Halloween Pup Parade

Rabbit Rabbit November

It is late November 1st!  I do hope you remembered your Rabbit!Rabbit! (if you forgot – make bunny ears with your hands and hop backwards twice while saying Rabbit Rabbit (Note to Debbie – make sure not to trip on Dallas) and your good luck will be restored. 

Howl-O-Ween. Done. Forty-one Halloween pup costumes later, and it’s a wrap. The costumes will be tucked away this weekend. Of course, we are always writing down suggestions and ideas for next year, so if you have any for us, please do share.

Below is our grand finale: the Halloween Pup Parade slideshow.

Halloween 2016 from Katybeth on Vimeo.

One very exciting thing did happen. The Halloween picture of my sweet mother’s Doberman, Voodoo, went viral (well, it went viral for us). We’ve never had a pup picture viewed or shared at this level. Voo’s Dracula picture has over 2.4k likes and 41,204 views and has been shared over 870 timesand that’s just on Facebook. Way to go Voodoo!

I told my sweet mom that if Ellen Degeneres calls and invites Voodoo on her talk show, she can take her in and show her offbut the gifts are mine. My mom agreed and is planning her talk-show outfit. You know I’m kidding, right? Kind of. Sheesh, I can see how this viral thing could go straight to your head.

Enjoy the slideshow, and I’ll be back with outtakes. Soon.

Odd Loves Company,


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12 thoughts on “Halloween Pup Parade

  1. Holy Cow! GO CUBS. The wrap up is terrific. Congratulations Voodoo. Certainly deserving. Maybe Harry could be included next year. I’ve never dressed him up but there is always a first time.
    Have a good time.

  2. Fly the W! Way to go Voodoo. The pictures were great. Especially the one of Maisey. We think she is the greatest too, a real knockout. 😀 Thank you!

  3. Rabbit Rabbit! That Beagle is going to need a doggie shrink. The parade and all the pictures before it were so much fun. Thank you for doing this. Voodoo is magnificent for sure!

  4. What a super video — each doggin just as cute and patient as the next! I’m still finding the Irish dog my favorite — yes, Voodoo is cool, too, as is that little Viking, but you know me and all things Irish!

    Thanks for the mention — yes, I remembered, so no chance of harming my own doggin!

    • Murphy did a great job…and with a name like Murphy we had to go Irish. I was more worried about you :-D.
      I just finished the “outtake” slideshow. Time is just flying by but at least it is done before we eat Turkey!

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