Doughnut Day, Bonza Bottler Day, Yo-Yo Day, Gardening Exercise Day

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June 6, 2014


★~Today’s Quote: In every gardener there is a child who believes in The Seed Fairy. ~Robert Brault

★~ National Doughnut Day! 

Doughnut Day, Bonza Bottler Day, Yo-Yo Day, Gardening Exercise Day

National Doughnut Day, is more than a celebration of our love for the fried confectionaries. Doughnut day has its roots in America’s war history.

During World War I, about 250 Salvation Army officers went to Europe to comfort U.S. troops. They talked to soldiers and helped them write letters home.

They also made and served doughnuts along the frontline trenches.

“They had lard and flour and sugar, and they figured out a way to make doughnuts,” said Ron Busroe, Salvation Army spokesman,

“It brought a sense of calm and a bit of home into the chaos of war,” Busroe said.

Soon the Salvation Army helpers, many of them women, became known as “doughnut girls.” And  making and delivering doughnuts to the service men became a part of their service work.

The Salvation Army established the first National Doughnut Day in 1938 in Chicago, as a way to raise money for social service ministries during the Depression. Since then, the day has become a national celebration of the sweet treats and the people who served them to our soldiers in battle.

★~Bonza Bottler Day:

Doughnut Day, Bonza Bottler Day, Yo-Yo Day, Gardening Exercise Day

Whenever the number of the day is the same as the number of the month – like today, which is 6-6 – we say, “Happy Bonza Bottler Day!” Gail Berger invented Bonza Bottler day as an excuse to party at least once a month. A baby born on a Bonza Bottler Day is known as a Bonza Bottler Baby, which makes those birthday celebrations doubly special. Celebrating is easy: Party!

★~Yo-Yo Day: 


So… when was the last time you went on a walk with your yo-yo? Wait! Before you answer that, let me clarify: I’m talking about the pocket toy consisting of a length of string knotted at one end to a flat spool. Are you a yo-yoer?  Do you know any cool yo-yo tricks? If you do, today is your day to show off! If you are not a yo-yoer and you don’t know any impressive yo-yo tricks, it’s never to late to learn! You Tube beginner yo-yo tricks

~ Filipino Pedro Flores is credited with the introduction and initial popularity of the yo-yo in the United States. He is even responsible for naming it the “yo-yo.” But it is businessman Donald F. Duncan who gets most of the credit.

★~Gardening Exercise Day:

Doughnut Day, Bonza Bottler Day, Yo-Yo Day, Gardening Exercise Day

Put on those gardening gloves, grab your straw hat, and let’s get moving. Gardening for an hour burns about 300 calories (depending on your weight and how intensely you garden). Lift those bags of soil. Come on, you can do it! And one and two… Now bend, and hoe, and bend, and hoe. That’s it; you’ve got it! Just two more reps and we’re ready to move on to some digging. The best health club is your backyard, with the added benefit of not only having a toned body but a beautiful yard.

★~ Today in History:

Doughnut Day, Bonza Bottler Day, Yo-Yo Day, Gardening Exercise Day

♥~ 1882 – The first electric flatiron, or what we call the electric iron, was patented by Henry W. Seely of New York City.

♥~ 1944 – The Battle of Normandy begins. D-Day, code named Operation Overlord, commences with the landing of 155,000 Allied troops on the beaches of Normandy in France. The allied soldiers quickly break through the Atlantic Wall and push inland in the largest amphibious military operation in history.

♥~ 1946 – Actor Henry Morgan became the first man to take off his shirt on television.

♥~ 1946 – The National Basketball Association is created, with eleven original teams.

♥ ~ 1962 – The Beatles auditioned for producer George Martin of EMI Records. After listening to a playback of the audition tapes, Martin said, “They’re pretty awful.” He changed his mind after meeting the group, however.

♥~ 1973 – The world’s tallest totem pole, 173 feet, was raised at Alert Bay, British Columbia.

♥ ~ 1996 – Hungary’s Arpad Nick set a world record at the Budapest airport by pulling a 17-ton airplane 36 feet with his teeth.

★~Born Today:

Doughnut Day, Bonza Bottler Day, Yo-Yo Day, Gardening Exercise Day

♥~ 1892 – Donald Duncan, Sr, Founder of the Duncan Toys Company. Most commonly associated with the Yo-Yo,

♥~ 1926 – Tom Ryan cartoonistTumbleweeds

♥~ 1952 – Harvey Fierstein Tony Award-winning actor: Torch Song Trilogy [1983]; Mrs. Doubtfire, Bullets Over Broadway; and playwright: Torch Song Trilogy [1983]; La Cage aux Folles, Tidy Endings; actor: Mrs. Doubtfire, Independence Day

♥~ 1955 – Sandra Bernhard comedienne, actress: Roseanne, The Richard Pryor Show, Comedy Central: The A-List, The Late Shift, Hudson Hawk, King of Comedy

♥~ 1956 – Bjorn Borg tennis champ: French Open [1974-1975, 1978-1981], Wimbledon [1976-1980]

★~ Did You Know:



My teen arrives home early tomorrow morno. The time flew for both of us. I started to miss him yesterday so his homecoming is timed perfectly. I can’t wait to here all about his trip, view his pictures, and send him over to take care of Cookie! In the meantime, I’m sorting slide show pictures and drilling holes into fireman boots. FYI, old fireman boots have steel in the sole of the boot. Makes sense unless you want to turn them into a hanging flower pot.

Hope you eat at least one doughnut. It’s the patriotic thing to do!

Odd Loves Company,

9 thoughts on “Doughnut Day, Bonza Bottler Day, Yo-Yo Day, Gardening Exercise Day

  1. Any day that includes donuts is a good day. The salvation army was collecting for Donut Day when I made a quick grocery store run. I stopped on the way home for a dozen donuts. Happy kids this morno. The box was empty in minutes.
    Kids are out of school, we leave on vacation in two weeks and I am getting plenty of exercise as well as hitting the bottle at night.
    Beautiful day in my neighborhood.

  2. Morno,
    Like Liz said a day that starts with donuts is going to be a good day. I’ll do my bit for the cause. I am off today. Dentist appointment early this morning, some dreaded shopping, and now I am off to play golf. It’s a suppose to rain this weekend but today couldn’t be prettier.
    I’ll celebrate Bonza Bottler Day tonight with a buddy and a beer.
    Have a good one.

  3. Domer texted me early that today is Donut Day — and here I just had dumb ole cereal. But wait — there’s still dessert later on, right??

    Whee, Cole is coming back! I just know you’ll be glad to have him home. Wander they must, but there’s lots of partying left before the school year officially ends (and yes, let’s hope Cookie takes to him better!)

  4. I have no idea why but everytime I go to a dog show I want a doughnut. I like the plain old glazed ones best.
    Hope eveyone if having a nice day, it’s beautiful up here.

  5. Missed having a donut today. Maybe the weekend. Happy smiles on the troop’s faces!
    Glad to hear Cole will be home tomorrow. Two weeks is a decent vacation……depending, of course, on where & who you’re with! Give Cole a donut to begin his walk to see CM!
    Good afternoon!

    • Hope you made up the donut over the weekend! It is your birthday weekend after all.
      Funny, I did buy Cole a donut. He’s home, had a wonderful time, and took over Cookie like a real trouper.

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