Will Trade Baby for Iphone and Designer Shoes

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Just for fun, I typed the words iPhone, shoes into Google, and Google spit out:

A Chinese couple sold three newborns for iPhones and designer shoes. It seems the couple sold the babies over the years for a total of $13,000, and spent all of it on iPhones and designer shoes. Well. I mean we are talking iPhone and DESIGNER shoes.

And then there were the two men that attempted to pass through Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport customs with 20 iPhones hidden inside their shoes. How? The would-be smugglers fit stainless steel plates in their designer shoe soles and stuffed iPhones inside. Does anyone else see why this might not be the best idea?

Which leads us in a rather random way toward our eighth set of random reviews.

Christa submitted her iPhone as one of the things she cannot live without, as it is so near and dear to her heart. While some of you might wonder how she can be so sentimental and attached to her iPhone, let me remind you that the device she is holding is home to her daughter’s prom pictures, her youngest son’s sports victory pictures, and soon Christa will use it to show off her oldest son’s graduation pictures. The iPhone helps her keep track of a busy career and home life. An iPhone keeps us connected to those near and dear to us and cannot be easily dismissed as “just a gadget”!

Sendi shared a pair of shoes that are near and dear to her heart. Aren’t they pretty? I love the white bows; I bet those shoes are worn on petite feet with polished toes.

And now, let’s step forward and give our full attention to our Odd reviewers. Please, pay especially close attention to the part about wonderful me.

Submitted by: Christa

Will Trade Baby for Iphone and Designer Shoes

Reviewer: Juan Ring

Ahh, the most prized possession, the cell phone.  One of the only inanimate objects capable of creating incredible happiness and true despair.  Texts from the kids, checking emails at work, snap chats, Facebook check-ins while out to lunch . . . all good.  Games of Candy Crush with one jelly left when you run out of moves, group texts to 10 people who all feel the need to respond, and finding out through Twitter that your underage kid is at a frat party . . . all bad.  I wonder how we all lived with out them.  I remember telling my parents I was going out of town for the weekend and not seeing them or being in touch with them until I returned.  Our attitude was always “no news is good news”.  Now no news means tragedy, chaos! Why aren’t they answering my text?  What does this emoticon mean?  Is LOL lots of love or laugh out loud?  Oh fickle cell-phone why do you torment me so?

Reviewer: Ida Phone

Hello my precious…

Who doesn’t love their phone? This person obviously does as you can tell by the way she is holding it, protecting it, as well as dressing it up with cute accessories. I think that the once considered a rich man’s toy is become a compendium of our everyday life. We text messages, leave voice mails, take pictures and build up this device to contain memories. We program this mobile phone to become a part of ourselves by personalizing it. We domesticate it.

Just like some people need their daily cup of Joe, we can tell from this photo we all need our daily dosage of our wonderful Katybeth. What is she up to? What cute pups are visiting? Best way to start your El Morno is to check in on her Facebook page. For those who know Kb that’s not Odd at all.

Personally, I am lost if I leave the house without my phone. I can no longer remember anyone’s home number let alone their cell. I don’t know how to contact someone if I am running late. I pray the car won’t stall because I have no idea where to find a public phone. This photo just reaffirms how much we love our devices. After doing this review it makes me think how I’ve been neglecting my own precious phone. Running around with last season’s case. How horrible! So off I go to buy it something pretty. It deserves to be treated well especially for all it does for me. 😉

Submitted by Sendi

Will Trade Baby for Iphone and Designer Shoes

Reviewer: Susan Shocks

Such a conundrum!!  As a fellow shoe lover I am impressed with this person’s idea that what represents them the best in the whole world is shoes.  However, I have to question the shoes she (I guess it could be a he) picked.  White shoes before Memorial Day?  I think not.  Even here in the deep south where temperatures are already in the 90’s we don’t bring out the white shoes until then.  Also, these shoes don’t look like they have ever been worn.  How could they be the true you and yet never worn?  I’m not sure what to do with this.  Are the shoes so loved and revered that they are just admired but not worn?  If they are, what does this say about the owner?

Reviewer: Noah Poet



Women choose shoes.

I’m a guy, so I don’t know why women choose shoes like birds choose to fly.  For me, shoes just cover my feet.  For women they’re neat, discrete, so sweet!  So I ask you earnestly, honestly, achingly why?  Why choose a shoe to design you, incline you, define you?  As a man my shoes are pairs – only three.  Every day, dress up, backups, see?  How hard must it be to need 5 pair, 10 pair, more, more!  A pair to go shopping, a pair for each store!  A pair for relaxing, a pair to look graceful, a pair to work out, only 3 pairs!  Disgraceful!

A white pair of shoes with a bow and a clasp, to match a new dress and make my friends gasp.  How special they look, gleaming and gay, but careful dear reader, not past Labor Day!  Some uncultured fool might tell you it’s Easter, but pay them no mind, their heads in their keister.  The truth is today, in 2014, where those white shoes whenever.  It seems that the rules they are changing, if ever they mattered.  Wear them brand new, slightly scuffed or in tatters!  Wear these shoes whenever it pleases.  Just please keep them clean, you don’t want no diseases.


Thank you submitters and reviewers. Wonderful job! Don’t forget to leave comments, questions, and observations to win a random prize from the drawing that will be held at the end of all the reviews. Be back soon with more reviews.

Odd Loves Company,


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11 thoughts on “Will Trade Baby for Iphone and Designer Shoes

  1. Isn’t it odd to think how, just a few years ago, nobody had cell phones, yet now they’re not a luxury, they’re indispensable!!

    These look like fancy-occasion shoes, not your everyday pair. Perhaps for Easter or church or graduation. And yes, manicured toesies are a must!!

    Well done, reviewers!

  2. Katybeth and the reviewers are spot on! I do lovingly cradle my phone because it is a extensive if everything that us important to me: kids, hubby, friends, family, Katybeth, schedule, shopping, and work! Thanks for the great review, reviewers!

    • Thanks Christa. Glad you liked the reviews and your absolutely right it’s not the phone it is what it represents!

  3. Yes, how did we ever live without a cell phone ?? Can’t imagine..
    Cute shoes..and it is true that there are no more Fashion Police..you can wear white anything year round …it is perfectly ok.. I can’t imagine why anyone would allow some one else to dictate what or when we are supposed to wear something..guess I have always been a nonconformist. 😀

  4. I love all the reviews. Such witty reviewers.
    I love my Iphone. I’m even texting now. When I first got it I had no idea what that little bing was!

  5. I do laugh at life pre & post cell phone. How could we have left our homes without them?! I am attached to my photos on it though.
    The white shoes look so soft. I’m wondering the outfit that’s worn with them….

    • I love my phone and how it keeps me connected, but every once in a while I long to disconnect from it. I am planning a free day soon. Maybe while Cole is on his school trip. The photos are one of best features.

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