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This weekend, in celebration of Candlemas and Superbowl Sunday I’ll fire up my crystal ball and answer your questions about what challenges and good things are heading your way.

One of the things I’ve discovered about telling fortunes on-line, is I need more of a break between readings than I thought I would, which means I may be slow posting the results of your reading. Thank you in advance for your patience (I know….you’ ll be patient. I’m good).

Asking one specific question will help me tell your fortune with more accuracy. You can always come back for seconds.

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12 thoughts on “The Fortune Teller Is In

  1. Hi Katybeth,

    I have been lurking for awhile. What do you see for me around a career change. I have an opportunity I am considering but really do like my current job and the security it offers. Any thoughts?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Martha,
      I’m going to suggest you take a good long look at this new opportunity because something just seems off. I’m not saying not to take the job (only you can make that decision) I am saying ask a lot of questions. It seems this job my negatively impact your lifestyle. Or something you are counting on to support you if you take this job could fall through—if it does do you have a backup plan? Your current employer respects you professionally and likes you as a person and may offer you “more” (promotion?) within the next 6 months.
      By all means explore all your options and march confidently towards which ever decision you feel most confident about. . you know best for you…only use this reading as a guide.
      Random…large purchase in your near future possible a car or maybe closing on a townhouse or condo? Teeth…make a dentist appointment. Ok…this is Odd (I know) but did you lose a hat that you really like? If so check with a friend you may have left it at her house. I see a hat most strongly but it could be sun glasses, mittens, scarf or even a cosmetic bag. You lost it very recently.


  2. Hi KB 🙂 I do ponder something but perhaps you already knew that. Need some good news. What cha got? 😀

    • Hi Kathy,

      It appears life is a roller-coaster ride, right now, and has become emotionally exhausting. You are tapped out. The cards suggest you need to put your emotional and physical health first so you are able to make thoughtful decisions over the next few months.

      The cards indicate that it is important for you be independent in thought and judgment. If you have an important decision to make, draw upon information and fact; keeping empathy and compassion towards others in check so it does not distract you from the task at hand. In other words think with your head and not with your heart at this particular time. Now is not a good time to incur additional debt.

      The cards seem to be saying things are tough right now, hard decisions need to be made but the tough time will pass and the good times will roll once again–time frame 4-6 months.

      Random…I see fish in your life….Did you just buy a fish tank? But something with a fish on it? Eat fish 😀 ? If not, don’t be surprised if something comes into your life that is fishy in a good way. Be careful of sharp objects, is something sharp poking out that you or someone else has been “fixin’ to fix” but never seems to get around to? Just do it. Do you own something with large flowers on it? Maybe red flowers? If not you might see something with flowers on it that you want…go ahead and buy it. It’s a good sign. And finally I see a lot of beach around you…(maybe you are going fishin).


  3. I am wondering if I will be moving back into my former house in Lincoln Park or if I should give up that idea and set a different intention. It is currently occupied and there are a number of factors beyond my control…but it is my first choice.

    • Let the good times roll.

      Your hard work over the past year is going to start to pay off. Jump. The cards indicate either situation is favorable….but suggests something better than what you had in the past is there for the looking along with some strength and perseverance. No struggle tho. It sounds rather lame but both the possibility for something wonderful and new and something old and familiar are within reach. I love a reading where I can’t be wrong. 😀

      Random: Give something really don’t need it anymore. Material (I think). Something is up at your kids school…feels rough and uncomfortable. Haircut? Beware of someone new. I wouldn’t. Cough, viral someone close is sick (will be sick) feels like it is a virus of overwhelm. You are or have just run out of something key to your very existence…I know that one is odd. Relationship is coming your way..and it is complicated (sigh).



    • Hi!!
      Did you know I was thinking about this very questions before your pilgrimage to Ireland? I pulled a few cards and was relived to see that on the whole, your health and well being are strong in most areas and where they are not (joint pain-maybe) you have the inner strength and willpower available to you right now to overcome any health issues.

      It looks like you should keep doing what you are doing but there does seem to be a need to connect around health. Joining a forum (on-line), group or network around particular concerns might be helpful. The cards indicate you might need a safe place to talk and be heard about health concerns without worrying that you are worrying other people or appearing negative. Have you ever considered a few sessions with a personal trainer to help keep you focused on any health goals you may have…

      As you already know the best preventive health measure you can take is keeping stress and tension low. And avoiding becoming burnt out and emotionally exhausted. Fortunately (maybe) it seems the universe will always be on hand to pull you up short and remind you of this lesson if you forget it.

      Overall lots of positive cards indicating good health and good news if you are expecting diagnostic test results–which I believe came before you left for Ireland.

      Random: I see lots of green around you :-D. Ok. Really. Is someone around you losing stuff, leaving stuff, or forgetting stuff? I don’t think this person is you but it seems like it will happen again soon so keep an eye on your stuff. Watch out for an awkward curb. Mix up regarding times…I am not sure this is travel times..tho. Seems more like you may have missed something or will miss something. Check your calendar. Shoes. Did you buy a new pair? Did a strap break? Something about shoes. Incoming kid crisis. Looks like a bigger deal than it ultimately will be. Guessing oldest. Ok…this is funny…I see you shivering and being very cold soon….Obviously Chicago. BUT it does not seem to be related to Chicago. Maybe you should pack an extra sweater for the trip home. And socks…something about wool socks could be related to the cold. Money…extra cash is going to slip your way. Not a lot but a pleasant surprise.


      • Shivering is something we’ve been doing the last few days, not bad. We’ve experienced all kinds of weather, mostly good. Green? My Lord is it ever green. Thanks KB!

    • It is still February right?:-D
      I do see good news for you. I pulled three cards. The Lovers, Ace Of Pentacles, and the three of Rods. Nice!
      The Lovers represent the start of something new. It could be a relationship, but more often than not it represents an inner balance between the masculine and feminine. This card usually brings with it harmony. If you need to put things into balance between you and another person this would be an excellent time to do it.
      The Ace of Pentacles: Is a strong money card and indicates that now is a good time for new enterprises or ventures. Your financial situatuation should improve. I don’t know if promotions are possible in teaching but if you were in an office job I would say the outcome for a promotion would be favorable.
      The Three Of Rods is a card that suggests success is coming your way—it also speaks to the idea of working with others as a team You should begin to see results from something you have already put into place.
      I would say from the combination of these three cards–good news is within reach, possible within the quarter.
      Random: It is especially important right now to avoid confrontation and to give others the benefit of the doubt whenever possible. Proceed slowly using the the three day rule…before you buy it or committ to it wait three days, curtains? are you considering new curtains or blinds? Possible car issue around the 10th–minor. Planning to do something different to your hair? Good timing. The cards want you to shake yourself up a bit. There is something that needs to be finished–painting maybe? This task should take priority over other things (I have no idea why)
      Look for a gift of some sort…it may not be the kind of gift that comes from a store (although it might) however it could also be a psychological gift. It will very obviously be a gift and you will recognize it as one.
      All is good!

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