Happy Howl-O-Ween Odd Friends

Halloween, bat, dog

Bela the Bat  a camera-shy pup, pulled this costume off magnificently.

The last few days have flown by in a flurry of Howl-o-ween pictures. We sure do appreciate the attention and applause they are receiving from so many people (Odd, Facebook, Instagram, and photo sites).

Stay tune for the Howl-o-ween parade (slideshow) tomorrow. This will be followed by a post highlighting some of the fails and outtakes that kept us laughing throughout this project. But, right now let’s look at a few HOWL-O-WEEN pictures!

Maisy the Boxer and the greatest

Halloween, Boxer, Dog

Zara the Gypsy  look into her eyes.

Halloween Fortune teller, dog

Zoe Werewolf   doesn’t she make you want to go out and howl at the moon? 

Halloween, werewolf, dog

Maisy Matador and Monty El Toro! Maisy doesn’t really want to stab her brother. At least, her brother hopes that is the case.

Halloween, bull, matador, dog

Finn Little Orphan Annie – Finn is not an orphan and is well loved, but her red fur and optimistic nature, well we just couldn’t resist! 

Halloween, Little Orphan Annie, Finn

Murphy the Leprechaun (Duh)

Halloween, leprechaun, dog

Benedict the Skeleton resting his bones

Halloween, Dog, Skeleton

Miss Saidee  any idea what movie this is from?

Halloween, Gatsby, dog

Ace the Yellow Lab   Ace plays with Labradors and wanted to be a part of a recent park Labrador picture we took. We are all about inclusion, so we made him a custom yellow Lab suit for Howl-o-ween. He was so happy.

Halloween, yellow lab, dog

Bridget the Pirate (Har, Har, Har!)

Halloween, pirate, dog

Phineas Our Hero

Halloween, Fireman, Dog

Trusty Mailman Sky  Rain, snow, sleet, big teeth, and still Sky keeps on delivering the mail, but we can all still yell in classic horror movie style, “NO, SKY, NO!”

Halloween, Mailman, Dog

Roadie the Great Pumpkin — and a great pumpkin he is! 

Halloween, Pumpkin, Dog

Tubby is Zazu — and is ready for Broadway,  look at the way he struts his feet and flaps his wings (and, yes, he did wear those feet and wings). What Broadway musical did Zazu star in?

Halloween, Zazu, Dog

Wishing you lots of your favorite candy!

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8 thoughts on “Happy Howl-O-Ween Odd Friends

  1. LOL!! These are simply spectacular! I think my favs are Zara the Gypsy and Murphy the Leprechaun. You did a wonderful job with your Howl-o-een doggies — I’m very impressed, both with the costume choices and their obvious delight in wearing them. Now, for the outtakes!!

  2. These are just wonderful. I hope you clients appreciate you. Annie made me laugh! And of-course Miss Saidee from the Great Gatsby!

    • We have the best clients! Annie took awhile to get right – we had to convince Finn to wear the wig and not shake it!

  3. Kb I have been sharing these with my whole family. We all think they are great and have no idea how you figure it all out. My only suggestion is to add cats next year.

  4. I’ve been watching it all unfold on Facebook and I’m so impressed. At the costumes and how you make the dogs comfortable enough to take their pictures. Nobody looks unduly stressed. Of-course, there are not any pictures of the photographers. Hope you are all still speaking and having fun.

    • Well the photographers and helpers may have been a bit stressed from time to time. Fortunately the humor of it all helped relieve it. Thanks for the applause here and on FB.

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