Halloween Pup Parade and Outakes

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Halloween 2016 from Katybeth on Vimeo.

Camp Halloween Photo Parade

Well, at least I wrapped up Halloween before Thanksgiving—barely. Where did November go? One minute it was Halloween, and the next minute it’s the week before Thanksgiving. Between the Chicago Cubs and the election, life has been a blur.

Halloween was wrapped up with a slideshow parade of all the pups in their costumes, followed by a slideshow of the costuming process. We are all still on speaking terms and even talking about next year’s event (mostly, we talk about starting earlier, knowing that we won’t). Furthermore, all our client friends are still speaking to us, including those whose pups we painted and glittered, though we had to reassured them that the paint fades in time and not on their furniture! Glitter never goes away entirely, but who can’t use a little sparkle in their lives?

The costumes need to packed away before the Christmas decorations come out, and if it wasn’t for a mouse problem, this would already be accomplished. However, Dan the Orkin man cometh, and he assured me that we will be mouse free in the very near future. And, yes, his name really is Dan.

This second video showcases the Halloween process, including epic fails and humorous moments.

Halloween Costume Outakes. from Katybeth on Vimeo.

We had loads of fun and we were excited that our efforts were applauded and enjoyed by our camp families, Odd friends, and family.Thank you!

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10 thoughts on “Halloween Pup Parade and Outakes

  1. The fails? I didn’t see many but both slideshows were great. My sister and daughter have been asking for more.
    Dan the Orkin man? I would say worry not your mouse problem will be solved. Haven’t you faced this problem before? Or is that the other blogger?
    So what about that election? Have a good one.

    • The election?
      Thanks to your family for being such a great audience. I am not sure what is up next but we are tossing around some ideas.
      Operation Mice be gone has seen a few results from Dan’s handy work. We have this problem about every 3 years around this time.
      What other blogger??? Are you two-timing me??

  2. Just wonderful. The whole thing. I can’t wait until next year or better yet your next project.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Yikes. Next project. Well…we might try a small scale Christmas project. Stay tune and thank you!
      Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. What a show! That Pooh bear might have been fail but he sure made me laugh.
    Next year I want to come and watch for the day. I still can’t believe how you talk those dogs into their costumes and keep them smiling.
    Are you taking costume suggestions???

    • He made us laugh too. We really thought it would be the perfect costume. Not. And then Cole tried to stuff him into a duck costume that was too small..Poor Boudreau. He is such a good sport.
      Your are more than welcome to come—but no one watches…just sayin’ you’ll be holding safety pins in your mouth and a leash in your hands….

  4. Too funny. I loved seeing your work in progress. Those pups are real stars and so is your team for pulling all this together. Can’t wait until next year.
    Mice. Yikes. Glad Dan is taking care of it for you.

    • Thanks Natalie. It continues to be a work in progress as we think about what we can do differently next year.
      We are already seeing results of Dan’s work….a good thing, I guess.

  5. Seeing the outtakes really brought this whole thing into perspective! There’s way more work involved in doing dog Halloween costumes than the average person would expect. A dog’s personality really shows, doesn’t it? I imagine lots of cookies and encouragement went into the finished product!

    • Well, we go overboard. But the “good treats” and keeping it light and fun helps and of course sometimes I just tell them to straighten up or the no kill shelter will be too good for them. Tough love. :-D. But then Vickie reassures them I am just kidding…she thinks. 😀

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