Not a Peep from my In-laws? Odd

Yo Peeps

Is it day three or four of my Peep-a-Thon? Let’s review! (This will help me figure out what day we are on, and you can check to make sure you haven’t missed one of my Peep-a-Thon posts.)

Day 1: Peep-inspired candles

Day 2: Peep topiary and Peep pie

Day 3: Peep wreath and Peep popcorn

Ok. Good. Now, we are all on the same Peeps post: Day 4.

A Facebook friend suggested that we make Peeps-infused vodka, and I agreed because it sounded simple enough to do. I never learn, do I? The goal was to push Peeps into a Mason jar and then fill the Mason jar with vodka. The instructions suggested using one color of Peeps so the “recipe” would not end up looking muddy, like when you finally let the kids start to mix color for those last few Easter eggs. (If you are a Jewish Odd reader and choose not to dye Easter eggs, please just use your imagination. k?)

First, I stuffed the first Mason jar with yellow Peeps (as suggested in the instructions), poured in the vodka, twisted on the top to the jar and was greeted with a pale yellow liquid with dissolving Peeps in it. Which would have been ok, except the black eyes on the Peep-turned-blob stared at me out of the jar and because I did not pack the Peeps tightly enough in the jar, everything kind of floated up off the bottom. I had to open the jar and poke more Peeps into it without letting the Peep blobs escape. It was messy, but the good news is that vodka isn’t sticky. I decided that if I glued a piece of ribbon around the top of the jar and stuck a cute little rabbit Peep on the jar, it might look less specimeny. Presentation is everything.

Next, I decided to use pink Peeps, I stuffed the pink Peeps into the jar; this time, leaving nothing to chance, I really stuffed that jar, poured the vodka over the Peeps. I spilled only one or two of the Peeps—and, more importantly to many of my readers, not a drop of vodka. Cole asked if he could try a Peep dunked in vodka, and because I know when you cook with liquor it loses its potency (I’m responsible about knowing things like that) I said sure. (I was also dying to know how it tasted, but would never in a million years would I have stuck one into my mouth—I had a kid for some very specific reasons.) The look on his face was not promising, but he helpfully added that he thought it would be better after it had aged a few days and offered to give it another try then. (What a good Peep.) The pink jar looked much better; I could picture pouring a pink Peeps cocktail on Easter Sunday. More specifically, I could picture my sister-in-law and brother-in-law pouring Peeps cocktails on Easter Sunday.

Now, here is where things get a little mysterious. While my sister-in-law and brother-in-law are very good sports, I knew I was messing with the cocktail hour and would need to present things properly…so I added a couple of fun martini glasses filled with jelly beans and pastel M&Ms and a box of (dry and sober) Peeps for good measure. I tossed it all into a reusable pink plastic bowl filled with Easter grass. I also put in a sweet Easter card mentioning how much we loved them. I sent Cole to deliver the package yesterday, telling him just to leave the bag on top of their mailbox—no need to interrupt anyone’s morning with an unannounced visitor. I then waited to hear from my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, who always call me immediately when they receive one of my surprises.

Peeps Infused Vodka

The Easter basket was dropped off Thursday. Today is Friday and I have not heard from them yet. Mysterious. Which means one of four things: I poisoned them, they are no longer speaking to me, they went to their other abode earlier in the week and missed the package delivery, or they are waiting until after they have a peeps cocktail to call, so they can share the verdict. What do you think has happened?

Don’t worry, my little Peeps. I will keep you posted. I’m sure the vodka is just fine!!

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14 thoughts on “Not a Peep from my In-laws? Odd

  1. This whole thing made me laugh out loud.

    Seems like it turned out okay, though. Yes? No? (but do let us know that your in-laws survived Peep Vodka 😉 ).

    ‘k, I out myself here at the friend who forwarded this suggestion to you. I once read a horoscope of mine that said something like “Sagittarius will either say and do things that will show you the meaning of life — or lead you to drive right off a cliff”. . .guessing I careened more towards the latter here.

    Happy Easter! (and btw — loved the cartoon panel at the top — makes me think of all of our teens.

  2. You put your package on TOP of the mailbox?? Hmm, I’m guessing there’s a Peeps Thief about! You’ve chosen an interesting recipe, not necessarily right up my alley, but certainly unusual. Did I say Odd? No, I did not. Anyway, I still think it’s a pretty sight, all those Peeps lolling about in vodka jars!

    • Pretty? Lolling? Really?? Thank you. A Peeps thief would be sooo low but I do have a theory of who the thief might be….. a squirrel gang, lured by the smell of jelly beans and M&M’s, has broken into the package. We need to drive by and see if we notice any crazed squirrels on the lose.
      (The package would not fit in the mailbox–usually things are very safe on top of the mailbox…but maybe not something as valuable as peeps infused vodka)

  3. Good Lord, surely you did not poison them. I can just imagine the headlines, and I’m sure other family members would judge you harshly. And have you considered the penalties for corrupting children’s favorite Easter candy? Or what about teens who now think it’s ok to pour vodka over their peeps? OMG what have you done? The scandal of Peep Wee Kb. Well, whatever happens, I will be there with a knife in a peep for you, or something.

    • Peep Wee Kb? It’s going to take me a while to recover from that one…but I appreciate the offer of a knife in a peep…that is very supportive of you!

  4. Oh my goodness, I am laughing so hard. Crazed squirrels drunk on vodka infused peeps, poisoning by peeps, peep thief’s, and the fact you (I suspect tongue-in-cheek) believe that cooking with vodka and pouring it over peeps has the same effect on the alcohol. What an adventure. Cole will certainly have fun stories to tell his kids.

    • Always happy to amuse! Yep, it was tongue in check but several helpful people have left comments telling me I am mistaken..thanks for getting it. My goal is to provide a full range of growing up experiences for Cole. So far so good!

  5. Update: SIL and BIL are alive and well. They found and tried the Peep juice and the verdict is: Very sweet. Not bad with a twist of lime.

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