World Environment Day, Gingerbread Day

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June 5,2014

Definitely Not a Wallflower!

Today’s Quote: We honor the word ‘design’ in all we do, in every nook and every cranny of our organization.” — Tom Peters

★~ World Environment Day:

World Environment Day

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know about the environmental crisis we all face. And actually, if you have been living under a rock, then good for you. You have reduce your carbon footprint, and we applaud you. But for the rest of us above ground, gas guzzling, energy wasting earth dwellers, it’s time to step it up. That’s why the United Nations started World Environment Day to increase awareness and bring political and public action to solving environmental problems. So today we look for way’s to do our part so we aren’t all living under rocks some day.

★~ Gingerbread Day:


You might not be ready to think about gingerbread with the holiday season so far in the future, but maybe today we could consider making it a year round treat. The gingerbread recipe has been running around since 992, when an Armenian monk brought the recipe to Europe and spent years teaching it to other monks and clergymen. Gingerbread can be served up as soft cake or a snappy cookie’ or in the form of a house or little man. Or as a really big man, as was the case of the largest gingerbread man ever made, at 1308 pounds and 20 feet tall. Got milk?

Gingerbread Cake 

★~ Today in History:


♥~ 1960 –The Hollywood Argyles, a fake group created by singer Gary Paxton, entered the Billboard Hot 100 with “Alley Oop.” Paxton had acquired the song from Burbank service station attendant Dallas Frazier. The Argyles included Frazier and fellow gas station worker Buddy Mize. Singer Sandy Nelson played the garbage can and did the screaming. When the song hit, Paxton sent a dozen groups on the road, all called The Hollywood Argyles.

♥~ 1964 –The Rolling Stones played their first-ever live date in the US when they appeared at the Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino, California. The Stones were supporting their first album release The Rolling Stones, in North America. (Personal Note: El Morno Friend Joanne went to a Stones Concert (Chicago) on Tuesday and said it was ahhhh-mazing . . .A spectacular show . . .Taylor Swift was a special guest too.”

♥~ 1977 – Singer Alice Cooper’s boa constrictor,  a co-star of his live act suffered a fatal bite from a rat it was being fed for breakfast. Cooper held auditions for a replacement and a snake named ‘Angel’ got the gig.

♥~ 1988 – Solo yachtswomanKay Cottee sailed into Sydney Harbor to become the first woman to complete a solo, non-stop and unassisted circumnavigation of the earth.

★~Born Today:

Bill Moyers

♥~ 1919 – Richard Scarry author & illustrator: children’s books: Richard Scarry’s Best Word Book Ever, Richard Scarry’s Please & Thank You; died Apr 30, 1994

♥~ 1934 –Bill Moyers Emmy Award-winning journalist: CBS News, PBS: Bill Moyers Journal; author: Healing and the Mind

♥~ 1971 – Mark Wahlberg:  musician: guitar, singer: group: Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch: Good Vibrations; actor: Renaissance Man, Calvin Klein commercials

★~ Good to Know: 


Forty years ago yesterday (I am a day late), the Cleveland Indians had a promotion called Ten-Cent Beer night. They’d tried different kinds of promotions to get people to come to Municipal Stadium, and few worked. The stands were mostly empty for most games. June 4, 1974, wasn’t the first dime beer night, as several other teams had tried the promotion, and there were even nickel beer nights earlier. Maybe it was the full moon, who knows, but something about that night in Cleveland made the crowd go wild. How wild was it?

The Indians forfeited that night’s game against the Rangers in the midst of a ninth-inning comeback because a crazed crowd had overtaken the events on the field. It is one of just five forfeits since 1954, and the only one known to include a combination of streaking nudists, exploding firecrackers, stolen bases (literally) and an organists’ rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” serving as the soundtrack to 50 ballplayers defending themselves from a crowd of unruly drunks.

Strangely, the team held another Ten-Cent Beer Night a month later -but not on a full moon. That one went off without a hitch.


The plumber is coming. Oh Joy. And then I am heading downtown to drop off and pick-up some campers. I’m loving our weather which is clear and cool. Hopefully, we will enjoy the same weather next week with my sweet Mom and dear Dad arrive! Cole comes home on Saturday, family arrives on Wednesday! So excited!

Have a wonderful day!

5 thoughts on “World Environment Day, Gingerbread Day

  1. Gingerbread cake sounds good. My sister makes really good gingerbread cookies.
    Good luck with the plumber. Hope he can solve your leaking problem.
    Enjoying at least half this beautiful day on the golf course.
    Have a good one.

  2. Gingerbread cake is good for a change. Reminds me of my mom.
    What could go wrong with 10 cent beer night at the ballpark??? Kind of makes you wonder who makes these type decisions.
    It’s fun expecting company (that you like).
    Enjoy your weather!

    • I overdosed on a package of ice gingerbread cookies when I was a kid and I’m still a little wary of it. But I do love warm gingerbread cake! And I bet your Mom’s was really good.
      I am SO excited.

  3. Gingerbread cake sounds delightful! Yep, we all need to do better to take care of our environment.

    Oooh, everybody coming for the graduation! Sounds like fun — mixed with some tears. Take lots of photos, and don’t worry about being AWOL here for a bit. We won’t abandon you in your absence!!

    • Thanks Debbie! Yep, my parents arrive on Wednesday. And it is so motivating! We are having the ceremony video taped and I’ll be snapping away as always. 😀

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