisco 49ers quarterback: Super Bowl XVI, XIX, XXIII, XXIV: Super Bowl career records for yards gained, passes completed, touchdowns thrown and highest completion percentage; Kansas City Chiefs quarterback

★~ Good To Know: Random and Odd Facts


♥~ When Twister was introduced in 1966, critics denounced the game as “sex in a box.”

♥~ After racking up $40 in late fees on a VHS copy of Apollo 13, Reed Hastings was inspired to start Netflix

♥~ In Britain alone Guinness estimates almost 93,000 liters of beer are lost each year in mustaches and beards.

♥~ Chemists describe old book smell as “a combination of grassy notes with tank of acids and a hint of vanilla over an underlying mustiness.”

♥~ In the Arabic version of The Simpsons, Homer’s name was Omar Shamshoon. Instead of Duff beer, he drank Duff juice.

♥~ Above the Supreme Court is a basketball court known as the Highest Court in the Land. Clarence Thomas tore his Achilles in a 1993 game.

♥~ Studies have shown that swearing when in pain can release pain-killing endorphins.

♥~ Only two people remain who are fluent in Ayapaneco – but they refuse to talk to each other.

♥~ M&M’s stands for “Mars and Murrie’s the last names of the candy’s founders.

♥~ In the mid-1960’s Slumber Party Barbie came with a book called ‘How to Lose Weight.” One of the tips was “Don’t Eat.”



yes, it had netting. we were in the putting up process 😀

Summer vacation is in full swing around here. Yesterday, Cole and I retired our trampoline. It was a good trampoline; well used and well loved, we’ll miss it. Later today, I will  give it a proper memorial and post a picture of Cole’s final flip later .  Our rooftop garden was taken down as well….gutter were cleaned. Cole climbed and scooped while I bagged it all up. Today, we are going to look at a tree for the middle of the backyard, which means we are heading to a huge plant nursery. I’ll need a Venti Starbucks to get me through the experience. . .I always find these types of places so overwhelming.

See you alligators later!


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18 thoughts on “Kamehameha Day, Corn On The Cob Day, German Chocolate Cake Day

  1. Morno,
    Dental floss day should be on the same day as Corn On the Cob Day. I like it but its takes me a few days to clean it out of my teeth even with my power washer water pick. German Chocolate cake is a winner.
    Facts are interesting. Today Barbie’s advice may not be politically correct, but she summed it up pretty well.
    My kids always wanted a trampoline but we didn’t have the space.
    Enjoy your day.

    • Dental floss or toothpick day paired with Corn on the Cob day would make good sense. I’ll add it next year! Why not!
      Your water pick has the strength of a power washer? Cole would be jealous. He always says that are water pick is kind of lame.
      Have a great day.

  2. my thoughts exactly, mike, concerning corn on the cob & floss ^! toothpicks at the very least.
    not big on coconut. i think it is the texture which apparently throws me.
    i’ve read the yanks sent over champagne to the astros clubhouse for the no hitter six. my yanks, a classy bunch!
    like the random & odd facts! at age eight, i wouldn’t have thought of twister as *sex in a box*. at the time i was too busy with the playground, pool, batman & superman!
    good day!

    • But corn is worth it, don’t you think? Nancy has some great tips below. Your yanks are very classy for yanks.
      I agree about coconut not a big fan either.

  3. Mike and I must be on the same wave link. I came home early to wait for home estimates. I’m excited about the prospect of a new kitchen, tho.
    Yum, corn on the cob. I could live on corn and watermelon.
    Sounds like you have been a busy bee. RIP trampoline.
    Always enjoy the facts. Those people must have had twisted minds…all in good fun. I think I like old book smell less now, tho.
    Enjoy your day.

    • New kitchen! Sounds both scary and wonderful. Corn and watermelon two Summer staples.
      I’d be more worried about the people who saw Twister and came up with “Sex in a box” that the kids playing it.
      Have a great day!

  4. Corn on the cob – an all time favorite of mine. Well worth the flossing later. I can demolish six cobs in a row without even blinking. Like eating summer sunlight for sure. And I wouldn’t say no to a slice of the chocolate cake afterwards either. Though I will confess, I’ve baked many a chocolate cake, but never a German Chocolate cake. Kind of a finicky recipe.
    Never saw E.T. Not sure why.
    Happy holiday to Hawaii!

    • Be sure not to miss Nancy’s corn tips below! Six ears? Sheesh! ET is a good rainy day movie. Guess what? I’ve never made a German Chocolate Cake either. :-D.

  5. We are corn addicts. Bet you didn’t know that Green Giant owns most the cornfields just North of the WI-IL border. It’s the BEST corn ever. My corn farmer lady up there says that most people don’t know how to properly cook corn.
    NEVER boil it. Boil water, turn if off and let the corn sit in the hot bath til warm/hot. That’s it. “Cooking” it turns the sweet sugar to starch. You don’t want that. My invention that Real Simple printed and paid me for is this: Take a piece of bread, cut into 4 equal squares. Take a big pat of cold butter and place on each square. Now you can butter your corn easily (no more butter slipping off the knife) and you get to eat your bread & butter too!!!

    • Ok that is pure genus! Buttering the corn is the hardest part! I herby promise from this day forward and forever more to never ever boil another ear of corn! Thank you.

  6. I can’t get enough sweet corn, love the stuff on the cob
    though.We had a Green Giant factory here in Belvidere, where the high school kids worked during summer. You were able to go to the big piles of corn brought in from the fields and load up the trunk of the car and all for free! The biggest ears you ever saw. Best corn ever Factory is only frozen foods now. ET…Jake’s fav at that time. He was 2 at the time and first words out of his mouth when he came in the house was” ET, AHMA. Watched it all day long EVERY Friday. We knew it by heart. Miss those days.

    • I bet you roasted a lot of corn on the cob, back in the days. Fresh out of the field! ET is a great movie! Fun times!

  7. Sex in a box??? Now that made me laugh loudly!!!! I had planned to have corn on the cob tonight to go with our crab cakes and I didn’t even know it was a holiday!!!! Wow!!! I am very excited now to announce that fact when I serve it to Carlton—-I am sure he will be duly impressed. Or not. But at least I will know and hold my cob high in celebration!!!!

    • Bet it was an Iowegian that looked at Twister and thought–HA. Sex in a box! I was desperate for Corn on the Cob last night, but to lazy to go out and buy corn. Tonight!! Was Carlton pleased? Crab cakes too? Sheesh, you know how to eat on a Tuesday night!

  8. I love corn on the cob. However be careful if you have a dog and toss the corn cobs in the trash. My pup got in to it and swallowed the cobs, she loves butter. I didn’t even realize it until she had to have surgery 5 days later. $2500 later I thought that corn was a pretty expensive treat!
    I love all the fruits of summer, peaches, plums, watermelon. I also enjoy German Chocolate cake.

    • I didn’t know you liked German Chocolate Cake….the things I learn after all these years.


  9. Domer told me about German Chocolate this morno before I had a chance to read Odd. Hmm, wonder if he did, and didn’t tell me??
    I don’t eat corn on the cob. I can’t seem to digest it. Probably the same thing as popcorn. Sigh.
    Sorry about your trampoline. Domer never had one, though one of his friends did.

    • A closet Odd reader? I like it! Oh, it’s okay about the trampoline. I’m more attached to the memories than than the trampoline and we have lots of those. Cole was the friend with the trampoline for many kids…and that worked for me.
      Enjoy your day!

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